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Oral Thrush

By: Miguel V. Lopez BsNIV-3


Oral thrush DWaka.2

• is a condition in
which a fungus • Candida Albicans , D

accumulates on • Candida Dubliniensis

the lining of
• C. Tropicalis
your mouth.
• • C. Parapsilosis
NB&Ač xeero/ imunocom—antiB;hiv;Debil

• C.Guillermondii
• C. Glabrata
• C. Krusei
Family Picture

• Objective:

• Discrete and confluent adherent white

plaques on the oral and pharyngeal
mucosa w?/img
4 major types
• Pseudo-membranous

tongue, palate, gum, floor of the mouth, and lips.

• Hyperplastic
• Erythematous
• Angular Cheilosis

• Subjective Pedia 1fw

• Unusually red or
• Painless lesions but sensitive nipples
with painful fissuring • Shiny or flaky skin on
at the corners of the the areola
mouth and may bleed • Unusual pain during
slightly nursing or painful
nipples between
• X-inFtoMOMboobs
• Stabbing pains deep
within the breast
• Throat Swab/Culture

Endoscopic Exam

Barium Swallow
Medical Management

• A. Prophylaxis X^rskPx./abdsx/immunodenatSx

Fluconazole 400mg/day or 3-6mg/kg/day

Itraconazole 5mg/kg/day
Medical Management

• B. Treatment
Nursing Management

• A. care
• Health education
• –Know the patient
– Avoid judgmental and moralistic messages
– Be consistent and concise
– Use positive statement
– Give practical advice
• Practice universal/standard precaution
– There e.g., cap, mask, gloves, face
shield/goggles are very necessary.
– is a need for a thorough medical handwashing
after every contact with patient and after
removing the gown and gloves, and before
leaving the room of an AIDS suspect or
known AIDS patient.
• Oral hygeine

• Naso gastric Feeding