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The March Group

A private Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

Brief Descriptions:
Value-Added A/V Equipment Distributor
Beverage Dispensing Equipment Manufacturer
Provider of Landscape and Hardscape Services
Executive Search and Placement Firm
Consulting and Staffing Solutions Firm 866-663-5806

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The March Group
A private Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

Client Number: 2309

Industry: Commercial / Media
Geography: Southwest
The March Group currently represents a value-added audiovisual equipment distributor
serving television stations, production houses, and other companies nationwide. The
Company has achieved superior profitability by opportunistically purchasing equipment
from across the country. As the industry has been consolidating, this Company has
remained one of the largest and most reliable leaders in the industry.

Revenue: $ 8.67 M Facilities/Property: Headquarters comprises 28,500 sq. ft. EBITDA: $

744 K
EBITDA: $ 744 K
Management Training Support: The owners are amenable to
Year Established: 1984 remaining with new management during a transition period.
Employees: 17 Market Outlook/Competition: U.S. audiovisual equipment
This opportunity is relocatable. distributing industry includes over 500 companies with combined
annual revenue of
about $10 billion.

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The March Group
A private Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

Client Number: 2654
Industry: Construction
Geography: Mid-Atlantic/PA

The March Group currently represents a provider of landscaping and hardscaping services. The
Company performs grading, seeding, mulching, landscape planting and plant removal. They also
perform various types of hardscaping such as building interlocking pavers and segmental retaining
walls as well as offering snow removal and mitigation contracting services. The Company assists
contractors and homeowners with the design and installation of projects. Service is provided to schools,
military bases, and municipality facilities including parks and recreation departments. The Company’s
well-maintained inventory of first line equipment includes trucks, plows and salt spreaders, and loaders
and excavators. For the last three years, the Company has had sales in the $1.5 million range and
EBITDA greater than 10 percent of sales. Significant opportunities exist to accelerate growth by
launching a well-capitalized sales and marketing plan targeting existing and new customers.

EBITDA: $ 1.5 M Facilities/Property: The Company leases 2,200 sq. ft. of space with
one-half acre of outdoor storage
Year Established: 213,000
Management Training Support: The owner is amenable to
Employees: 7
remaining with new management during a transition period and
beyond to insure a successful transition
This opportunity is relocatable .

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The March Group
A private Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

Client Number: 2494 Revenue: $ 2.7 M

EBITDA: $ 678 K
Industry: Business Services Employees: 9 F/T; 2 P/T
Geography: New England This opportunity is relocatable .
The March Group currently represents an executive search and placement firm. The Company operates
as search professionals that identify and present talent from senior staff to executive levels for
commercial, consumer, financial services, health care, industrial and international markets. They place
candidates locally and throughout North America. The Company has a twenty-year history of serving its
Northeastern United States account base, which ranges from startup entrepreneurs to Fortune 500
customers. The Company has created partnerships with multiple clients to provide talent for specific
searches. Successful candidates offer pertinent expertise and meet the personality profile that best serves
that specific client. The Company supports these business partnerships by providing monthly/quarterly
retainers and conducting weekly consultations regarding the status of partnered searches.
Facilities/Property: The Company operates from 5,000 square feet of modern office space leased from a third party.

Management Training Support: Ownership is willing to remain with the Company for a transition period to provide
training and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Market Outlook/Competition: The Company’s outstanding reputation, the trend towards outsourcing, and the growth of
the temporary professional industry put the Company in a superb position for future growth.

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The March Group
A private Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

Revenue: $ 25 M
Client Number: 2410 EBITDA: $ 3.2 M
Industry: Consulting/Staffing Year Established: 2002
Geography: Southwest/TX Employees: 20, plus 200 contract

The March Group currently represents a consulting and staffing firm that provides a comprehensive
range of staffing and consulting services to the telecom and IT industries. The Company recruits and
deploys highly qualified technical professionals with the skill sets required to support all project
lifecycles. Placement types include hourly rate contracts, contract to hire, recruiting and evaluation
services, and team deployment on a per-project basis.

Facilities/Property: Company headquarters is comprised of approximately 3,500 square feet of modern office space. The
facility is leased from a third party at a fair market rate of $3,927 per month. Additionally, the Company supports an
executive office located in Southern California.

Management Training Support: Given an agreeable deal structure and compensation package, the owner is amenable to
remaining with new management during a transition period.

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