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Theresa Watts University of Phoenix Team C PSY/300

August 18th, 2013


Interpersonal Kinesthetic Linguistic Logical Musical Naturalist Spatial

Self-reflective Self-discovery Works better alone Capability to understand oneself Makes own decisions Independent Self-perception

Self Motivation Helps with knowing where you want to be in life Helps with knowing what you are capable of Knows what you can accomplish Self-reliant Better outlook on life Like to be alone to learn more about themselves and their surroundings

Therapist Psychology Teacher Counselor Program Planner Entrepreneur

These learners can relate and understand others easily These learners are great organizers, even though they sometimes manipulate These learners try to keep the peace in a group or team setting and encourage everyone to get along These learners see things from others points of view to understand them fully



Politician Salesperson Counselor

These type of Learners:

Think in pictures and need to create vivid mental images to retain information Look at maps, charts, pictures or any kind of video or movie an ability to manipulate and mentally rotate objects Paint, Sketch, and create visual metaphors. See the instructors body language and facial expression to fully understand Sit in the front of the classroom to avoid any distractions Take detailed notes during a class so they can study what they learned sensitivity to the relationship between line, color, shape, space, and form

Inventor Visual Artist Sculptor

Website Developer Interior Designer

Intelligence is a persons ability to acquire knowledge an skills. Each person has a different intelligence type they are strong in. The qualities of a persons intelligence type can be used to describe that person.

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