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Types of Club Membership

Chairman Club Member Zonal Manager Club Member Divisional Manager Club Member Branch Manager Club Member Distinguished Club Member

Corporate Club
A premium Agents Club called the CORPORATE CLUB has been formed w.e.f. M.Y. 2004-05 to motivate and recognize high performers. Eligibility Condition FY Commission Rs. 18,00,000 Lapsation: Less than 10%

International Recognition


FC Rs. 8,36,000 First Premium 33,44,400

Court of Table (COT)

FC Rs. 25,08,300 First Premium 1,00,33,200

Top of Table (TOT)

FC Rs. 50,16,600 First Premium Rs. 2,00,66,400

(100 policies of daily saving Rs.100 = MDRT ...... Daily Rs. 100 X 30 = 3000 Monthly X 12 = 36000 Yearly X 100 Policies = 3600000 First Premium X 25% FP Commission)

Club Membership Eligibility Criteria

Sl Club C.M. Z.M. D.M. B.M.

1 Min Net Lives

2 Net Lives Or Lives In Force 3 Renewal 4 First Year & First Year Renewal





130 100 80 50 600 400 250 150 200000 140000 90000 50000 200000 140000 60000 35000


No. of years for which Criteria will have to be fulfilled: Qualifying Year and in any two out of three financial Years preceding the Qualifying year for both Entry and Continuation

Minimum Net Number of Lives: An agent for entry or continue membership of any club has to bring in compulsorily Minimum Net number of Lives in for entry/continuation of club membership even in the non-fulfillment of all conditions in a particular year


Agency with any other Insurer: The agent working with LIC shall not be eligible for grant / continuation of Membership of any Club if any of his family member having agency with any other life insurer.

Fringe Benefits
Basic Office Allowance 50% of actual expenses OR 7.5% of FYC + RC (Total Commission)

C.M. Rs.35,000 Z.M. Rs.20,000 D.M. Rs.12,000 B.M. Nil

Lowest of the above two will be paid

Low Lapse Additional Office Allowance

Less or equal to 10% Less or equal to 9% Less or equal to 8% Less or equal to 7% Addition 5% Addition 8% Addition 10% Addition 12% Less or equal to 5% Less or equal to 4% Less or equal to 3% Less or equal to 2% Addition 18% Addition 20% Addition 22% Addition 25%

Less or equal to 6%

Addition 15%

Less or equal to 1%

Addition 28%

0% Lapse Will Get 30% Addition

Graded Benefits for High Performing CM Club Members

Mandatory Condition Lives in Force Optional C RC Paid/ RC + FYCondition 5.0 Lacs/ 7.5 Lcas 6.0 Lacs/ 10.0 Lacs 7.5 Lacs/ 12.5 Lacs 9.0 Lacs/ 15.0 Lacs Office Allowance Telephone Gift Items

750 Lives 1000 Lives 1250 Lives 1500 Lives

40,000 45,000 50,000 60,000

7,000 8,000 9,000 10,000

4,000 5,000 6,250 7,500

1750 Lives
2000 Lives

10.5 Lacs/ 17.5 Lacs

12.0 Lacs/20.0 Lacs





For existing Club Member Agents: An agent will not be eligible for any benefit if the Lapsation of policies secured by such an agent is more than 15% in the financial year immediately preceding the Qualifying year even if the agent fulfills the other eligibility conditions prescribed. If the Lapsation of policies by an agent is more than 15% for two consecutive financial years then he/she will cease to be club member.

Office Allowance for potential CMs Club

Agents who would satisfy the CMs club conditions in 1st Year will get Rs.12,000 and qualified in 2nd Year also will get Rs.20,000