To do business worldwide it isn’t enough just to understand and apply a universal business model.

You also have to understand the culture of the people you are dealing with.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

The Spain in figures

Official name – Kingdom of Spain Population – 40, 397, 842* Official languages – Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque Currency – Euro (EUR) Capital city – Madrid GDP – purchasing power parity $1.07 trillion* GDP per capita - purchasing power parity $27, 000


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Spanish culture



Uncertainty Avoidance 


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Values and attitude

Little point in getting irritated and even less point in trying to complain.  Spanish are tolerant, easy-going and even welcoming.  The Spanish close sense of personal space and animated means of expression and communication can be seen as part of this emotion directed culture


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Business background

Spain, probably more than any other European country, is going through a very far-reaching period of structural and organizational change. Result of the movement from a nationalized economy to a more modern economy.

Communication style

Most Spanish body language is self-explanatory. Greetings consist of a handshake and a kiss on both cheeks. Spanish men maintain longer eye contact with females


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

‘Siesta’ Work Culture In Spain Needs Changing


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

 

Experts say Spaniards are poor time managers, work too long Spaniards on the whole have long working hours. BUT NOW The day would begin at 7am, and finish at 3pm; Spanish Working Hours set itself the goal of reducing working hours and increasing output.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Relationships & Communication
  

The Spanish prefer to do business with those they know and trust.  Face-to-face contact is preferred to written or telephone communication.  Avoid confrontation if at all possible. Spaniards do not like to publicly admit that they are incorrect. 


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Business meetings

It is unlikely that a meeting will stick closely to a detailed agenda.

In the first meeting, Spaniards will want to become acquainted with you before proceeding with business.

Business Meeting Etiquette

 Appointments are mandatory and should be made in advance, preferably by telephone or fax. Reconfirm in writing or by telephone the week before. decisions are not reached at meetings. Meetings are for discussion and to exchange ideas

Dress code

 Business dress is stylish yet, conservative.  . Dress as you would in the rest of Europe. . Elegant accessories are important for both men and women.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Socializing and gift giving

 If invited to a Spaniard's home, you can bring chocolates, pastries, or cakes; wine, liqueur, or brandy; or flowers to the hostess.  If you know your hosts have children, they may be included in the evening, so a small gift for them is always appreciated.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Business Negotiation

Spaniards place great importance on the character of the person with whom they do business.  You may be interrupted while you are speaking.  Spaniards are very thorough. They will review every minute detail to make certain it is understood. 

Business Cards

Present your business card to the receptionist upon arriving.  Have one side of your card translated into Spanish.  Hand your card so the Spanish side faces the recipient.

Women in business

Traditionally, a male dominated business society and until very recently female managers were relatively uncommon in anything other than familyrun firms.  Foreign women working in Spain are unlikely to encounter any form of gender discrimination.

Famous Personalities

Cesar Alierta  Pascual Maragall 

Pedro Solbes

USA vs SPAIN07/15/09


Anco santander-banking

Bbva-banco bilbao vizcaya-banking

Telefónica-telecommunication services

Repsol-ypf-oil and gas operations

Endesa group-utilities


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Top 5 tips on Spain

Managers are expected to manage. Instructions are given and managers expect them to be adhered to. Information is given on a 'who needs to know' or 'who do I want to know' basis. It is essential to work on the development of good longterm relationships even at the expense of some short term 'hits'. Dealing with people is more important than punctuality. Spanish business culture is varied and undergoing rapid and fundamental changes.
20 USA vs SPAIN07/15/09


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

US values and attitude
  

‘can do’ Express religious feelings and attend church. They like to think big, and are impressed by statistics


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Background To The Business IN US
  

'scientific' approach to business. In the States everything is quantified and assessed the constant search for better, more effective methods


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Work Culture

Don’t be surprised if you see people bring their pets to work! Schedules are flexible, and the atmosphere is informal Focus on systems and tasks, are informal, strict on time. Americans will share personal confidences with you more readily if they think it will give them an edge.
24 USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

     

A word which Americans often use is 'aggressive'. Direct approach between colleagues. Communication in meetings is a positive step towards addressing vital and pressing issues. Time pressured, ambitious executives do not have time for the vagueness Meetings often include formal presentations. Opportunity to impress — important if personal success is to be achieved.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Communication Styles

Coded speech and wordiness is time wasting in time pressured corporate USA. Seems very friendly, polite on first introduction. Direct, vigorous debate can be taken positive sign of definite progress. Open in conversation about private affairs, may be perceived by some people as intrusive.
26 USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Ø Americans are quick to invite you to their homes. Arrive on time, as you should for all appointments in the US Ø Great gifts: Wine, flowers. A good Scotch used to be appreciated, but many Americans now drink less, or prefer lighter spirits.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Communication Styles

Good eye contact during conversations shows interest, sincerity and confidence. Introductions include one's title or Mr., Ms, Mrs. and the full name. Business cards are generally exchanged during introductions.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Women in Business

Large percentage of American executives are women. No inequality on the basis of gender. Any perceived stereotyping would be regarded very badly.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Dress Code

Suit in the formal attire for men and women. T-shirts , shorts for men in informal attire. Women may wear comfortably fitting slacks with a casual shirt .


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Americans value straight talking and 'getting to the point'.  Respect is earned through conspicuous achievement rather than through age or background.  Humour is used when matters become very tense in business situations.  Remember that time is money in the States  Compromise is often sought - at the brink. This can often equate to the end of a quarter or financial year.  Dress code in the States is very variable 31 USA vs SPAIN07/15/09  Short-termism is prevalent.

    

New is good. Change is ever present in American corporate life. Gift giving is unusual. Tend to work longer hours and take fewer vacation. Be punctual for meetings. Lack of hierarchy within organizations.


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Ø American negotiators are selected based on their record of success Ø Gender, age, and social class are not criteria for selection Ø Individual characteristics are criteria for selection


USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Famous Personalities

Henry Ford Bill Gates

J. P. Morgan
USA vs SPAIN07/15/09

Five Ways to Succeed

Be positive and clear about what you do and who you are. Network and be visible Deliver on time and on budget Adopt a relaxed and friendly approach Be supportive: modify proposals, don’t reject them
USA vs SPAIN07/15/09


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