PV Drilling

HCMC, 24 November 2012 SPE Vietnam Young Professionals - Technical Day

1. 2. 3. 4. About Mud logging Role of Mud logging in drilling process How do they do that ? Mud logging at PVD Logging .

Mud – Drilling Fluid
• Providing hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids entering the well bore • Keeping the drill bit cool and clean • Carrying out drill cuttings • Suspending cuttings while stop circulation

1.What is Mud logging ?

• Record gas data during drilling • Collect cuttings samples for analysis • Evaluate Gas & Formation .Mud Logging Mud :drilling fluid for circulating system Logging: record all drilling data during drilling operation Mud logging : • Monitor drilling data during drilling • Record data for further studies.

2.Why Mud logging is important ? .

Minimize risks while drilling .

Formation evaluation during drilling .

Record data for further study .

Cuttings anaylsis. description lithology and Hydrocarbon evaluation • • • • Evaluation of all geological data collected and computed by the logging unit/system. Detailed geological descriptions of cores during coring/core-catching operations.. Provision of daily or weekly reports on current drilling conditions as requested by client and/or its drilling representative on site. • • . • FORMATION EVALUATION Continuous logging of total gas and chromatograph analysis for hydrocarbon. gas analysis and hydrocarbon evaluation to reference materials provided by client and done to standard. Correlation of cuttings lithology.Mud logging Function DATA MONITORING • Monitoring and analysis of drilling operations recording of all data realtime.


Collect sample as client require for analysis & further studies .

Describe sample looking for oil .

Gas show analysis .

Oil show analysis .

Masterlog preparation .

Well correlation .


Monitor well while drilling .

Detect well problem –stuck pipe .

Detect well problem hole packed off. collapsed .

Detect well problem– bit & cones .

Detect well problem–kick & blowout .

Detect well problem– loss circulation .

Detect high pressure zone while drilling .

How do they do that ? .

Mud logging system .

Sensors .

Computing system – hard & soft .

Gas Analysis System Gas line Pneumatic Panel Gas Spectrum RS 232 QGM Degasser Gas Chemstation Manifold Panel Output : WITS/RS 232/RG45 H2 Generator Air Compressor .

Realtime chart .

PVD logging High technology Profesional Experient .

Mud logging unit .


New gastrap system & density coriolis sensor Pump panel Gas trap Density coriolis sensor Mud probe .

Early kick detector .

Digital Camera Microscope Real Time Transmission .

Well trained &Experient crews .

Support from base .

The end Thank you ! .