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Mission Statement
To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.


support and training as well as internal and external audits with focus on continuous improvement • • • • 3 . knowledge and commitment Creating our Product Safety System based on the HACCP techniques Creating our Quality System based on industry standards Product Safety and Quality enforced with Good Manufacturing Practices Reviewing our systems through scheduled Management Review of equipment and facilities. organization. We have achieved this by diligent focus on the following items: • Populating our workforce with employees chosen for their skill.Product Safety & Quality Statement Cheer Pack North America operates using documented systems designed to assure consistent product safety and quality.

printing lamination and converting 4 facilities in Asia Gualapack Group 30% ownership…Europe 1200 employees Producer flexible packaging. blow molding and film conversion 3 facilities located in Plymouth. MA Hosokawa Yoko 30% ownership…Japan and China 700 employees 550 million spouted pouches sold annually Producer of flexible packaging. injection molding. printing and converting 2 facilities in Europe 4 .Cheer Pack NA Ownership CDF Corporation 40% ownership…. USA 150 employees Vacuum forming. equipment.

Product R&D conducted by Hosokawa Yoko in Japan and Gualapack in Italy. 5 .Why Cheer Pack? Cheer Pack is supported by Hosokawa Yoko and Gualapack making our group the largest single producer of spouted pouches in the world. Retort capable packaging. Over 2 billion+ pouches in 2012 will be produced by our global partners. Filling machinery designed for high and low acid products Including yogurt and ice cream. Over 20 years of experience worldwide. Single source supply of packaging and filling equipment.

beverages. etc…. yogurts. .What is Cheer Pack? Cheer Pack is a flexible spouted pouch for packaging liquids such as baby food. kids snacks.

Patent # D547.657 S Anti-swallow (won’t go down the choke tube) Material: HDPE Maximum filling temperature is 92°C °C: 7 .Cheer Pack – Special Features Re-closeable child-safe. screw-on cap Patented.S. tamper evident cap U.

Cheer Pack Features Pouch contents can be resealed.6mm (5/16”) straw for viscous products No spoon required Squeezable (100% of the contents can be dispensed = no waste) Great insulation compared to bottles Up to one year shelf life depending on product and film structure Excellent printability – high resolution and vibrant colors Large display areas on the retail shelf A good method of portion control . no need to use product all at once Freezable and lightweight High Impact Strength 8.

low acid. PE.Cheer Pack Capability Multiple sizes  40ml (1.8 oz. OPA. metalized and clear for specific products PET. PP . ALU.) Product appearance  High quality production process allows for maximum shelf impact Wide range of products can be packaged  High acid.35 oz.) to 1000ml (33. refrigerated or frozen Multiple film choices   Foil.

Marketing Visibility  Cheer Pack’s innovative and modern new packaging creates buyer interest  Cheer Pack has great shelf visibility and customer appeal (Unseen is Unsold)  Cheer Pack’s high resolution rotogravure printing attracts the consumer eye Benefits  Cheer Pack package is light weight and re-closable. refrigerated. low acid. making it very convenient  Cheer Pack offers a wide range of packaging sizes and configurations  Cheer Pack handles a wide range of product categories: high acid. and frozen products .

Our group alone produces well over a billion spouted pouches annually  Cheer Pack’s flexible pouch offers consumers a wider choice rather than glass or traditional packaging  Cheer Pack is tougher and can handle the bumps in manufacturing and at the consumer level No broken glass to deal with!  .Marketing Experience  Cheer Pack is well accepted in Europe and Asia as the package of choice.

Cheer Pack: Retail Shelf Display 12 .

Less energy to produce  Less overall weight than traditional packaging  Drastic reduction in landfill volume  Fewer trucks therefore reduction in greenhouse gases  .Cheer Pack: A Sustainable Alternative Sustainability is a broad concept that promotes source reduction (using less material) and the recovery of material throughout the lifecycle of a product to better ensure healthy living standards.

Cheer Pack: Hot Fill products Pureed fruit Smoothies Sorbet .

Hot Fill Pasteurized Process 15 .

Cheer Pack: Cold Fill Products Ice Cream Yogurt Milk Milkshakes .

Cold Fill Process 17 .

Cheer Pack: Retort Products .

1000 and 1500ml .Cheer Pack: Retort Products • • Danone Pharmaceutical (Nutricia product) 500.


CPNA will move into a 180. Sold filling machine capacity to 500 million units annually.000 sq. pouch forming and straw sealing. facility in May 2012 with injection molding. CPNA has qualified a North American printing and lamination supplier to support our customers requirements.ft. The owners have invested in the future of CPNA allowing us to add the infrastructure to support our customers growing demands. CPNA added manufacturing and injection molding. .Cheer Pack Highlights 2011 CPNA increased staff from 2 to 45 in the last year to support customers needs.

P. Massachusetts  Industrial Warehouse Facility  180 sq. Location One United Drive  Enough manufacturing space to meet West Bridgewater.ft.  Trucchi’s Supermarket 22 .Cheer Pack North America New Facility Located 25 miles south of Boston Immediately off Route 24 and less than six miles from Interstate 495 One United Drive West Bridgewater. MA and exceed customer demands Some of West Bridgewater’s largest employers:  Shaw’s Supermarket’s Inc.  Edico Federal Credit Union  J. Nounan Transportation Inc.

Pouch Increasing Forecast 23 .

CPNA Sales by Product Category # of Skus 147 50 13 4 Total Sku’s 214 24 .

IN 56052 Truitt Brothers Inc. Ontario L5S 1H9 Skjodt-Barrett Contract Packaging LLC 401 South Enterprise Blvd. MN 56329 * SunOpta Machine Location: Initiative Foods 1117K Street Sanger. OR 97301 PouchTec Industries LLC 347 Sheridan Road Foley. CA 93727 * High acid R Low acid 25 . PA * * * * R LiDestri Foods 568 S. CA 93657 SunOpta 2nd Facility King of Prussia.CPNA Co-Packers * Skjodt-Barrett Foods 2395 Lucknow Drive Mississauga. Temperance Fresno. 1105 Front Street NE Salem. Lebanon.

Filling Sites .North America Truitt Brothers PouchTec Skjodt-Barrett Foods SunOpta Skjodt-Barrett Contract Packaging LiDestri Foods Initiative Foods 26 .

com To speak with a sales representative.2214 27 .Contact Us To learn more visit Cheer Pack's website www.cheerpack.593. Call 888.