after days of hoping for an acquaintance. Tilney was not present on that day. Mr.  However. Catherine’s and Mr. Tilney and thus rushes to the pump room full of excitement the next day. Allen’s wish comes through as they meet Mrs. .  Unfortunately. Allen’s childhood friend in the pump room.PAGE 21  Catherine expects to find Mr.

Allen and Thorpe seemed to be a competition as to who was better of.  Mrs. Thorpe had an advantage as she had children unlike Mrs Allen.  Mrs Thorpe calls Isabella her most handsome daughter.  Isabella finds similarity between James Morland and Catherine and they soon realize that they were brother and sister .PAGE 22  The chat between Mrs.

. Tilney  Catherine is in awe and is amazed by Isabella and is dominated by her. She was so delighted that she almost forgot about Mr. She admires Isabella.PAGE 23  Catherine remembers that her brother had acquainted with John Thorpe  Isabella’s dominating personality is brought out in this chapter  Catherine is delighted to be acquainted with the Thorpes.

.PAGE 24  Catherine’s admiration of Isabella is further enhanced in this page  We get to know that she is jovial about being acquainted with Isabella and the other Thorpes.


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