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Now available in Ireland, at Lisney

Why you will want to use

With clicktopurchase you will win instructions and increase your turnover clicktopurchase will provide you with a powerful tool to enable you to deliver a superior service with speed, certainty, flexibility and impressive results

What is
clicktopurchase is a unique and proven platform enabling properties for the first time to be bought and sold online by private treaty clicktopurchase also provides the only real time live online auctions, emulating the traditional ballroom auction but over a web interface

at your website is a transactional platform where you will be able to use all the features of clicktopurchase. It is not a service to compete with your marketing but one to enhance and assist your marketing However, clicktopurchase is also available in a white labelled environment so buyers never seem to leave your website in order to exchange contracts by private treaty Bidders participate in your own online real time auctions by way of an extension to your website

Speed, Certainty, Flexibility

You have a powerful execution tool to enhance your marketing by choosing at any point in the sales process between:

- exchanging in the traditional fashion,

- or, online by clicktopurchase Private Treaty, - or, online by clicktopurchase Best Offers,

- or, online by clicktopurchase Real Time Live

Auction You can react at any time to select the best method to close a sale, maximise price and provide your

client with certainty

What is so good about

A proven significantly faster transaction process You can exchange contracts online with anyone, anywhere, at the click of a button Total transparency which instils confidence in you Provide certainty of transaction to both parties

Attract more buyers by a process where gazumping is not possible; sellers no longer need to worry about being chipped

What is so good about


Call your own real time live auction or best offers at any time if you feel this is the best way to maximise price and close the sale The auction process emulates the traditional auction room providing an auctioneers interaction with bidders The marginal cost for each auction is zero Bidders can participate from anywhere You may choose single or multiple lot auctions at any time

How does

At your white labelled area on your buyers will be able to submit a clicktopurchase offer Should you accept the offer, there will be an immediate exchange of contracts online You dont have to accept an offer; it is not automated; it is your choice, but transactions can now occur faster than ever before with certainty

The my account page shows details of the transaction and notifies the buyer if their offer has been accepted When exchanged, an electronic memorandum of sale is generated detailing the transaction

Alternatively, if you wish you can call your clicktopurchase auction at any point, be it at the start of marketing or in reaction to interest generated

Bids are made in real time with the live auctioneer coaxing bids in exactly the same way as in a traditional ballroom auction

caters for finance and surveys

clicktopurchase is designed to provide a buyer with the option to submit unconditional offers to treat, or offers conditional upon finance or satisfactory survey. If you were to request this feature to be made available and you choose to accept an offer with completion conditional upon finance, a default penalty is charged to the buyer for failure to complete. If a buyer exchanges with completion conditional upon survey, and a material fault is revealed, the buyer may rescind the contract
So one has the additional flexibility to ensure a fast exchange of a legal contract. Lisney, exclusive users of clicktopurchase in Ireland, will not initially be offering the conditionally feature but we have the flexibility to do so in time.

can allow a choice for closing date

clicktopurchase offers a feature which provides a buyer with the option to submit an offer with a closing date which may vary from the sellers preferred date If the feature is made available, a bidder can submit a clicktopurchase offer with a proposed closing date which may or may not be acceptable to the seller For a sale by auction, the closing date is fixed by the seller

With clicktopurchase you will be seen by clients to be at the leading edge of the property industry.
You will be able to offer your clients a unique and proven transaction platform which will help to grow your business You will have a powerful tool to hugely assist selling your clients property The ease of using clicktopurchase will help attract applicants and create more competition So you can see how clicktopurchase will enable you to offer clients a significantly enhanced service

Speed of Sale
Volkswagen, Milner Street, Warrington WA5 1AD

A UK agency was instructed by a large fund Warrington.

to sell this car showroom investment in

Within just 48 hours the purchaser submitted the online clicktopurchase offer to treat, the offer was accepted and a binding online exchange of contracts occurred.

Sold for 4.12 million 6.75% - the largest clicktopurchase exchange to date on behalf of an institutional investor.

Online Best Offers

Units 1-4 Block B, St Peter's Industrial Park, Tower Close, Huntingdon PE29 7DH

A UK agency was instructed by Receivers to sell this short-income investment which had been previously offered by another agent.
The property was initially offered for sale by clicktopurchase Auction for the 13th of February 2013. However, due to the level of interest generated, the method of sale was changed and an online clicktopurchase "Best Offers" was announced on 29th January to occur on 1st February at 11:00am. 5 parties submitted online clicktopurchase offers by the 11:00am deadline ; as soon as instructions were obtained, the offer was accepted and an online clicktopurchase exchange occurred at 1:12pm. It took just 11 business days from commencement of marketing to exchange by Online clicktopurchase Best Offers.

Online Real Time Auction

31-33 Junction Road, Archway, London N19

A UK agency was instructed by Receivers to sell this vacant fire-damaged property in Archway. In reaction to the interest generated an online real time auction was announced just 3 days into marketing to occur the following week. 9 people were able to bid in the online auction which exchanged online producing a transparent and accountable bidding history.

Certainty of Sale
27 Strait Bargate, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 6EG

A retail investment offered for sale with the benefit of clicktopurchase. Within 7 working days, the purchaser and seller both benefitted from the certainty provided by an online exchange without needing to issue a contract in the traditional way. The investor submitted the online clicktopurchase offer to treat which was shortly afterwards accepted and thereby exchanged online. Lot size 895,000.

Units 6&7, Lakeside Business Village, Fleming Road, Chafford Hundred

The property was marketed at 1.1 million, due to the lack of interest it was then remarketed at 750 000.
In reaction to the amount of interest generated an online auction was called where competitive bidding resulted in the sale of the property for 860,000. clicktopurchase allowed the agency flexibility by being able to switch from private treaty to online auction quickly.

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