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Director: Ron Scalpello

The camera work at the very start of Offender is a long shot where the character is in a dark alley. The camera is in a dark part of the alley and as it goes down the alley towards the character the alley gets lighter by street lights giving the alley a quite dark yellow/gold lighting to it. Also the camera is used in more ways than one, the camera man and director dont just agree on close up and long shots they use the camera in different ways like by tracking past an alley way while the character walks up the alley. The use of close ups on his face make the character look very determined and fearful. Using lighting to cover the one side of the face and the other side having light makes that scene just look that much better. It could say the character has a good side but also a bad side with the good side representing the light and the bad side representing that darkness.

The editing throughout the film is very complicated but it makes the film unique. After the opening scene that audience will realise that the attack on the police officers by the main character has been edited so that you see him going to prison before you know the real reason behind why hes going there. I would have to say that this idea is a great and different way of approach. The editor uses different techniques using many clips where the character walks along long dark alleys which cause tension then clips which are very violent and loud and then quickly switch it to a quiet atmosphere where the character is being sentenced in court. The editors add a clip which the audience may not understand at the start, this clip appears of a women while the main character is in the police van. The clip of the women could be like a flashback to the character. This could make the audience think that this many be a wife or girl friend and thats why he may be going to prison, the editor keeps the audience guessing.

The titles used in Offender are very unique and different compared to what I've see before in an opening scene. Usually in most films you just see normal and formal writing and thats it for the opening scene. In Offender the writing starts out as formal and then slowly some of the letters get longer. This is a great way of using titles. The titles aren't just in the same area every time they appear. The titles are put in different locations and have a bright white colour to them so that they can stand out clearly and are easy to see and be understood on the dark and gloomy background.

The music in the opening scene is the same soundtrack throughout it does not change to any other. It has a low beat or rhythm to it to cause tension at the start and then brings in a high pitch noise, I think the low noise must be created by some kind of drum to get a good low tone and affect, this sound is creepy and could of be created using either an electrical guitar or computer software. This kind of sound gives of a lot of tension to the scene and convinces the audience something bad or creepy is about to happen. The sound advisors/technicians use the police siren noise on top of the soundtrack so the audience know that he's been caught for his crime. After the main character causes the crime and has all the police officers around him shouting at him the soundtrack all of sudden becomes louder and the shouting and screaming of the officers is almost blurred out behind the soundtrack so you can only faintly hear them. They fade the soundtrack in and out through this opening scene, they fade it out when you have people talking, for example the judge in court. But as soon as they are done talking they work the camera work and the sound together to get a great shot which causes tension, drama and thriller to what may happen. When the character is in the riot van he has flashbacks of a women, know one knows who this women is but as his flash backs occur more and more the high pitch sound gets louder and louder. This could indicate to the audience she has a big part to play in the film and how maybe hes haunted by this women by the sound of the music being played in the background. As the titles and opening scene come to an end the soundtrack stops playing. This can represent the opening scene coming to an end.


The mise-en-scene in the opening scene uses good use of location/scenery, using dark alleys and dark gloomy locations give a worried and thrilling theme or sense to the opening scene making the audience aware that something bad is going to happen. Dark, gloomy locations usual represent evil or bad things in this film it could represent the idea of criminals and illegal things happening. The use of different character types and props also make this opening scene great, an example of this is the use of costumes for the police officers with the jackets saying police on the back and the face guard and helmets some of the characters wear, a good prop that is used is the batons that the police officers use, the use of blue flashing lights giving a good feel to the atmosphere and something bad is happening. The character also wears dark clothing this film is taken at the time of the London riots which could mean hes a thug or criminal. The use of the court scenery where's the character is in front of a judge really makes the film realistic. I like the use of the riot van/police escort van being used as it brings realism to the opening scene. The bruised eye gives a good thug/ criminal look to the character making him like nasty and a violent person this can indicate the audience of what's going to happen in the film before its even got past the opening scene.

After watching the opening scene of Offender I liked the use of techniques used a think I will use some in my filming, such as Lighting and the effects of lighting on the scene The use of locations and the variation of locations The way they used there titles and had an unique way of using them, using colour and writing to make it look more interesting. The use of props is very important so I would like to bring these ideas into my own filming. The use of music and the tone and pitch of the soundtrack. I like the way the editing shows the present and when the character is going to prison and then the past and why he went to prison this way of editing is great and I would like to use this also.

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