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AS PE Anatomy & Physiology

James Barraclough Lesson 3: Joints & Movement


206 bones in human body, but which make up axial skeleton? Cranium, vertebral column, ribs & sternum (80 bones) Which bones make up appendicular skeleton? The rest! (126 bones) What are 6 main functions of skeleton? Protect; shape/support; blood cell production; mineral store; leverage; muscle attachment What are 5 types of bone with examples? Long; short, flat; irregular; sesamoid

Aims: Bones & Joints

Objectives: ALL to understand Classifications of joint 6 types of freely moveable joints & examples of location Types of movement at each freely moveable joint Examples of above in sport

Activity 1
Using homework answers make poster with diagrams that shows: Definition of a joint 3 classifications of joint (according to movement) 6 types of freely moveable joint An example for each of 6 freely moveable joints used in sport

30 minutes

Some Answers

Joint = where 2/more bones meet 3 classifications:

1. Fixed/fibrous e.g. Cranium 2. Slightly moveable/cartilaginous e.g. Thoracic spine 3. Freely moveable/synovial (why called synovial joint?)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

6 types of freely moveable:

Hinge e.g. Elbow Ball & socket e.g. Shoulder Pivot e.g. Neck Saddle e.g. Thumb Gliding/plane Condyloid/ellipsoidal

Activity 2: Movement at Joints

Watch video & Complete worksheet gBnE6tx4kg&list=PLDEDD60EE59DB2 1AE

20 minutes

Movement Flexion

Description Angle of joint decreases

Example Bending knee/elbow


Angle of joint increases

Straightening knee/elbow Arm/leg moves towards body Arm/leg moves away from body

Adduction (ADD)

Limb moves closer to mid line of body Limb moves away from mid line of body

Abduction (TAKE AWAY)


Limb moves towards mid Mobility movement line of the body & during warm up phase of changes position of body an activity





Compound circular motion Moving ankles upwards Extending ankle as if to plant foot Moving side-to-side

Moving arm round






Shaking your head


Rolling foot inward



Rolling foot outward


Answers continued...

Examples of each type of movement in sporting context

RECAP: wordsearch HOMEWORK: Revise for test next week on ALL weve done so far