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Lesson 5: Muscular System James Barraclough

Aims: Muscular System

Objectives (HOMEOWORK): ALL to understand: O Major muscles of body O Terms origin & insertion O 3 types of muscle

O Muscular system network of fibres work together

to create movement by contracting/extending (shortening/lengthening) O c.600 voluntary muscles in body O Functions of muscles:
O Give shape to bodies (tone)
O Create movement (with skeletal system) O When muscles contract generate heat O Help in circulation of blood O Provide protection for vital organs & hold in place

Activity 1
O Complete worksheet 1
O Answers on next slide

15 minutes

Activity 2
3 types of muscle in human body Smooth muscles smooth in appearance & involuntarily; work internal organs e.g. bowel, uterus & bladder Skeletal muscles striated in appearance. Voluntary (under our control). Use these in daily tasks/sports activities e.g. walking, running & swimming Cardiac muscle also striated & only found in heart. Controlled involuntarily. Under constant nervous & chemical control 10 minutes

Activity 3 Answers

15 minutes
1. 2.


Extensibility: muscle tissue lengthens when contracting providing effort required to move levers Elasticity: returns to normal length after stretching enabling repeated contractions during exercise Contractility: capacity of muscle to forcibly lengthen/ shorten when stimulated by nerves/hormones

Insertion = muscle attachment on bone that muscle pulls into action Origin = end of muscle attached to stable bone for muscle to pull on usually nearest flat bone

Research: O Muscle fibre types & characteristics O Connective tissues O Antagonistic muscle action