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NthDimenzion Solutions Private Limited

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Overview Profile Vision Values Management Team Our Business Service Offerings/Verticals/Areas of Excellence Business Models Why NthDimenzion? Products & Solution Frameworks SME Business Mantra EasyHRMS EasyHMIS Education Management Customers & Projects Capabilities Software Engineering Process Infrastructure Technology & Tools Specifics Case Studies


Company Overview
Started in the year 2007. Headquartered in Bangalore ,India. Products/Projects/Services in Cutting Edge Technologies. Focus on Product/IP development and Research in Vedic Sciences. 35+ employees with average experience greater than 6 years. Associate of Source Development International ( for Healthcare and other initiatives. Eco System of Partners for varied skill areas to facilitate rapid ramp-up.

Product & Services Offerings

NTHDIMENZION PRODUCTS/SOLUTIONS SME Business Mantra ( More than an ERP!!). EasyHRMS ( a SaaS based HR/Payroll offering). EasyHMIS( a Hospital Administration/Operations Solutions Framework). Financial Management on Cloud A JV with another partner. MRM (Medical Records Management) Digitization of Patient Case Sheets and Analytics on Hospital data. SERVICES Healthcare Solutions ( ICD9-10 Conversion, Digitization of Medical Records and Analytics). Education Management Solution. Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services SOA based, Cloud Computing / SaaS Solutions. Product/Projects using Agile /Waterfall Delivery Model Rich Internet Applications and Mobile Platform Development ( Android and iPhone) Theory of Constraints Consulting




Customer Centric

Employee Focused

To be a globally respected corporation that provides best-of-breed business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best-in-class people


Our Values
We believe that the softest pillow is a clear conscience. The values that drive us underscore our commitment to:

Customer Delight
To surpass customer expectations consistently

Leadership by Example To set standards in our business and transactions and be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves

Integrity & Transparency To be ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions Fairness: To be objective and transactionoriented, and thereby earn trust and respect

Pursuit of Excellence To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best.


Management Team
Mohan Srinivasan - Founder & Director PDMA, IIM ,Ahmedabad in Operations Management MTech, IIT, Chennai BTech,Davangere

Mohan has over 20 years experience in Consulting, Manufacturing and IT Services with HAL,Kirloskars, and Satyam. Experience in Practice building, Business Consulting, Supply Chain Consulting Practice Head- Supply Chain & Business Consulting @ Satyam Exponent Theory of Constraints Founder & Chief Strategist @ NthDimenzion

Ramprasad Nagaraja -Founder & Director MTech, IISc, Bangalore BTech, Govt College of Engineering,Pune Ram has around 20 years experience in IT Consulting/Services with Infosys, Wipro, IBM and Satyam. Focus and Expertise on Technology Architecture & Solutions Consulting ,Implementing Rapid Development Methodologies, Cloud Computing and Mobility apps. Leading the Operations and Delivery for all products and services , as Founder & Chief Technologist /Chief of Operations @NthDimenzion

H.B. Nayak - Director Sales & Marketing

Mr. H. B. Nayak has 3 decades of experience in various business areas viz. Human Resource, Administration, Facilities Logistics and Public Relations. Besides he has been executive roles at Wipro as well. Nayak is a Director at NthDimenzion and would be the driving force behind generating Business, Forging alliances and Marketing strategies.

MA, Karnataka University


Why NthDimenzion Solutions Framework?

Fragmented Information

Low Cost of Ownership.

Out of the Box Usage.

Common Data Model ( Low Redundancy)

Integrated System. Global System

Any time / Any where Access Web Based

System. Rapid Customization for specific needs. Allow End to End Automation.


Services & Experience

Education Life Sciences and Healthcare Service Oriented Architecture


Open Source



Public Sector Retail and Consumer Goods


Areas Of Excellence

Cloud Computing/ SaaS Mobility

Media and Entertainment

Web 2.0

Application Development

Product Development

Technology Consulting Process Consulting


NthDimenzion Products & Services - ERP & IT Consulting Services

Employee Record Payroll Leave Performance Management Learning Management Expense Reimbursement Loans and Advances Accounts Payables Account Receivables Fixed Assets General Ledger

SME Business Mantra

Opportunity Leads Negotiation Quotation Order Management

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Procurement Order Management Product Catalog Warehouse Management Project Management

BOM Routing Work Orders MRP

Product Development and Support Services Outsourced Product Development Services. Undertake complete product development and support services in Java and Microsoft based technologies. Implementation and Support services for in-house products ERP and HR. Consulting and Staff services for Oracle and SAP ERPs. Undertake complete projects in terms of software development . Focused on delivery using Agile Development Methodology. Emphasis on delivering cutting edge scalable solutions. Architecture Consulting for performance , scalability etc. Conduct Assessment of IT Architecture of Enterprise and suggest transition using best practices.

ERP and Consulting Services

Software Project Development Services Technology Architecture Consulting Services


Products & Services Healthcare /EasyHMIS

Order Management Pharmacy Inventory Management Integration to Billing Inpatient / Outpatient Scheduling Doctors View/ Nurse View


Ward Setup Master Data Setup Service Management Bed Management Manufacturing Billing

Outpatient Encounter Lifecycle Inpatient Encounter Lifecycle Diagnosis/Procedures Follow-up/Plan Discharge Alerts & Messages

Fee Setup Billing/Invoicing

ICD 9 10 Conversion & Meaningful Use Implementation Mobile & Remote Healthcare Solutions Health Information Exchange across hospital chains Lab Interfaces & Connectivity Migration from Legacy Systems Collaborate with the hospitals consortiums and help them migrate from ICD 9 to ICD 10 Complete Turnkey Project to enable Meaningful Use Certification with support from Healthcare domain experts Enabling critical EMR/PMS functions on mobile devices for doctors and hospital staff i.e appointments, patient summary etc Telemedicine for remote patient care etc Unique apps on mobile for patients healthcare alerts , chronic care , diagnostic support, disease surveillance etc Enabling a simple but powerful Information Exchange across hospitals through HL7 Data Integration to enable patient data access and also critical analysis of data for research etc Enable standard HL7 Integration to Labs to schedule patients for Lab Tests, Order Results, enable Patient Access to results, Reports on Lab Data Enabling migration of legacy EMR/PMS systems to current technologies and leverage technological benefits


Education Services
Redundancy Control Inbuilt provision within the system manage duplication/failover/recovery Data Archival Backup and Archival for disaster recovery and business continuity

Education Mgmt. Process

Software Components Software components built through extensive study of education management process

Administration Process Inventory Management

Department Management
Class Schedule Management


Examination Management

Connectivity Connectivity from Central Command Center to all examination centers Data Management Processing of the Examination Data Infrastructure Setup of hardware( i.e scanners/printers etc), operating system, utilities, network configuration and support setup

Online Education

Payroll Management

Library Management

Portal Access

University Management Solution

Support/Maintenance Complete Project Management of the Process

Complete Turnkey Project to enable end to end automation of all academic and administrative business processes for a university Enable online access to all stakeholders teachers , students , parents and administrative staff Focus on enabling online /offline examination and evaluation in a more secure and rapid manner. Real time access to student data on examination and results. Rapid evaluation leading to quicker closure on the examination and evaluation process. Secure and Authenticated mechanism to ensure complete transparency and minimize fraudulent practices.

Examination & Results Management


Business Models


Why NthDimenzion?
There are several key factors why our clients make their choice in favor of NthDimenzion:

Customer-Oriented Approach: Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so that you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to an offshore team. This approach is called "near-sourcing" because our management and developers are able to act as extensions of your existing organization not as outsiders, helping to both lower costs and increase service. Seamless Communication: Our customers and partners tell us we're easier to communicate with than other outsourcing companies. We always make sure we're available through multiple communication channels. (i.e conference calls, video conferences, email, portals, travel) Reasonable Cost: Our Indian office allows us to make use of the immense talent pool available here at remuneration that will help us keep our team happy and loyal while offering you services that are most economical. Since our quality and speed are as good as or better than what you may find elsewhere, collaborating with us gives you a great return on your investment. Time-Zones: Our managers and tech leads adjust time-zones to work with you to review past work and set new tasks. While you're asleep, our developers work on the project and changes are ready by the time you come back to the office in the morning. You get "overnight turnaround" every day. Comprehensive Solution: We cover the full business cycle from business analysis to quality assurance and even post-launch maintenance, so working with us means you can have one company handling your entire range of IT activities. This avoids any hand waving or finger pointing, and makes your budget and timeline more predictable. We take full responsibility for the work assigned to us, giving you confidence in results.


Customers & Projects

Real Time Data Feeds on IT Strategy & Development Services for UK Motor Racing Company( Name Withheld) Private Cloud
Reviewed Enterprise Architecture of existing software systems Designed and Developed Private Cloud based on open source ESB to disseminate real time data feeds Architecture, Design for a real time high performing time keeping system using SOA/EDA.

A Sports Collaboration Portal

Designed an Open Source based Content Management Collaboration Platform for USA based startup (

Defined a web 2.0 strategy for the platform

Warehouse Implementation of SME Business Mantra

Warehouse Management Implementation for Retail Major in Dubai(M H Enterprise)

SOA based ERP implementation of NthDimenzions SME Business Mantra Integration with Legacy Systems and Mobile Device Application Development using web services

Real Time Data Analytics & Historic Data Analytics Analytics for a UK based motor racing company( Name Withheld)
Architected and Designed highly scalable , SaaS software to manage different aspects of a sporting event Designed a Dynamic Reporting Engine using OLAP tools in Microsoft ( Master Data Services)


Customers & Projects

Advisory Board & IT Consulting for Logistics Company
IT Strategy, Consulting & Development Services for Indian Logistics Company

Defined IT Strategy Blueprint, Business Strategies Defined an SOA based Event Driven Platform Designed a RIA using Adobe Flex and an open source Linear Programming tool Defined and Developed Web Services based and AWS ( amazon web services) enabled Capacity planning tool. Designed the framework for dynamic capacity planning using LPSolve to arrive at optimal planning based on resources and constraints

Route Optimization on the Cloud

Cloud Based Route Optimization for USA based Field Service Automation Company (ServiceMax)

Designed an optimization routine (JOpt) and leveraged underlying APIs to feed resources and constraints to the engine. Developed services to be hosted on Amazons EC2 platform Architected a SaaS based EMR and PMS solution for Healthcare Company for USA market Architecting & Designing a SaaS based EMR & PMS software for a Healthcare Product Vendor. In charge of Operations/Delivery of the company to generate profits and build more lines of business in the healthcare domain

SaaS Based Healthcare Product


Software Engineering Process

Delivery Methodologies
Agile Delivery Waterfall Delivery


NthDimenzions Development center is strategically located in Bangalore, India. Internet Connectivity: A dedicated leased line cable link for all our development facility. Communication Infrastructure: Facility for Video Conferencing Web based conferencing ( Go To Meeting) VOIP based communication. Process Infrastructure: NthDimenzions streamlined processes minimize errors and maximize productivity, reducing time to market for the Customer by a significant percentage, on numerous occasions. The best practices have been imbibed through various Customer interactions. Project Status Tracking & Visibility: NthDimenzion recommends an online portal tool to provide visibility to all project stakeholders. Sharepoint Portal JWiki XPlanner FreedCamp NthDimenzions Internal Project Management Tool


Technology & Tools Specifics

Microsoft 1. .NET Framework 1.0,2.0,3.5 2. ASP.NET,ADO.NET,VB.NET,C#, 3. XML, XSL, Web Services, SOAP 4. Sharepoint Portal 2007 5. Silverlight, WPF, Web Forms, Windows Forms 6. Service Oriented Architectures, Web Services, ESB,SOAP, Work Flow and Rule Engines ( viz.Biztalk Server, Work Flow Foundation,WCF) 7. SQL Server 2005/2008 8. COM,COM+,DCOM,VB6,VC++,VSTA and VSTO 9. Windows Mobile Platform

Open Source
1. Servlets, JSF,JSP, EJB, JMS, Open Source Frameworks ( Java & PHP),J2ME 2. Struts, Hibernate, Spring, etc), Open Source Rich Internet Application Frameworks i.e ZkOSS,RichFaces,IceFaces etc 3. Application Servers (JBoss,JONAS etc) 4. Commercial Application Servers (Weblogic, Websphere, Oracle) 5. MQ Series, XML, XSL 6. Service Oriented Architectures, Web Services, ESB,SOAP, Work Flow and Rule Engines 7.SpringXD,Hadoop, Storm. 8.Mobile Applications on Android/iPhone using HTML5

Development Source Code Control Subverison/ VSS Unit Testing - jUnit/nUnit Cruise Control Continuous Integration nAnt/Ant Build Visual Studio/Eclipse IDE Functional Testing Automation Selenium/SAHI etc.

Project Project Wiki Release Backlog Report Bug Tracking Issue Tracking XPlanner


Case Study Test Data Management and Vehicle Tracking

Test Data Management Solution with Vehicle Tracking for a Premier Indian Two Wheeler Manufacturer

The Challenge
Data Collection in Spreadsheets. Adhoc data extraction and preparation of reports Lack of capability to generate meaningful analysis from historical data that could help better decision making

The Need
Need for a solution to enable data collection on hand held device

The Solution
Develop an android based test data collection software that could be used by test riders/engineers Develop a web based workflow for test requests and a comprehensive reporting/analytics solution

Business Benefits
Faster Data Entry during testing and reduced effort

Provide a web based solution for reporting and analytics

Greater flexibility in reporting and analytics leading to better decision making

Enable monitoring of Test Vehicles Lack of ability to track Test Vehicles and Monitor them

Enable GPS based tracking and monitoring

Ability to track vehicles and monitor to take corrective action in case of violation or mishaps

Technology: Microsoft.NET Platform on Windows and integrated with Sharepoint for reporting NthDimenzion Role: Design & Development


Case Study SaaS Based Optimization Engine

Route Optimization Engine on the Cloud for A US Field Service Automation Company

The Challenge
Manual workforce scheduling across different geographical territories in US Lack of optimization in scheduling due to absence of an optimization schedule

The Need
Enable optimization of workforce scheduling using linear programming- batch based scheduling and cost based scheduling Enable the optimization process in SaaS environment Ensure a secure process of transmitting data from client environment to SaaS environment and back with minimum data exposure.

The Solution
Enable optimization of workforce scheduling using Pluggable Optimization engines Enable the optimization process with inputs from client environment and publish to Amazon EC2 and subscribe output from Amazon EC2.

Business Benefits
Enable optimization of workforce scheduling using linear programming- batch based scheduling and cost based scheduling Enable the optimization process in SaaS environment Ensure a secure process of transmitting data from client environment to SaaS environment and back with minimum data exposure.

Technology: Java Platform on Linux/ Windows interacting with APIs and JOpt for linear programming. NthDimenzion Role: Design & Development


Case Study SaaS Based Health Care Solution

EMR and PMS SaaS / Cloud Based product development for US Healthcare Market

The Challenge
License based EMR and PMS is a challenge for small practices in USA as infrastructure management is an additional burden

The Need
Enable a service/pay as you go model for small and medium sized practices

The Solution
SaaS based EMR&PMS with granular service level access

Business Benefits
Lower cost to medical practitioners and greater efficiency Anywhere/Anytime Access to Providers for appointments and patient details

Cost of EMR / PMS

Enable remote access and facilitate managed services model to reduce IT overheads

Core functions available on mobile devices and smartphones as web services based access

Information Access Anytime / Anywhere to enable providers to make quicker/more accurate decisions

Enable access from internet and from mobile devices for providers

Product to be hosted on the cloud to ensure minimum overheads for clients

Mobile Device Access to Provider Functions to enable more accurate & faster decision making

Technology: Java Platform on Linux/ Windows. Developed as a Rich Internet Application using Java EE / ZKoss/Spring/ Hibernate/mySQL Mobile Platform : Can be run on Android/iPhone platforms. Only Provider Functions/ Billing Functions NthDimenzion Role: Architecture, Design & Development


Case Study Data Cloud for Real Time Data Feeds

Private Data Cloud to enable a Publish/Subscribe Model for Real Time Data Feeds on an Open Source SOA & EDA based Enterprise Service Bus for a premier UK Motor Racing Company

The Challenge
Point to Point Solutions with clients accessing real time data feeds

The Need
Enable an SOA/EDA based solution which will enable simple publish/subscribe model based on standards

The Solution
Architected on SOA/EDA solution using Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) transparency Built a real time complex event processing engine Built a reusable diagnostic and monitoring service Enabled all services and exposed via WCF services Pluggable UI Framework

Business Benefits
SOA based services enable easy orchestration for new workflow scenarios Pluggable UI will enable easy configuration of new views Dynamic UI with intuitive navigation led to better user experience Performance of all data feeds under 300 milliseconds with high reliability

Very little flexibility in addition of new data feeds Lack of scalability leading to additional software and infrastructure with every new feed

Enable scalability and extensibility

Ensure sub second performance at high data feed rates

Technology: Java Platform on Windows. Developed as an ESB based solution to interact with disparate technology solutions i.e TCP based, UDP based products and providing a standards based subscription model to the end users. Defined architecture for a High Performance Real Time Data Exchange. NthDimenzion Role: Architecture, Design & Development


Case Study SOA Based Event Management Product Development

Service Oriented Architecture Based Solution for Event Management of Sports

The Challenge
To enable all sporting events big or small to be able to use an event management tool without major customizations Ability to enable / disable features required for event management based on event Standard Event Management solutions available not feasible for smaller events as they are expensive

The Need
Enable an SOA based solution which will enable multiple tenants and multiple events with custom configurations to run simultaneously Enable scalability and extensibility

The Solution
Architected on SOA based solution using .NET - WCF

Business Benefits
SOA based services enable easy orchestration for new workflow scenarios

Enabled Android based app for inventory management functions

Pluggable UI will enable easy configuration of new views

Enabled all services and exposed via WCF services

Dynamic UI with intuitive navigation led to better user experience

Pluggable UI Framework

Technology: .NET Platform on Windows. Developed using WCF/Silverlight on an SOA based architecture and including an Android app NthDimenzion Role: Architecture, Design & Development


Case Study SOA Based Time Keeping Solution

Service Oriented Architecture Based Solution for Finish Line Time Keeping for UK Motor Racing Company

The Challenge
Time Keeping modules in legacy technology and high maintenance

The Need
Enable an SOA based solution which will enable simple publish/subscribe model based on standards and enable a private cloud

The Solution
Architected on SOA based solution using .NET - WCF

Business Benefits
SOA based services enable easy orchestration for new workflow scenarios

Difficulty in adding additional features in time keeping Enable scalability and extensibility Lack of scalability leading difficulty in addition of new processes

Built a reusable diagnostic and monitoring service

Pluggable UI will enable easy configuration of new views

Enabled all services and exposed via WCF services Dynamic UI with intuitive navigation led to better user experience

Pluggable UI Framework

Technology: .NET Platform on Windows. Developed using WCF/Silverlight and WPF on an SOA based architecture NthDimenzion Role: Architecture, Design & Development


Case Study Inventory Management on Mobile Device

Mobile Device Based Inventory Management capabilities for Dubai Retail Major

The Challenge
Difficulty in having inventory details updated in real time Unable to reconcile physical inventory or perform cycle counting updates real time

The Need
Enable real time access to inventory tracking

The Solution
Enabled real time inventory management access via mobile devices

Business Benefits
Real Time Inventory Status leading to better visibility and decision making

Unable to update Palletization details real time

Enable real time updates while performing inventory receipts, transfers and cycle counting. Enable accurate invoicing by ensuring accurate inventory updates

Enabled access through open source web services framework

Access real time inventory data from anywhere at anytime

Lack of real time integration to accounting updates leading to significant delays in accurate invoicing

Reduced Invoice Reconciliations due to more accurate data.

Technology: Java Platform on Linux/ Windows. Mobile Solution developed on Windows CE. Technology Framework on NthDimenzion SME Business Mantra deployed on JBoss/mySQL. Mobile Platform : Can be run on Windows CE mobile devices platform. Inventory Receipt, Inventory Transfer & Palletization functions enabled for Mobile Devices. NthDimenzion Role: Design and Implementation of Warehouse function from SME Business Mantra.


Case Study Flex Based Capacity Planning Product

Capacity Planning Product using Adobe Flex as RIA Framework and LPSolve for Linear Programming for an Indian Logistics Major

The Challenge
No simple , affordable Capacity Planning solution available for Small and Medium Businesses

The Need

The Solution
Java Web Services based Solution with LPSolve an open source tool for LP optimization

Business Benefits
Simple, affordable yet feature rich Capacity Planning solution for small and medium businesses Web Services Based and hence available in a hosted model as well to reduce IT overheads for small businesses

Enable a Services based solution available in a hosted model

Lack of Viable Optimization Engines

Facilitate an affordable solution by leveraging open source solutions

Adobe Flex front end to enable a Rich User Interface

No simple yet rich interfaces available to enable rapid adoption by users

Enable a Rich Interface

Technology: Java Platform on Linux/ Windows .Developed as a Rich Internet Application using Java EE / Adobe Flex/Spring/ Hibernate/mySQL. Mobile Platform : Can be run on Android/ platform and on smartphones. (developed on ADOBE AIR) NthDimenzion Role: Architecture, Design & Development


Case Study EMR & PMS on Mobile Device

Mobile Device Based EMR/PMS functions in Healthcare Product for US market

The Challenge
Providers inability to have real time access to patient appointments and records in case of emergencies Provider inability to perform impromptu encounters and record the encounter Patient unable to review/access his/her records when required in terms of referral etc Providers unable to review charge details for a patient encounter and related information when on the move

The Need
Enable real time access to patient details, schedules Enable providers to make real time updates to Lab, Pharmacies for a patient when required Enable quick access to patient encounter billing details for any review/reconciliations

The Solution
Provided an API based access/web services based access to all key functions in EMR and PMS

Business Benefits
Real Time Patient data access for Providers leading to more accurate and timely Patient Care

Enabled access on Android Phones and Smartphones.

Faster Billing/Charge reconciliations and more accurate postings as data can be real time

Enabled offline access and auto/manual sync capabilities Offline access and sync up enables Providers to be able to update anytime / anywhere

Technology: Java Platform on Linux/ Windows. Developed on Android Platform Mobile Platform : Can be run on Android/iPhone platforms. Appointment Scheduling, Patient Details & Encounter Management, Charge Entry functions enabled on Mobile Devices NthDimenzion Role: Architecture, Design and Development of specific services mentioned above on Android using RhoMobile SDK/Particle SDK


The Future Today