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Consumer reception to LBS Application Categories . 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Share of Downloads Revenue Share Source: Nielsen Mobile Applications Report Q1 2008 Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd. Category or Type expressed as a percentage of All Applications Downloaded during the reporting period. Q1 2007 LBS accounted for 21% of downloads and 31% of revenue. . Type or Carrier expressed as a percentage to all revenue from all Application downloads.Share of Downloads / Revenue • Storefront/Shopping Entertainment Maps/Directions Location Based Services App is the most popular download category in Q1 2008 with 43% of all downloads to mobile phones and 62% of total revenue The LBS application share has been growing. Category. Share of Downloads: The total number of Applications downloaded for each Title. Wallpaper/Pictures Weather • Sports Music Personal Organizer/Tools Chat/Community Location Based Services Share of Revenue: The total revenue from application download for each Title.

Evolution of Mobile LBS – From a user perspective Hardware Value High Services  Pricing  Availability  -2 years Basic Maps Premium prices Limited to decks of 2 Carriers    Now Turn by turn navigation Local search with location Basic map viewer LBS    Falling prices for navigation Free Local Search Selected subsidized services   5 Top Carriers on deck Off-deck emerging Near Future Content Value High Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd.      Turn by turn navigation Location based search Vertically Enabled LBS Real-Time traffic info Point-to-point navigation     Pay per use Subsidized services Ad supported Premium custom services  Ubiquitous .

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Top 5 LBS Apps Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd. .

.LB VAS vs Other VAS Content Categories Searched by US Mobile Search Users.com Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd. 2007 www.” April 25.eMarketer. “How America searches: Mobile. March 2007 (% of respondents) Note: n=225 ages 16+ Source: iCrossing.

Service Offerings • Turn-by-turn landmark intelligent directions • Distance + RouteHints™ finder • Auto-fare finder Roadmap • Real-Time traffic updates • SOS • Live Directions (On call) • Petrol Pump Finder • Tourist Place Finder • Multi-Modal transportation •Time & fuel consumption finder . .All the services are to be available over Web / WAP and SMS Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd.

.5 M Market Size (Annually) $0.37 B Consumers: 1 M Example $0.03 B 0.22B Consumers: 1.2 B Target Consumers: 1 M Businesses: 0.4 M .06 B Auto-Fare (Delhi) 0.Opportunity Requests (Annually) Directions (India) Auto-Fare (India) 0.8 M $16.The projections are based on the assumptions for top 20 cities in India Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd.

Ads are not typically recognized as advertising when embedded within the results page. Consumers are overwhelmingly willing to accept ads in exchange for valued content and applications. Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd. 2.Pricing models Consumer receptivity to Location Ads NAVTEQ research shows: 1. .

Source Location-Based Services to drive Mobile Broadband.2 billion by the end of 2011 at a CAGR of 72%” Gary Kim.” Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.As they say … It’s a big growth business. "Total end-user spending on location-aware mobile services in North America will expand from $110 million at the end of 2006 to $2. CEO-Nokia – Oct ’07. . "Location-based services are only now entering the 1 billion-plus unit mobile device market. Chief IP Business and ChannelVision. Source Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd.

Thank you. . “The end game is all about location and business model flexibility” Confidential © Navolve Technologies (P) Ltd.