Lecture # 1

Civil Engineering Material

Dr. Attaullah Shah
Department of Civil Engineering
Swedish College of Engineering and Technology-Wah Cantt.

g.. water supply systems) • The modern field includes power plants. canals. • Structural design and analysis. and facilities maintenance. harbors. construction. and watertreatment facilities • Civil engineering today involves: • Site investigations and feasibility studies. lighthouses. hydraulics.What is Civil Engineering? • Profession of designing and executing structural works that serve the general public.g. including: • Buildings bridges. roads. and • Environmental works (e. 3 thermodynamics. • The design of engineering works requires the application of design theory from many fields (e.. tunnels. dams. chemical-processing and water treatment plants. nuclear physics) . aircraft and airports.

• Civil engineering includes planning and design professionals in both the public design professionals in both the public and private sectors. and transportation systems for goods and people. design. and management of residential and commercial buildings and structures. water supply facilities. builders. as well as control of the environment for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life. contractors. Civil engineering is a professional 4 .What is Civil Engineering? • A branch of engineering that encompasses the conception. educators. and researchers. construction.

designs and means for achieving desired objectives. dams and buildings. canals. 5 . and it was defined to distinguish it from military engineering • Engineering is the application of objective knowledge to creation of plans.What is Civil Engineering? • Engineering discipline that deals with the engineering discipline that deals with the design and construction of the physical and natural built environment. including works such as bridges. • Technology deals with tools and techniques for carrying out plans. • Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline after military engineering. roads.

Sub Disciplines of Civil Engg. • • • • • • • • • • Environmental engineering Geotechnical engineering Structural engineering Transportation engineering Water resources engineering Materials engineering Coastal engineering Surveying Urban planning Construction engineering and Management 6 .

Civil Engineering Materials Course • Credit Hours 3 ( 2+1) • Semester Weeks 16/18 • Evaluation/Grading – Home Assignments (4) 10% – Quiz test (4) unannounced 15% – Midterm test: 25% • Semester Exam 40% • Industrial visit: Visit to a cement factory 7 .

2nd Edition by S. Syed yy – Building Materials. – Materials of Construction by R. Allahabad. • Reference Books – Materials of Construction by S. H. Rajput. Smith – Engineering Materials 3rd Revised Edition by R. Z. Patiala. India. C.Books • Text Book – Engineering Materials. Ind 8 . K. 5th Revised Edition by Surendra Singh. K. Duggal.

Wood. tests. tests. Hydration. manufacture. seasoning and preservation techniques. types. gluing and joining techniques. types. types. properties of coarse and fine • • • • aggregate. manufacture. properties. chemistry. properties. chemistry. properties. Bricks.Course outline • Cement: • Chemistry. test. types and use of concrete. • Aggregates: • Coarse and fine aggregate. hydration. types. laminated materials. applications. Introduction to the manufacture. 9 . different test to measure different properties of coarse and fine aggregate. manufacture. properties. Lime.

Grand Coulee Dam .

highways. raw. • Natural materials: Unprocessed. • Synthetic materials • Industrial processing • Artificially composed 11 . mostly infrastructure. minimally processed. bridges.Building Material • Building Material – Materials use for construction of buildings. – Any material which is used for construction purpose is called as building material.

• Tests of stones • Quarrying and dressing of stones • Deterioration mechanism of stones – – – – Selection of stones Preservation of stones Artificial or cast stones Natural bed of stone and stone masonry 13 .Details of Syllabus • Stone • Definition • Classification of rocks • Physical and chemical characteristics of good building stones.

• Bricks – – – – – – – – – – Definition Classification of bricks Manufacture of bricks Comparison of stone and Brick earth (composition. Types of brick masonry bonds Use of bricks in slabs 14 . harmful substances) Physical and chemical qualities of good bricks Fire or refractory bricks Tests done on burnt clay bricks.

Veneers and plywood. Tests performed on timber. 15 . Seasoning of timber. Defects in timber and their effects on member response. Use of timber in construction. Preservation of timber.• Timber – – – – – – – – – – – Definition Classification Characteristics of hard and soft Growth of timber and its structures Characteristics of good timber.

Preparation of oil paints Characteristics of good paints Types of paints Rheological properties of paints Defects in painting 16 .• Paints and Varnishes – – – – – – – – Definition Functions of paints Composition of oil paints.

properties. cast iron.• Metals – Introduction – Composition. uses and manufacture of ferrous metals used in civil engineering – Pig iron. wrought iron and steel – Heat treatment and their effect on steel ‹Heat treatment and their effect on steel properties – Corrosion and methods of its prevention 17 .

Manufacturing processes Use of plastics in building construction 18 .• Plastics – – – – – Definition Classification of plastics Properties of plastics .

Types of glass Properties of glass Classification of glass Uses of glass 19 .• Glass – – – – – – – Introduction Raw materials Manufacturing processes of glass.

• Miscellaneous materials – – – – – – Lime Gypsum Tiles Rubber Asbestos Paving Asphalt. Bitumen • General description • Composition varieties properties and uses of bitumen 20 .

– – – – – Insulating materials Water proofing materials Heat insulating materials Acoustic materials Constituents of concrete • General description of cement and phases of cement clinker production • Composition and manufacture of cement • Properties of Portland cement • Properties of Portland cement • Discussion and properties of concrete constituents 21 .

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