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Application button

Sheet setup

Background sheet Select A4 size


Sheet name

Save defaults , ok



Background sheet activated

Fit to screen

Select A4 sheet , delete the unwanted entities

Click on the entity and press delete button on keyboard

Multiple selection can be done by engulfing entities with box or by pressing ctrl button


Line, Curve, Point

Trim to delete unwanted parts of entity

Trim Corner

Split to break an entity into two or more parts

Move, Rotate



Extending a line to meet next entity

Circles and Ellipse

Fill or Hatching with patterns

Fillet or rounding of the corners

Circle by center point


Smart dimension

Angle between

Adding the text or caption

Leader to mark direction arrows

Intellisketch for getting special points or conditions while drawing

To get endpoint of an entity

To get midpoint of an entity

To get a point on an entity

To get center point of circles

To get intersection points or meeting points of two entities

Parallelism condition with another entity

Orthogonal condition

Perpendicularity condition with another entity

Tangent condition with a circle

Length of a line

Type of the line- continuous or broken

Line thickness or width

Line thickness or width options

Angle of the line to be drawn

Click on the line icon

Drawing a horizontal line note the horizontal symbol

Draw a vertical line

Till now we have drawn on active sheet

Activate the background sheet

Note the water mark indicator

To delete or edit click on the box

Making the name template Draw a 10mm vertical line

Take line option and note the endpoint symbol and click when it is active

Draw a 80mm horizontal line

Select both lines and click on move button and select the end point

Copy button must be deactivated to move the original entity Otherwise a copy(duplicate) of original entity will be moved And original entity will remain in its position

Place it on the line when the intersection symbol appears

Copy Button

Move the copy with similar steps -selection, move button, clicking on appropriate point(which meets the next entity), placing at the proper point when the intellisketch symbol appears

Zooming an area

Select the area and click, zoomed area

Type your name using text button

Text Scale- 1, Solid Edge ISO, text size 3.5

To type click on the text icon

Complete the text table with name section and roll no

Select the working sheet and Fit to screen

Hide the background sheet

Select the line width

Line width option

Convention - line width

Projection line = 0.05mm X-Y line = 0.15mm True length = 0.25mm Top and front views = 0.4mm Locus line =0.05mm (dash dot dot dash) Point = 2mm

Draw a horizontal line

Draw a vertical line

Insert text -X

Insert text -Y

Insert text X and Y

Select Point option

Select Point width = 2mm

Place the point anywhere in the required quadrant

Select the distance between option

Click point and the XY line and type the required dimension

Required dimension entered

Automatically position gets altered Repeat the same steps for other dimensions

Select line option and width = 0.05mm

Draw the projection line from the Point to the XY line

Draw another projection line of required length from the trace

Place a point of 2mm width on the tip of the line when the endpoint symbol appears

Point placed on the tip of line

Take smart dimension

The line is dimensioned

Draw a line at 45 at origin when the intersection symbol aappears

45 line drawn against the top view

Angle is corrected

Line width is changed

Horizontal projection line through the top view is drawn to meet the 45 line

The exceeded part is to be trimmed

Select the part to be trimmed

The exceeded part is trimmed

Maintain Relationship

Get the correct direction for arc by trial and error method

Correct arc drawn

Project the arc upward

Join the true length

Complete the naming with suffix introduced separately

Place the letters properly by moving the texts

Better Zoom and then place the caption

To edit the dimension (text only)

Dimension display options are available by clicking on the existing dimension lines

To add prefix or suffix to a dimension

Required during isometric drawing