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Brought to you by Abhineet, Pallavi, Hari, Ganesh, SriHari, Saketh, Shreyas, Anurag and a whole bunch of Quizcorpers who are not present today

The Prelims


• • •

The prelims would comprise of 30 questions.
Each question would carry +1 and there are no negatives. Questions 11-15 would be ‘*’ questions, which are prioritized in case of a tie between teams for the finals. The top 10 teams would qualify for the finals.

Please do not google. Take a guess, you might be right!

1. What is the two-word term?
The first known existence of these two words together in computer literature occurred in 1972 in Brian Kernighan's book “Tutorial instruction to the Language B”. They are often used for 'sanity tests' for languages, which make sure that the compiler, development environment, and run-time environment are correctly installed. What very famous two-word term?

Hello World

2. Connect


3. Fill in the Blank
The Greek name for amber was ἤλεκτρον meaning "formed by the sun"; It was connected to the sun god (Helios), one of whose titles was Elector or the Awakener. The modern term "__________" is said to be derived from the Greek word for amber, and come from William Gilbert's research showing that amber could attract other substances when rubbed against things.


Shortly after the end of the World War II, Percy Spencer was touring one of the laboratories at Raytheon. Pausing momentarily in front of a magnetron, he felt a strange sensation and noticed the candy bar in his pocket beginning to melt. What revolutionary idea did Percy Spencer hit upon?


5. Which famous company?

Since 2000, this company’s logo is an arrow leading from A to Z, representing customer satisfaction (as it forms a smile); a goal was to have every alphabet in the product. Which company?


6. X and Y for full points
The picture shown in this slide is that of the Montreal Biosphere designed by a very famous architect X
He was known for his geodesic domes, and thus the discovery of Y is a tribute to his name.

X:Buckminister Fuller ; Y:Fullerene Carbon

7. Steps to do what?
• The _____ may be soaked in water to swell the gelatin layer. • The latent image is converted then to metallic silver. • A stop bath of acetic acid halts the action of the developer. • The fixer makes the image permanent and light-resistant by dissolving any remaining silver halide salts. • Washing in clean water removes any remaining fixer.

Develop photographs

8. Name the chemist and the famous discovery.
The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail. A famous organic chemist X claimed that one night he dreamt of the Ouroboros, and that led to his discovery of something huge the next day. Who is the chemist and what was the discovery?

X- Kekule and Y – Benzene ring

As much as we rely upon Google Earth to provide us a truly larger picture of the world in general, ISRO also has an equivalent to Google Earth that is available to the general public.

What is ISRO’s equivalent known as?


10. Simple one. Id the scientists

Nikola Tesla & Thomas Alva Edison

Starred Questions Begin

*11. Which famous thought-experiment ?

Schrodinger’s Cat

*12. Whats being explained?

Punnett’s Squares

*13. Identify the personality


*14.What caused the bridge to collapse?


*15. X and Y for full points
Wolfgang Pauli imagined its existence and called it something (lets term this variable X). James Chadwick was chasing something else; he called the other as X as well. The Italian Enrico Fermi decided to do something about this confusion. Since what Chadwick found was bigger than what Pauli thought about, Fermi added the Italian suffix that means "little one" to Pauli’s X, thus giving the word Y for it. So what are X and Y?

X – Neutron ; Y - Neutrino

Starred Questions End here

16. X and Y
Y's logo is a hollowed potato, named Sophia after the Gnostic deity, that serves as a spoof of X‘s logo. Y was started in 2005 featuring satirically themed articles. It is formatted as a parody of X and aims ultimately to parody all encyclopaedic subjects. Originally in English, the project currently spans over 50 languages with almost 100,000 pages of content. The site has gained negative attention due to its articles on towns and places and its similarity with X, which led to a warning being issued by the Malaysian Internal Security Ministry

X:Wikipedia Y:Uncyclopedia

17. Whats the device shown in the video?

3D Printer!

18. Looking for a two-word answer
In general relativity, _________is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from which matter and light have the ability to escape. There are no known physical processes through which this region could be formed and it is purely hypothetical. It is a modification on the more popular well known term/region.

White Hole

X, a type of refractive laser ___ surgery is performed by ophthalmologists. Many patients choose it as an alternative to regular treatments and measures. The procedure is generally preferred to photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), because it requires less time for the patient's recovery, and the patient feels less pain. What is X, which once was an Acronym, but is now commonly used as a regular word.


20. What has been blanked out?

Google Glasses

21. What word am I talking about?
The word X originated with Richard Dawkins 1976 book ‘The Selfish Gene’. The word was initially used in the context of human behavior and cultural evolution. But the word has become extremely popular as a concept that spreads rapidly from person to person via the Internet, usually in a humorous way, largely through internet-based E-mail, blogs, forums, Image boards, social networking sites, instant messaging and video sites such as YouTube.


22. What animal?
"_______" is technically not an apt description because it lives in regions outside of the mountains too. Other slightly less common names include "catamount," "screamer," and "painter”. The _______ holds the Guinness world record for most number of names for an animal and has over 40 in English alone. This is probably due to the fact that it lives in so many different places in North and South America. Known commonly by 3 names, what is this animal? Any of those 3 names will do.


23. Which alphabet ? There is only one letter that does not appear on the Periodic table.


24. Song by a band called Bare Naked Ladies. What is being described?
This is a song by The Bare Naked Ladies, called _______.

The chorus of the song goes ________ to me ________ to some You can shine like Silver all you want but you're just ________


25. What is being shown here?
This is a video showcasing the new logo of a service by a company. The service has been advertised as a decision engine, and the new logo is more angular and precise than the previous one (has been described as a bird or a paper aeroplane), as the company hopes to increase popularity.

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