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Special Interest Group Bill Efthimiou

Network Operations fone@RNP 2013

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AUCX What is it?

AARNet Unified Communications eXchange Free National/International VoIP/Video Calls Research and Education centric TelePresence eXchange No TDM. An IP only exchange. Transparent to the end caller/callee.

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AUCX How does it work?

Trust Fabric established Combination of commercial grade call control equipment spread across 3 PoPs Coordinator/Broker of B2B Signaling and Media Nationally Internationally Connects enterprise PABX, UC platforms & SBCs Coordinating best practice within the enterprise Dial Plans, External access + security considerations, interoperability tests

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AUCX SBC redundancy

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AUCX Topology overview (a)

AARNet TelePresence/Unified Communications eXchange
Media address Signaling address Media address Signaling address

Call Control

border proxy/ controller

University A
media path


University B

signaling path

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AUCX Topology overview (b)

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AUCX sample customer topology (a)

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AUCX sample customer topology (b)

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AUCX Dial Plan



Well formed carrier pre-allocated numbers only. Called Number. Calling Number. Avoid virtual numbers.

URI Dialing

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AUCX - Why
Primary driver = To make video calling a reality. Existing AARNet <-> customer relationship. Take advantage of NREN strengths. Massive bandwidth capabilities Low latency links Inter-NREN peering We have an inherent interest to aid our global researchers in their quest for solving problems and bleeding edge knowledge. Research is increasingly global. Collectively we have millions ($$$) invested in multimedia communications equipment. Use it wisely.

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AUCX resides on the AARNet Network Easier access into NVCS resources Our eXchange is flexible
Multivendor enterprise platforms (Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, NEC, ININ, Asterisk, opensource). Multiple services IPv6, QoS Telephony Video calling Telepresence International R&E reach Security fewer firewall ports/IPs open

AUCX platform can add new services

11 calls Domain based dialing Hosted Telephony

- WebRTC/HTML5 - Managed SIP trunk

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AUCX: status - growth

Year on year growth in minutes


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AUCX: status progress and roadmap

Call accounting and reporting. V2 completed. V3 in planned.
Display of calling numbers. Complete. Topology Hiding. Complete.

MS Lync signaling interop. In progress.

Managed SIP trunk/peering service. In progress. Legacy H.323 infrastructure integration. In progress. SIP Registrar. Planned. IPv6. Planned. Selected PSTN to/from USA. Planned but with potential caveats. ON-Net PSTN access via SIP trunking. Potential.

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AUCX: How to learn more
Email: Email: SIP: Phone: +612 97796962


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G-RTC - What
Global Real Time Communications exchange 2012 Global NREN CEO Forum Free International VoIP/Video Calls Transparent to the end caller/callee. (ENUM), by TERENA based out of Europe.


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G-RTC Why Participate

Save your members on International toll charges. Utilize the Inter-NREN high speed network infrastructure. Utilize existing investments in multimedia communications equipment. IP-PBX, Video conferencing, TelePresence, etc. Aid your Research, Teaching and Learning community with global access to rich media communications.

Global Collaboration


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G-RTC How does it work

SIP and/or H.323 signaling Ability to make and receive voice and video calls over our existing standards based systems. By-pass the PSTN and re-route the calls over our inter-NREN networks. Co-ordinated best practice Work with your connected members to include them in the infrastructure.


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G-RTC Example


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G-RTC Progress
Who is connected Actively working with Internet2 JANET NORDUnet HARNET (CUHK & HKU) ERNET RNP REANNZ
Country Australia Argentina Belgium Brazil Croatia Denmark France Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherlands New Zealand North America Norway Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom NREN AARNet INNOVA|RED BELNET RNP CARNet NORDUNet RENATER GRNET HARNET NIIF ERNET GARR SigmaNet LITNET SURFNet REANNZ Internet2 UNINETT PSNC FCCN RoEduNet AMRES ARNES RedIRIS NORDUNet SWITCH JANET



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How to participate preliminary work

Can your Call Control server (SIP, H.323, or other) support ENUM queries? Does your existing DNS infrastructure support ENUM (NAPTER record) lookup? Do some testing. Read the following: How to Participate: Service Policy: Delegation Request:


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How to participate production work

Dual and redundant production DNS servers required to join Make a delegation request : Prepare your country zone to be delegated to you and tested by root server managers. Set a National policy inline with the global policy.


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