Source, Message, and Channel Factors


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Promotional Planning Elements Promotional Planning 1 Receiver Comprehension Can the receiver comprehend the ad? 2 Channel Presentation Which media will increase presentation? 3 Message Yielding What type of message will create favorable attitudes? 4 Source Attention Who will be effective in getting consumers’ attention? 6-2 .

Source Attributes & Receiver Processing Modes 6-3 .

Source Credibility Ethical Knowledgeable Trustworthy Skillful Source Experienced Believable Honest Unbiased 6-4 .

Limitations of Credible Sources • High.and low-credibility sources • Equally effective when arguing for a position opposing their own best interest • Sleeper effect • Persuasiveness increases over time 6-5 .

or personal traits 6-6 . behavior.Source Attractiveness Similarity Familiarity Likeability Resemblance between the source and recipient of the message Knowledge of the source through repeated or prolonged exposure Affection for the source resulting from physical appearance.

Advertising Risks of Using Celebrities The celebrity may overshadow the product being endorsed The celebrity may be overexposed. reducing his or her credibility The target audience may not be receptive to celebrity endorsers The celebrity’s behavior may pose a risk to the company 6-7 .

Choosing a Celebrity Endorser Match w/audience Trust Match w/product Risk Factors Image Familiarity Cost Likability 6-8 .

Q-Score = Star Power • Q-Score Formula • The percent of those who say “one of my favorites” • Divided by the percent who have heard of him/her Lance Armstrong 6-9 .

Source Power Perceived control Perceived concern Perceived scrutiny Compliance 6-10 .

rational minds of consumers Appeal to the feelings and emotions of consumers Appeal to both 6-11 .Message Appeal Choices Appeal to the logical.

Message Appeal Options Comparative Ads • Especially Fear Appeals • May stress Humor Appeals • Can attract and hold attention remembered in a positive mood useful for new brands brands with small market share political advertising • Often used for physical danger or threats to health social threats • Often the best • Puts consumers • May identify • Used often in • Can backfire if level of threat is too high 6-12 .

Humor Appeals Pros Aids attention and awareness May aid retention of the message Creates a positive mood and enhances persuasion May aid name and simple copy registration Cons Does not aid persuasion in general May harm recall and comprehension May harm complex copy registration Does not aid source credibility May serve as a distracter. reducing counterarguing Not effective in bringing about sales May wear out faster than non-humorous ads 6-13 .

Personal vs. Non-personal Channels Personal Selling •Flexible •Powerful •Real time Non-personal Advertising • Geared to large audience • Static 6-14 .

Differences in Information Processing Self-Paced Media • Newspapers Externally Paced Media • Radio • Magazines • Direct Mail vs. • Television • Internet 6-15 .

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