Presentation On Banaskantha District Co-op. Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.

(An Oasis in The Desert)



History & Setup .

.Late Shri Galbabhai Nanjibhai Patel have dream: To uplift socio-economic status of village farmers. To create a co-operative milk union in Banaskantha.

A Formidable Journey .

then how can milk ?” . We want to make Banas Dairy”. V. He meet to Dr.  Reply was: “There is no water . Mehsana. Kurien and said that “Like Dudh Sagar Dairy.

Kurien for Galbabhai. . V. Late Shri Galbabhai Nanjibhai Patel meet to Shri Mansibhai Choudhary & tell him about this.  Shri Mansibhai Choudhary talk to Dr.

Result was:  10. . Mehsana.03.1966: 8 village level DCS was registered at Vadgam and Palanpur taluka and started sending milk to Dudh Sagar Dairy.

Success of Dream .

Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.31. Coop.1969: Banas Dairy registered under co-op.01.” . law. On the foot print of “Kaira Distt.

“Legend Thus Goes On” .

01.01.1971: Purchased 122 acres land near Jagana village to setup a dairy plant under the “Operation Flood Programme” launched by “NDDB” .

02. 05.02.5 llpd.14. with .1972: Dairy started functioning handling capacity of 1.1971: Foundation stone was laid down by Late Shri Galbabhai Nanjibhai Patel.

1984: Inauguration of Banas-I (4llpd) by Shri Balram Jhakhad.05.Expanded later upto 4 llpd. . 15.

Chronology of Events At A Glance .

1975: Commencement of Butter manufacturing. 05.1975: SMP production started.10.07. . 26.1971: Ghee production commenced.1977: Cattle Feed Plant started functioning.

10. V.10.1998: Foundation stone of Banas-II project was laid by Dr.23.1986: Amulya milk powder production started. 02. 01.1993: 30 TPD powder plant started. . Kurien.09.

2007: Inauguration of Banas-II Dairy Complex by Shri Sharad Pawar. .24.03.

Banas-II Dairy Complex .

000 l cap.000 l cap.Chilling centres: • Khimana (60.). • Radhanpur (40. .).000 l cap.).). • Tharad (40.). • Danta (35. • Dhanera (50.000 l cap.000 l cap.

20.5 llpd.000 l/h of UHT milk. 40 TPD Table Butter. .Able to process 10. With production capacity of: 110 TPD Milk Powder (20. 1 lac liters liquid milk processing. 15 TPD Ghee. 30 & 60 TPD).

Facilities to Producers .

. Providing cattle feed and fodder with “No Profit No Loss”.Purchasing milk and pay remunerative price. Provide assistance for dairy husbandry activities. Door step veterinary services.

000/Accidental death: 50. . 100/.000/Providing Rs. studying in 9-12 standards.per month scholarship to the children of the insured member.Providing group insurance. Natural death: 20.

Achievements .

15.1986: Excellence award for cross breed cow received at 21st IDA conference.14. .07.1999: Awarded by ISO-9002 & HACCP certification.09.

2007: Highest milk collection of 16.01. 09.14.855 liters.64.2001: EIA awarded a certificate.09. .

.per kg fat. 250/.Highest price:  Pay @ Rs.

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