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V.G. Siddhartha, chairman of the Bangalore-based Amalgamated Bean Company(ABC) Rs. 750 crore, ISO 9002 certified company Largest retail chain of coffee shop in India

First caf in 1996 at BANGALORE

873 cafes in 135 cities Each caf, depending upon its size attracts between 100 to 300 customers daily.

Mainly to attract teenagers, business meetings

It is a place where customers come to rejuvenate themselves and be themselves. Therefore, is a relaxed and fun hangout for the emerging urban youth. The company operates its cafes in various formats, such as music, book, highway, lounge, garden, and cyber cafes Tied-up with world space and micro sense

By March he wants to expand the chain to 950 cafs.


Middle class and upper middle class youth Students, House wives, executives and youngsters People who value a great cup of coffee CCD seeks to target not just the youth but anyone who isyoung at heart. Medium Price Band

Caf Coffee Day has its main consumer base in the age group of 15-30 years.

Third Place" away from the home and college or workplace for the young and the young at heart. Coffee Bar Fun Place Home and Workplace

Coffees here are very reasonably priced compared to other caf joints. The reason for this is that they grow their own coffee and serve it. The prices for an average coffee ranges between Rs 60 & Rs.90. Among the hot coffees , Expresso is Rs.50 and among the cold coffees, Tropical Iceberg is Rs.70. Deserts range from Rs.50 to Rs.120

Caf Coffee Day are the pioneers of the caf concept in India with its first caf at Brigade Road,Banglore in 1996.At present it owns and operates 136 cafes across India which includes 33 cafes in Delhi,Banglore,Hyderabad,Chennai,Pune,Manglore,Chikm agalur and Kolkata. Caf Day also plans to tap smaller cities such as Agra,Mussourie,Dehradun,Nagpur,Jaipur,Bhubneshwar,Ja mshedpur and even Hubli.It plans to open 200 cafes by 2004. Banglore-based coffee chain,Caf Day and BPC have announced an alliance to open Caf Day outlets in select In & Out BPCL petrol pumps.

Caf Day has carried out extensive marketing and sales promotion activities to make its brand popular and known among the youth of India. Its promotions include : Making Caf Day an avenue for promoting local talent by featuring live musical performances by upcoming musicians to offer a cosmic mix of music to customers. Retail tie-up with B4U Music, the music and lifestyle television channel for youth. Regionalizing the menu and upgrading it to look at the customer preferences. conducting brewing workshops to help customers on preparation of a good cup of coffee in terms of cuppage, costing, brewing methods. cont

- Analysing current behaviour of some variable and predicting future behaviour of the same variable.
* Consumer Behaviour Brand loyalty/ brand switching.

Object of purchase -Relaxation,Freshen up. -Enjoyment. Objective of purchase -Easy to consume Organization of purchase Initiator company. Influencer the various promotional strategies would influence the target audience. Decider corporates , workers , youth. Buyer user. User the person who consumes coffee.

Operation of purchase

Different product line Different taste

Occasion of purchase Various occasions(meetings , parties etc)

Outlet of purchase - CCD OUTLETS

Spread of cafe culture by having tie-

ups with the channels related to youths.

Explore new markets and target abroad. Information on the recent updates can be archived. Store locator Store locator facility on the CCD facility on the CCD website. Information regarding the offers and campaigns.

Caf Coffee Day can use special Caf Citizen Card for rewarding Caf Coffee Days customers. It is a loyalty rewarding Caf Coffee Days customers. It is a loyalty program to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. The Caf Citizens Card entitles members The Caf Citizens Card entitles members to a 10% discount on all food and beverages. Surprise gifts and invitation offers. Caf can own a magazine called as Caf Beat