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Help Poor Leaders Get Really Good

IABC Heritage Region Conference, Oct. 14, 2013

Linda Dulye, President and Founder, Dulye & Co.

Whos a Coach?

2013 Dulye & Co.

Whats Ahead: Fundamentals for All Levels

A game plan to help you coach leaders and managers to: improve how to motivate and engage employees earn the respect of others

Presentation available at:

Practical, proven, portable techniques and tools to transfer to others.

2013 Dulye & Co.

Dulye & Co. Spectator-Free Workplace

Employee Engagement

2-Way Communications

Pulse Check Measurement

Leadership Development

2013 Dulye & Co.

What Ive Learned about Managers

Value + +
2013 Dulye & Co.

What Ive Learned about Employees

Most of them dont leave companies. They leave their managers.

2013 Dulye & Co.

One Space Yields a Great Divide

Apart vs. A part

Do managers at your company create connections?
2013 Dulye & Co.

Coachs Game Plan: 7 Steps for Getting Really Good

1. Maximize communication 2. Set a plan 3. Talk with, not at, others 4. Ask a lot of questions 5. Say thank you 6. Dont waste anyones time 7. Take ownership
2013 Dulye & Co.

1. Maximize Communication

Mastery of technical skillsclosely associated with finance, accounting, engineering or marketingis less essential for leaders today than it was 20 years ago. Communication is viewed as vital for current and future business environment.
-Center for Creative Leadership research
2013 Dulye & Co.

Heres Why

of US workers are not fully engaged in their work.

Towers Watson research


2013 Dulye & Co.


Biggest Challenge For Todays Managers

Ensure employees are engaged and productive.

You are in a pivotal role to help managers succeed.
2013 Dulye & Co.

Establish Communication Priorities

#1. Know the BIG picture

Great extent Somewhat Very little Not at all

8% 56% 31% 5%




Dulye & Co. Poll Question: How informed do you feel about the big picture for our company?

2013 Dulye & Co.


Four More Communication Priorities

2. Share and relate important information

3. Facilitate dialogue
4. Respond to feedback

5. Stay the course

Communication and interaction build rapport, which paves the way for trust.
2013 Dulye & Co.

2. Set a Plan

Manager Poll Question: Do I make time to be with employees?

A. I spend at least 30 mins./day to check in with them. B. I spend 30 mins./week to check in with them. C. I didnt spend any time this week.
2013 Dulye & Co.

Heres How Our Data Trends

Manager spends at least 30 mins/day with employees

Manager responses

Big Disconnect

Employee responses

0% 25% 50% 75% 100%

Dulye & Co. Research

2013 Dulye & Co.

Managers Who Make Time to Communicate, Motivate Daily

Workplace Walkaround Touch-Base Update with Team Members

Staff Meeting Touch-Base Update with Direct Boss Thank You Recognition Coffee Talk Customer Check-In

Project Review CrossDepartment Meeting Customer Review

Team Member Performance Review

Communication in your organization should have a consistent rhythm, supported by formal and informal practices.
2013 Dulye & Co.

Underscore a Purpose for Each Practice

Staff Meeting
Update performance Discuss changes Identify issues and find solutions Share feedback Build team cohesiveness and communication

Direct reports (onsite and virtual team members)

Channel & Frequency

Weekly 45 minutes Conference room & dial-in

2013 Dulye & Co.


3. Talk With, Not At, Others

4 Key Dynamics
Relay: Channel choice

Relate: Customized information

Receive: Active listening Respond: Verify & follow-up Stop supplying hefty powerpoint decks. Conversations, not presentations, matter most!
2013 Dulye & Co.

Relay: Fine-Tune Channel Selection


Face to Email Face Voice to Voice

Dont surrender to convenience. Help managers understand how channels facilitate real connections.
2013 Dulye & Co.

Relate: Custom Package Information Information to Communicate Whats the key message?

Create a Whats In It For Me


message with meaning

Make it relevant to the other person their perspective

Connect to his/her job, work team, department, customers... their context

WIIFM & WHY create a personal connection.

2013 Dulye & Co.

Help Managers Be Good Storytellers Key Message:

Our team missed a critical deadline in Project X.
Our customers will lose confidence in our companys ability to deliver.
Our department will have to push back schedule which has consequences for other teams
Our reputation as a team will suffer due to our poor performance Our career advancement will be negatively affected if others cant count on us to respond and deliver

WE + ME = big picture stories that create connections.

2013 Dulye & Co.

Message Integrity

Honesty matters!

Regardless of how difficult the message, sugar coating erodes credibility.

2013 Dulye & Co.

4. Nail Your Receive: TuneMessage in Others

Eyes, ears and mannerisms create a listening connection.

2013 Dulye & Co.


Respond: Acknowledge, Affirm and Act Identify and confirm next steps and action items

Take notes with attribution

Recap key points and takeaways

Share what youve learned

Follow-up in a timely manner

Regroup when you hit roadblocks

Fulfillment step in the communication loop.

2013 Dulye & Co.

4. Ask a lot of Questions

They got it!

2013 Dulye & Co.


Most Valued Listening Skill

Someone who follows up with questions Someone who doesn't interrupt Someone who maintains eye contact Other
Dulye & Co./ Fox poll








Seek to understand! Questions demonstrate interest.

2013 Dulye & Co.

The Art of Inquiry

Open-Ended Questions

Trigger unfiltered feedback Go beyond yes or no, and open the door to learning (Whats one thing we can do to improve?)

Closed-Ended Questions

Trigger brief, specific answers Wrap up a discussion (Can we move on?) or quickly calibrate (Do you agree?)
Sponge Factor: Learn from AND about team members.
2013 Dulye & Co.

Connection Tool: Introduce This Tomorrow

Whats going well?

What questions/ ideas/concerns do I have?

Whats not going well? What help do I need?

Without micromanaging, managers learn what their team is doing and what they need to know PLUS the team gets to know what others do and how they can support each other.
2013 Dulye & Co.

5. Say Thank You

Verbal recognition from my boss

Monetary recognition (compensation) Access to senior leadership



Additional responsibilities




Dulye & Co. research: What Motivates You on the Job? poll

2013 Dulye & Co.


Recognition and Respect Drive Retention

95% of my assets drive

out of the front gate every night, and its my job to make sure they come back the next day. -SAS CEO Jim Goodnight

2013 Dulye & Co.


Forgotten & Free Fundamentals Eye contact Small talk Thank you written/spoken Handshake Random act of kindness White board gratitude Customer interface Public acknowledgement Article of interest New responsibility

No budget required for these real and real-time connections!

2013 Dulye & Co.

6. Dont Waste Anyones Time

50% 50%
3M Meeting Network survey

% of work time spent in meetings % of meetings rated non-productive

2013 Dulye & Co.

Purpose-Driven Meetings: Make Them a Standard

Example: Staff Meeting

Introduce a new initiative Solve a problem Announce a change Review proposals


Identify support/resistance Brainstorm ideas Surface concerns Make a decision

Routine doesnt foster effectivity!

2013 Dulye & Co.

Essential Resources: Meeting Agendas


Provide a template with: Who: Participants What: Type of Meeting Where: Location, Log-In When: Date, Time, Time Zone Why: Meeting Purpose How: Topics, Time
Management, Ground Rules (ie., start on time) You cant stay on track or expect team members to fully participate without an agenda.
2013 Dulye & Co.

7. Take Ownership

Say-Do Alignment. Actions match words. Anything less erodes reputation and rapport.

2013 Dulye & Co.


Proving Ground: Manager 3V Assessment

Visual (Do) 50%

Your actions Your body language

Vocal (Say) 40% Your tone Your inflection Your pace

Verbal (Say) 10% Your choice of words Your message

International Association of Business Communicators research

Seeing influences believing! Visuals rule.

2013 Dulye & Co.

Continuous Calibration that Managers Can Own

Set as a monthly practice Enlist a team member and a colleague to shadow, record, report Prioritize and act on improvement ideas

Important data to help managers succeed.

2013 Dulye & Co.

Supply Managers with Hard Data

Ask relevant questions

Poll often
Use real-time access tools Make it PDA friendly
Quick polls fill the void of annual reviews
2013 Dulye & Co.

Call for Action: 4 Things to Start Tomorrow 1. Identify a key internal customer and meet with him / her 2. Share what youve learned and emphasize the benefits 3. Start coaching with a customized game plan 4. Measure impact
2013 Dulye & Co.

Final Thoughts

The average college student contacts his/her parents: 2 times a day / 7 days a week. Middlebury College research Dont do for your managers what they can do for themselves. Facilitate their ownership and success! Great managers and coaches are lifelong learners.
2013 Dulye & Co.

Continuous Learning: Resources for You to Share

New York Times (Sunday Business Section) Leader Interview SmartBrief on Leadership Harvard Business Review Daily Alert Winning by Jack Welch Linda Dulye Fox Business Column Dulye & Co. Spectator-Free Workplace Manager Polls, Coaching and Training Programs
2013 Dulye & Co.

Thank You and Stay Connected

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2013 Dulye & Co.