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4 The Age of Napoleon

I. Napoleon Rises to Power

Became popular due to his victories in the army
Covered up his failures with networks of spies and censoring the press

General political leader First Consul Emperor of France

Had major support from the people

II. Napoleon Reforms France

Napoleons work
Economy: controlled prices, encouraged new industry, built roads and canals, Society: public schools, religious freedom, welcomed emigres home, opened jobs to all

Created Napoleonic Code

Enlightenment principles Women lost rights Valued order and authority over individual rights.

III. Napoleon Builds an Empire

By 1812, empire at its greatest peak Europe redrawn
France annexed the Netherlands, Belgium, parts of Italy and Germany

How did he do it?

Placed friends and family in charge Forced alliances throughout Europe Support from the French people

1805 Napoleon attempts to invade Britain. FAILED

He waged economic war. FAILED Cutting off food supplies created rise in food prices and anger towards the French.

IV. Napoleons Empire Faces Challenges

Spanish attacks France with guerilla warfare.
Soon other countries joined the effort to stop French domination in Europe

Napoleon tries to invade RussiaFAILED because of Russias scorchedearth policy

V. Napoleon Falls From Power

Russia, Britain, Austria and Prussia joined forces
1813 Napoleon defeated at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig

Napoleon steps down and exiled to Elba

Louis XVIII becomes king Napoleon returns in 1815, Louis XVIII not liked

Defeat at Battle of Waterloo

Napoleon exiled again

His legacy
Died in 1821 France was centralized under his reign More rights to citizens, except women Revolutionary ideas spread worldwide Spread nationalist feelings Influence reached Americasold Louisiana Territory to US

VI. Leaders Meet at the Congress of Vienna

GOAL: create a lasting peace by establishing a balance of power and protecting the system of monarchy. Europe redrawn Restored hereditary monarchies