Product differentiation in Washing Machine

Washing machines mostly differentiated by……………. • Its look s
• Its capacity • Features

added to it

• Changi ng technolo gy

Looks and Style

Super pop Flexible washer by Simona Luculano

Loading Capacity
• Differentiation made via loading capacity .[11kg,7.5kg,7kg,6.5kg,6kg and 5.8kg]

Added features
Twin loaded washing Machine

• Top load washing machine

Top loading automatic washing machine’

• Washer and dryer combo

Panasonic washing machine with tilted drum made easy for children and elderly to load and unload clothes

Technological wise differentiation
Steam washer dryer [using the
heat and motion energy of water vapor] by LG

Samsung washing machines with DIAMOND DRUM TECHNOLOGY

Whirlpool washing machine controlled by mobile phone

Detergent less Haier WasH
by breaking water molecules into its OHand H=+ ions components. OH- acts as the cleaning agent by attracting and retaining stains while the H+ ions sterilizes the clothes

• KaionWAVE washing system by
Electrolux which uses ultraviolet-C light to wash nano-coated fabrics

• Electrolux Sunshine washer
uses the power of the sun and the sunshine effect to do the laundry

Some weird way of differentiating one’s product

Product differentiation in Mobile Phones

Mobile phones mostly differentiated by ………………… ………………..
• Added features • Looks • Technology used • Durability • Price

Added features example taken Nokia mobile phones
• Nokia 1100 and 2100 one of the oldest of the sets • Serve the purpose of phoning and messaging • Got games ,java features and limited phone book memory

• Nokia 1600 came with speakers and color and multilingual key pads • Then Nokia keep on adding features like FM, MP3, Camera, Bluetooth………….. …..

Nokia 5730 express music It got full Qwerty keyboard, Wi-fi,3G facility,GPS


Technology wise…….


Looks ,style and glamour [most of the
today's mobile does cares about looks]

Low cost mobile………………
• Motorola Motofone F3 [US$ 50]

• LG KG288 [Rs.1,500 - Rs.1,756 ]

• Samsung B100

Pricey phones……………..

Product differentiation in TV

TVs are mostly differentiated by…..
• In sizes ie 16 to 26 inches • Picture tube ways • Sound system • In remote control • Adding features to the TV for e.g. games

Picture tube wise Color TV
• LG differentiates its Color TVs as Flat TV, Ultra Slim TV and Flatron with XD technology • Most of its Flat TV are named as Flatron • Each Flatrons of different sizes as named differently to make it unique

Flat TV
29FG3VGE   Flatron Groove 600Size : 29 (73 cms) 600W Golden Eye XDS • 29FD5RGE   Flatron Classic 350 Size : 29 (73 cms) 350W Golden Eye XDS

• 21FD5WGE Flatron Classic 1200 Size : 21 (53 cms) 1200 W XDS XDP

• 21FE4RGE Flatron Dezire Size : 21 (53 cms) 300 W XDP Golden Eye

• 15FC2RB   Flatron Elite 100Size : 15 (38 cms) 140W 200channels Mono • 15FA2RGE   Flatron Plus 140 Size : 15 (38 cms) 100W Golden Eye XDS

Ultra Slim
• 29FU6RG   Vogue Size : 29 (73 cms) Designer Model 30% Slimmer Glossy Finish • 29FU8RGE   Glitz Size : 29 (73 cms) 300W 30% Slimmer XDP

• 21FU3AG   ULTRA SLIM Size : 21 (53 cms) 200W 40% Slimmer XDP • 21FU8VGE   Blitz Size : 21 (53 cms) 400W 40% Slimmer External Woofer XDP XDS Golden Eye Front/Side AV In

Slim TV with woofers
• Sanyo first to introduce slim TV with woofers

TV combo type
• Sharp TV VCR combo

• Dynex TV DVD Combo

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