HIMANSHU KUMAR A1802008700/C-25

“Enterprise Infosystems and Consulting” § Operates in Consulting & IT services § Vision- to promote best business practices in their operations by creating corporate climate § Mission- to create values for employees, stakeholders and global business community by delivering advanced technology solutions § Services>package implementation >systems integration and outsourcing. >e-Commerce >Data Warehousing >ERP solutions >SCM/CRM solutions

OBJECTIVE Evaluating the Order To Cash Cycle.  Studying the OTC management (Sales Order Management, Pricing, Delivery and Shipping, Billing)  Find out relationship between SD module and other modules (MM ,PP ,LE ,QM ,CS) METHODOLOGYØTo understand SAP R/3 ØTo understand ASAP methodologies ØTo understand- Order Entry >Delivery Processing >Picking / Packing

OTC cycle.....

{ R/3}**

[1] PROJECT PREPARATION § assemble the necessary components for the implementation § Senior level management support [2] BUSINESS BLUEPRINT § information about your company that is necessary for implementation § In form of questionnaire § essentially outlines future business processes

[3] REALIZATION § experts are now ready to begin configuring SAP. [4] FINAL PREPARATION § fine tuning of configuration before Go-live and migration of data from your old system or systems to SAP. [5] GO LIVE & SUPPORT § Preparing all business processes for ongoing support in final phase

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OTC cycle determine how quickly an order from customer is translated into cash in the bank  It determines the customer experience and perception of the service provider Reduce time to market the product and services and Improve their margins Retain existing customers and attract new ones  Creation of Business reporting to track the progress of the orders and reduce no. of orders with incomplete information Regular joint reviews with Clients and their suppliers helped in quicker resolutions of issues of orders through the cycle Regular check of OMS to reduce Lead Time

Key to Order Management is the ability to fulfill the orders in time as this has a direct bearing on the revenue or cash flow and hence the bottom line of any organization.

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