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Texas STaR Chart Agenda

 Overview of the Texas STaR Chart

 Texas STaR Chart Key Areas
 A.J.B. Campus Results
 Conclusion
 Questions
School Technology and Readiness
(STaR) Chart

 online assessment tool that measures and identifies the district

and campus technology needs
 has helped our district determine the technology progress as
we meet the district, state and federal goals
 measures the impact of state and local efforts that are being
utilized to improve student learning through the use of
 framework for measuring how well schools are prepared to
equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive
in today’s information technology economy.
School Technology and Readiness
(STaR) Chart

 STaR Chart results have

been very beneficial in
guiding and setting the
technology pace and staff
development for the district,
for the campuses and for the
 STaR Chart assessment
and submission are
requirements for e-Rate and
NCLB funding, as well as a
requirement for the District
Technology e-Plan.
Texas STaR Chart Key Areas

 Four key areas of the STaR Chart

 Teaching and Learning is evaluated on the

following focus areas:
– Online Learning
– Student Mastery of Technology Applications (TA)TEKS
– Technology Applications (TA) TEKS Implementation
– Content Area Connections
– Frequency/ Design of Instructional Setting Using Digital
– Patterns of Classroom Use
Texas STaR Chart Key Areas

 Education Preparation and Development is

evaluated on the following focus areas:
– Professional Development for Online Learning
– Levels of Understanding and Patterns of Use
– Access to Professional Development including online
– Capabilities of Educators as determined by SBEC
– Models of Professional Development including online
– Content of Professional Development
Texas STaR Chart Key Areas

 Leadership, Administration and Instructional

Support is evaluated on the following focus areas:
– Leadership and Vision
– Planning Instructional Support
– Communication and Collaboration
– Budget
– Leadership and Support for Online Learning
Texas STaR Chart Key Areas

 Infrastructure for Technology is evaluated on the

following focus areas:
– Students per Computers
– Internet Access Connectivity/Speed
– Other Classroom Technology
– Technical Support
– Local Area Network/Wide Area Network
– Distance Learning
– Capacity
Campus Results 2008-2009
Grades 6-12

1= Early Tech
2= Developing Tech
3= Advanced Tech
4= Target Tech
A.J.B. Campus Results

 Infrastructure-Target Tech

 Leadership & Instructional Support-Advanced Tech

 Educator Preparation & Development-Advanced Tech

 Teaching & Learning-Developing Tech


 A.J.B. overall is a technology thriving campus

 As a campus we need to strive towards Target Tech
in all areas
 As a campus we need to focus on the Teaching &
Learning area which is our weakness

 Are there any suggestions on what we can do as a

 Does anyone else have any questions?