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To define visualization in mathematics teaching To list the roles of visualization in math teaching To plan teaching and learning activities using visualization.

 Scientific

visualization is an interdisciplinary branch of science in 1990s by Danial

 Introduced


 new

approach in numerical simulation focuses on basic geometric,

What is visualization ?

Read out loud the text inside the triangle below.

What is visualization ?
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are only given 2 minutes discuss with others

 Don’t  Draw

something to show you love to your love one not be very artistic

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What is visualization ?
 Share

with some one and ask for comments

(I can see love or I don’t see love can you explain)

What is visualization in Maths?
 Human


perception is very strongly

 Visualization

appears like something absolutely natural not only in the birth of mathematical thought but also in the discovery of new relations between mathematical. an act of calling up a clear visual

 Is

 Imaginary

is a powerful force for perception and understanding. Being able to see something mentally is a common metaphor for understanding it. An image may be some geometrical shapes, or of a graph or diagram, or it may be some sets of symbols or some procedure.
visualization is the creation of a mental image.

What is visualization in Maths?

Roles of Visualization
1) Makes learning much easier and is fun. 2) Help to simplify and clarify the concept. 3) Enhances the learning process. 4) Less memorization and verbal instruction but more visual imaginary. 5) Rapid advancement of technology and use of computer – an ideal tool for visualization.

Visualization Activity
 Imagine

a square-based pyramid made out of plasticine in the air in front of you.  How many corners , or vertices, has the shape?  How many faces?  Are the faces the same shape?  Now imagine a cube, with square faces the same size as the base of your pyramid, also floating in space.

Visualization Activity

      

Slide your pyramid until it sits on top of the cube, with its base exactly in line with the top of the cube. Ask yourself some question about the new solid How many vertices has it? How many edges? How many faces? Are they all the same shape? Now imagine a sharp knife and use it to make a vertical cut through your solid. Examine one of the pieces you now have and look at the face created by your cut. Now sketch the shape of this new face. Compare with others.




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