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The Power Of The ST50 List

How To Outperform The Market @ivanhoff

The Story Behind The ST50

Created In September 2010; Weekly List of Current Market Leaders; Rebalanced Every Monday; Designed for Long-term Trend Followers, but also many swing traders are using it for ideas;

The ST50 List Today

The Goals Of The ST50 List

1) Outperform the market by highlighting the market leaders 2) Save Time there are 8000 stocks and 6000 ETFs. It is a lot easier when you focus on 50 pre-selected names that already have the features that big past winners had BEFORE they had their biggest moves 3) Market Timing when to be aggressive and when to raise cash

How Is The ST50 List Different

There is lot more than just Price Momentum behind the ST50 list: Market is forward-looking; Our equity selection is forward-looking too. We give more weight on forward earnings than past earnings; The best performing stocks in any given year are the ones that surprise the most. We pay a particular attention on the size of earnings surprises and markets reaction to them; More weight on price momentum many stocks could double and triple before they report their first profitable quarter. We dont want to miss them; Setup score, which pushes lower stocks that are too extended for a fresh entry; Full Transparency we track the performance of each individual stocks: how many weeks it is on the list; how it does while on list and after it is removed; Despite the fact that it is a favorite source for ideas to many swing traders, the ST50 list is designed for long-term trend-followers; Provide a glimpse into the social sentiment towards each stock on the list

There are more than 150 weekly issues of the ST50 list, going back all the way to September 2010. If you go through them, you would realize that: Trends could continue a lot longer than anyone expects (especially in the biotech sector); Price Targets Are Irrelevant Noise; Market is forward-looking. A stock could triple before it reports its first profitable quarter. (recent examples: YELP, SCTY, TSLA) If you want to ride a stock for more than 100% gain, you have to be willing to go through at least one 20% pullback = it is not a pleasant feeling for even the most experienced; Best Time To buy is when the indexes are down 10% or more in a 1-2 months and you see stocks on the ST50 list breaking out to new 52-week highs from proper bases; Bull market corrections take the form of sector rotation. There is a constant change in leading names; Dont fall in love in any stock. Every stock is price cyclical. Sooner or later, every trend ends, but it leaves plenty of clues along the way. Embrace Market corrections. They provide incredible opportunities.

Market Corrections Set The Stage for Huge Future Trends, part I


Market Corrections Set The Stage for Huge Future Trends, part II


The ST50 List Saves You A Lot Of Time, While Improving The Odds Of Finding and Riding the Next Big Winners
A lot easier to go through 50 preselected names that already have all the features that big winners had BEFORE their biggest moves; Some stocks will stay only a few weeks on the list (usually the losers); others will stay multiple months (usually the biggest winners); Improve the odds of finding big winners; Saves you from trouble if you focus on the list, you wont deal with shitty stocks that are in a downtrend.

Recent Examples of Long-Term Trend Following Exits on the ST50 List

$LNKD for 97% in 42 weeks; $FNGN for 127% in 45 weeks; $ASGN for 80% in 47 weeks; $N for 60% in 55 weeks; $GTLS for 51% in 18 weeks; $KORS for 81% in 58 weeks; $PRLB for 68% in 21 weeks; $SBUX for 42% in 41 weeks;

Market Timing
The Market Averages hide more than they reveal. They are lagging indicators The ST50 list is a Leading Indicator; When to be aggressive and when to raise cash When to cut position size; Sector Rotation.

The ST50 List in Q3, 2013


The ST50 Premium

The ST50 List is a small part of the ST50 Premium Service; Model Portfolio; Swing Trade Ideas; Almost daily market reviews; Educational articles that help to accelerate your investing learning curve; Mentoring.