School Food & Fitness
Design Team
Michelle Bates-Benetua Willie Austin Mo Pomietto Julie Salathe Mollie Grow Randy Engstrom Jeri Finch Cristina Orbe Ann Norton Tammy Do Jessie Trang Cham Ba Sarah Weir Strategy Design Members:

Diana Estrada-Alamo Erin MacDougall Kevin Mock Blair Brooke-Weiss

+Lead Tactic:
Build Dynamic Public-Private Partnerships

Link community resources to 4-10 Pre-K through Elementary schools. Tried and trusted models:
 

safe routes to schools, incl. biking education school gardens for physical activity, health education and to build demand for healthy fresh food

+Safe Routes & School Gardens

HB 1793, Safe Route to School (SRTS), passed in 2009. • Currently unfunded mandate that requires activation at the community level. 2010-2011, automatic assignment to neighborhood schools. Building administrators primed to build safe routes to school. Un-used garden spaces can be activated by publicprivate partnerships. Garden education starts to build the demand for fresh food.

+ Impact on vulnerable

Increase the number of students walking and biking to school safely Walking and biking to and from school will become more viable and natural options Raise awareness about fresh food, where it comes from and how good it is. Encourages children to be active

Photo care of Lettuce Link


Encourage resident leadership and involvement

Builds community involvement in physical activity and fresh food for students Parents, teachers and students will be involved in designating & testing safe routes to their schools Links community gardeners with schools and students Increased collaboration and networking brings non-profits’ expertise into school environment


Addresses school budget cuts by activating public-private partnerships and engaging the community. Increased collaboration and networking will work toward the elimination of “siloed” human service efforts.



Leverages community and private resources to enhance school efforts Making connections between schools, community, and resources that help kids thrive.

Strengthening our Coalition

Will engage school staff, local business, Dept of Transportation, law enforcement, PTAs, service organizations, state level coalitions, parents


BUDGET Considerations
Estimated need per year:
 Part-time staff: $50,000  Mini-grants: $100,000 (2 years)  TOTAL: $350,000.00


+ Timeline
Year 1: Select target schools, engage community, issue RFPs for safe routes & garden activation Year 2: Implement actions & leverage resources for sustaining effort Year 3: Install actions in target schools via changed systems; expand to other schools


Support Tactic: FEEST

Food Empowerment Education and Sustainability Team

+ Youth Leadership

organic youth leadership model, where young people engage with the larger initiative and strategies practical kitchen skills, practice positive peer communication and self expression space and support to develop a positive selfidentity critically examine their environment.

Impact on Vulnerable Children

FEEST is committed to creating a positive feedback loop where young people are inspired by other young people to become change agents

young people begin to identify with their peers and neighborhood and feel empowered to change their environment.

Youth-initiated organizing and advocacy in:

promoting food & fitness changes in our schools through public-private partnerships promoting and supporting healthy retail in our neighborhoods stimulating community involvement in creating safe and inviting access to community resources and public spaces


Strengthening our Coalition
 Active

youth leadership youth of many backgrounds

 Engaging  Keeps

our efforts relevant

+ Timeline

+ BUDGET Considerations
Estimated costs: $75,000/year, for:
  

Weekly FEEST programming (staff, materials, trainings) Quarterly outings and workshops Event production



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