Presenters: Derek Birnie & Patty Julio Team Members: Derek Birnie  Patty Juilo  Phillippia Goldsmith  Kara Martin

 Tammy Morales  Rick Jump  Fran Yeatts  Emma Henderson Maggie Anderson

LONG TERM VISION: DELRIDGE: Delridge Commons – a multi-use destination site that stimulates business, community, and provides healthful food offerings WHITE CENTER: To safeguard food security by preserving affordability of fresh, healthy foods in the commercial district and ensuring that the needs of lowincome families and people of different cultures are met locally.

SHORT / MID TERM: • Build demand through community engagement, education, & marketing • Respond to demand by working to improve healthful offerings at existing retail outlets

Yr. 1 Supply Goal
• Increase supply of healthful food offerings
– 2-4 corner stores – 5 restaurants & 5 produce stands

Yr. 2

Yr. 3

• Cooperative approach to procurement, refrigeration, & display of healthful foods • Staffing Delridge Commons project management • Staffing support for WC events & relationship building • Support food bank voucher program & buy-back

Deman d Goal

• Build advocacy support for grocery retail incentives in underserved neighborhood ‘food deserts’ • Increase demand of healthful foods through community events, marketing, and education.

STAFFING/RESEARCH • Foster College of Built Environment: Research Assistant, Healthy Corner Stores Network ENGAGING FINANCIAL RESOURCES •Shorebank is interested in providing micro-loans OTHER FUNDS •$5K Seattle Foundation for produce stand campaign development •$35K Community Food Security over 3 years for Delridge Healthy Corner Stores project funding, plus collaboration with partners/growers/retailers (including the City of Seattle) •$5K United Way to help corner stores enroll in WIC/EBT, some refrigeration equipment •$5K to incorporate healthy food retail into White Center’s ‘shoppers card’ •$5K Seattle OED for a portion of an awareness campaign for the commercial district’s healthy food options and “Fresh

NEED • $50K/year for White Center for two years • $50k/year for Delridge for two years TOTAL • $100,000/yr over 2 years = $200,000 • 3rd Year TBD

• Improve healthy food access for children in Delridge, where residents must travel out of the neighborhood to purchase groceries and fresh produce • Increase access to healthy, affordable foods near home and schools • Strengthen local produce businesses in White Center to ensure that more children have access to healthy food. • Provide awareness of the existing healthy options within White Center, and therefore, improve the

• Utilizing existing community business assets and relationships • Culturally appropriate chef demos and connection with education programs in the schools  Community events – restaurant nights, music nights, volunteer work parties to create murals, store displays, vegetable & fruit displays, signage  Community resident advisory panels to advise project

• Expanding KCFFI Collaborative to include local business owners • Engaging food system partners to expand ‘locally grown’ options • Highlight ‘food deserts’ as a local government issue…not just a neighborhood issue – paving the way for government/ community partnerships • Community leadership development • Partnering with existing coalitions (SW Health Initiatives, Healthy Corner Stores Network, & others)

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