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Flat transport structure that supports goods in a

stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader or other jacking device .

Palletization is the assemblage and securing of individual items or work pieces on a platform. Effective Palletization can improve cycle times, reduce time and labor costs of setup. Method of storing and transporting goods stacked on a pallet, and shipped as a unit load.

It permits standardized ways of handling loads with common mechanical equipment such as fork-lift trucks.

Containerization is a systematic storage by using standards that are standardized by the

International Standardization Organization

Article Equipment intended to facilitate the carriage of goods by one or more modes of transport without intermediate reloading'. Containerization is a system of intermodal freight transport using standard inter modal containers as prescribed by ISO. These can be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, rail road cards, planes, and trucks

Although having its origins in the late 1780

Innovations in 20th century logistics.

Malcom Purcell McLean(November 14, 1913 May 25, 2001 )was an American entrepreneur, often called "the father of containerization". In 1956, he developed the metal shipping container, which replaced the traditional break-bulk method of handling dry goods and revolutionized the transport of goods and cargo worldwide

Standard 20' inside length 19'4" 5.900m Standard 40' inside length 39'5" 12.036m inside width 7'8" 2.350m inside height 7'10" 2.392m door width 7'8" 2.340m door height 7'6" 2.280m capacity 2,390CuFt 67.7CBM tare weight 8,160lbs 3,700Kg maxi cargo 59,040lbs
9 26,780Kg

inside width 7'8" 2.350m

inside height 7'10" 2.393m

door width 7'8" 2.342m

door height 7'6" 2.280m

capacity 1,172CuFt 33.2CBM

tare weight 4,916lbs 2,230Kg

maxi cargo 47,900lbs 21,770Kg


Opentop 20' inside length 19'4" 5.894m Opentop 40' inside length 39'5" inside width 7'8" inside height 7'8" door width 7'8" door height 7'5" capacity 2,350CuFt tare weight 8,490lbs maxi cargo 58,710lbs
10 26,630Kg

inside width 7'7" 2.311m

inside height 7'8" 2.354m

door width 7'6" 2.286m

door height 7'2" 2.184m

capacity 1,136CuFt 32.23CBM

tare weight 5,280lbs 2,400Kg

maxi cargo 47,620lbs 21,600Kg








Flatrack 20' inside length 18'5" inside width 7'3" inside height 7'4" door width door height capacity tare weight 5,578lbs maxi cargo 47,333lbs

Flatrack 40' inside length 39'7" 12.080m

inside width 6'10" 2.438m

inside height 6'5" 2.103m

door width -

door height -

tare weight 12,081lbs 5,480Kg

maxi cargo 85,800lbs
11 39,000Kg

capacity -


Flatrack Collapsible 20' inside length 18'6" 5.618m inside length 39'7" 12.080m inside width 7'3" 2.208m inside width 6'10" 2.126m inside height 7'4" 2.233m inside height 6'5" 2.043m door width door width door height door height capacity tare weight 6,061lbs 2,750Kg tare weight 12,081lbs 5,800Kg maxi cargo 61,117lbs 17,730Kg maxi cargo 85,800lbs
12 39,000Kg

Flatrack Collapsible 40' capacity -

Reefer 20' inside length 17'8" 5.425m inside width 7'5" 2.275m inside width 7'5" 2.270m inside width 7'6" 2.294m inside height 7'5" 2.260m inside height 7'2" 2.197m inside height 8'2" 2.500m

door width 7'5" 2.258m door width 7'5" 2.282m door width 7'6" 2.294m door height 7'3" 2.216m door height 7'0" 2.155m door height 8'0" 2.440m capacity 1,000CuFt 28.3CBM tare weight 7,040lbs 3,200Kg tare weight 10,780lbs 4,900Kg tare weight 9,900lbs 4,500Kg maxi cargo 45,760lbs 20,800Kg maxi cargo 56,276lbs 25,580Kg maxi cargo 57,761lbs

Reefer 40'
inside length 37'8" 11.493m inside length 37'11" 11.557m

2,040CuFt 57.8CBM

Reefer High Cube 40' capacity 2,344CuFt 66.6CBM


HIGH CUBE 45' inside length 39'5" 12.036m inside width 7'8" 2.350m inside height 8'10" 2.697m door width 7'8" 2.338m door height 8'5" 2.338m capacity 2,694CuFt 76.3CBM tare weight 8,750lbs 3,970Kg maxi cargo 58,450lbs 26,510Kg 14

PLATFORM 20' inside length 19'11" 6.058m PLATFORM 40' inside length 40'0" 12.180m inside width 8'0" 2.400m inside height 6'5" 1.950m door width door height capacity tare weight 12,783lbs 5,800Kg maxi cargo 86,397lbs 39,200Kg 15 inside width 8'0" 2.438m inside height 7'4" 2.233m door width door height capacity tare weight 6,061lbs 2,750Kg maxi cargo 52,896lbs 24,000Kg



Raw materials (coal, wheat), manufactured goods, cars, frozen products. Liquids (oil and chemical products) and reefers (50% of all refrigerated cargo). Reuse of discarded containers.

Standard transport Can be manipulated anywhere in the world (ISO standard).Specialized ships, trucks and wagons. product Flexibility of usage

Management Costs

Unique identification number and a size type code. Transport management not in terms of loads, but in terms of unit.
Low transport costs; 20 times less than bulk transport. Transshipment operations are minimal and rapid. Port turnaround times reduced from 3 weeks to about 24 hours. Containerships are faster than regular freighter ships. Its own warehouse; Simpler and less expensive packaging. Stacking capacity on ships, trains (doublestacking) and on the ground. Contents of the container is unknown to shippers. Can only be opened at the origin, at customs and at the destination. 17 Reduced spoilage and losses (theft).

Warehousing Security


Site constraints Infrastructure costs Stacking Management logistics

Large consumption of terminal space; move to urban periphery. Draft issues with larger containerships. Container handling infrastructures (giant cranes, warehousing facilities, inland road, rail access), are important investments. Complexity of arrangement of containers, both on the ground and on modes (containerships and double-stack trains). Loaded to avoid any restacking. Requires management and tracking of every container. Recording, (re)positioning and ordering of containers. Many containers are moved empty (20% of all flows). Either full or empty, a container takes the same amount of space. Divergence between production and consumption; repositioning. Common instrument used in the illicit trade of drug and weapons, as well as for illegal immigration. Worries about the usage of containers for terrorism.

Empty movements

Illicit trade