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Able to connect and download reqd.


By clicking on download the PDA receives the complete master data like beat master, retailer master, channels, Schemes, Product master etc The next step is to download the TMR in similar way.

We can select the route that we are taking and get the list of all retailers present Tap and hold on retailer to take orders from the retailer List of SKUs with two types of filters
Brand wise filter

Focus wise filter

Enter the number in units (not cases/litres) to take an order for a SKU.

Brand wise filter

Once the order is completed, we get the discounts that are present on the SKUs in the order automatically
This feature is currently not working in the Rural


Before Closing the order, view the summary for that retailer, reconfirm and close the order

Filtering SKUs to increase the pace of taking an Order

We are getting all the SKUs ever present in Marico

List of hundreds of SKUs is present

Even in brand wise filter, we have about 40 brands Focus wise filter, as of now, is not enabled

Able to take order in short time

As mentioned earlier, filtering is an issue After getting the SKU entering the number in a small

box is not very comfortable This is making PSR take a lot of time in going for next SKU in the same shop

Possibility of taking wrong orders

As the space provided for and SKU- width is too small,

it is possible for PSR to enter in adjacent SKUs PSR can edit before closing the order- but decreases the efficiency

Not very comfortable to edit or enter the data in this small box. Also the width of each SKU is too small increasing the possibility of entering a Wrong Order

The order in which the SKUs/Brands in the filter are placed while taking an Order

Knowledge on usage of Reports and other features in PDA

PSRs/VSRs dont have the complete knowledge

on how to utilize the reports to increase their efficiency and performance Also features like Brand wise filter are not being used by PSRs because of lack of knowledge

Forced Close Error

Due to incomplete download of masters

For the Maximum Utilization of Filters present in Order taking page

Deleting/updating the SKUs/Brands present in the

Order taking page regularly

Focus wise filter is not enabled in Rural PDA, while knowledge on Brand wise filter is low FF prefer having SKUs in an order say, PCNO Rigid SKUs are followed by flexi SKUs Forced close error comes when few records are not downloaded with the bunch of records

Zoom feature while taking the Orders can make scrolling and entering easy and fast Identify the SKUs that are not being produced at all and remove from the list Enabling filter options that help in taking order fast Placing SKUs in an order comfortable for FF

Position of SKUs and sizes in ascending order

Full-fledged training on usage of reports and how they help to increase PSRs efficiency Advising PSRs to download/upload where there is no problem with GPRS to avoid force close errors

Master data from Mi-net is downloaded to the PDA in the form of tables (similar to the database tables, accordingly) Two major types of data is downloaded, transacted and edited in the PDA
These records help us understand the sale of each SKU at different outlets And the stock present at each stockist point on a given day
Order data Stock data

TMR data gives the Opening stock details at a particular stockist on that day
Closing stock is updated by PSR which gives us

the secondary sales by the simple equation

Secondary Sales = Opening + Receipts Closing Stock

These records when updated to Mi-net from all the PDAs give us the details of Sales at Stockist points

With an order billed at an outlet, the count of Effective Coverage (EC) increases:
Effective Coverage implies covered outlet (atleast

Also the information on number of SKUs and Brands billed in that outlets is captured by LPD and BPD
LPD- Lines per day BPD- Brands per day

once) in a month Productive Call (PC) means number of times an outlet is billed in that month

The data from all the orders when uploaded grabs all the information related to each outlet like EC, LPD, BPD etc This data is used to create various reports like Brand wise performance, stockist wise performance etc., Also Secondary Coverage can be tracked with the help of TMR data that is uploaded daily
Secondary coverage= Secondary sales +Closing-

stock + Receipts

Reliability of data uploaded from PDA Effective coverage gives us details of outlets that are billed but not on the remaining outlets and reason behind not taking orders from the PSR Orders taken from the PSR are uploaded to Mi-net but these may not be fulfilled by the stockist and it is based on the availability of stock

Sometimes few Orders are not uploaded on that day and stay saved in the PDA
these records will not be updated as the actual

days orders in PDA Before downloading the data on the next day, PSR will have to upload these records of yesterday

To track the EC perfectly, we should have a feature that tracks the outlets that are covered but not billed because of various reasons like

Stock Unavailability Stock received recently Purchase of stock from City Shop closed Payment Overdue etc

Work around that the PSRs are following when there is a Force close error is
Deleting the RuralSmart file that has been formed

because of download and re-downloading data If they follow the same when there are unuploaded records from yesterday, they will be deleting the orders that they have taken by deleting the RuralSmart file

Force Close Error

We can create a dropdown before tapping on OK button for taking the order Dropdown will have various Options for the reason behind Not taking the order like

Outlet Closed

Couldnt reach the outlet

Required SKU not available Payment Overdue etc.,

Once the upload is complete, the PSR must tally the records uploaded and the orders taken on that day Also the TMR status, invoice receipts can be tallied with the upload

The structure of page layout is in such a way that it covers major details regarding stockist P3M gives Average Business per month for the past 3 months MTD Month Till Date : Business in the outlet till date

The details of stock availability can be seen in TMR summary report

While taking the order, the details of availability of particular SKU with the stockist is not exactly known to the PSR The closing stock shown in the TMR can give an approximate idea but not the exact number This is because of the Non PDA sales that occur at stockist point

PSRs are usually making a note of available stock in a book before going to the market because of the Non- PDA sales
this is making them use the book more instead of

using PDA

The outlet page has only 40% of the page catered to the outlets
Making it difficult to view the outlets

All the details are not updated properly For eg: Phone number MTD feature is not working as of now

We have to ensure our PSR covers all the retail outlets present in and around that area, to reduce the Non- PDA sales Details of the retailer like Phone number and Date of adding the retailer will help
Phone number -to call the owner in case the

others present in shop dont take orders Date of adding- if P3M is null or very less, this date will help in knowing whether the outlet is added recently or not visited from long time

I have found that the TMR entry is not being done regularly by the PSRs
This restricts the usage of reports like TMR

summary Also the coverage reports stockist wise coverage, brand wise coverage cannot be viewed if TMR entries are not done by the PSRs

Ensure that TSE updates the retail outlets nearby the stockist point regularly
Enquire about the Non-PDA sales happening and

add the retail outlets immediately

The area catered to the Outlets in outlet page and Orders in Order summary page has to be increased so that it increases the comfort for PSR

To make the outlets and stocks visible in a user friendly way, using various colours for them will help alerting PSRs
Alikaya medical hall Ashok medical Durga Kiranam

Based on the MTD and the target This coloring feature can alert PSRs




PDA receives all the data required from Minet and uploads back to Mi-net
Data related to retailers/routes

Stockist TMR data

All Data from MIDAS is uploaded to Mi-net and PDA receives the data updated from Minet.

1.System - This module provides the basic information to work with the system like Company Register, C & FA Register etc 2. Configuration - This module helps the user in setting up the basic necessary information for initiating the system. Other modules of Midas access information from the Configuration module. For e.g. Distributor info, Counters, PSR and beat etc., the details pertaining to the different storage locations are maintained in this module.

3. Distribution - This module keeps track of the business transactions of the Distributor. It contains Master, Transactions and Planning modules. For e.g. All master details like Retailers, Items, schemes and claim details should be available before proceed the transactions. 4. Financials - This module provides the details about financial heath of the Distributor like Chart Of Accounts, Retailer Opening Balance etc,

5. Reports - This module generates the reports that are very crucial for the distributor like Stock Details, MIS reports, Collection etc, e.g. Current Stock reports helps to view the current stock available in the selected location.







Head Office can view the stock of FG at each plant with the help of SAP R/3 and SCM team at HO updates the order to be sent to each depot. No taxes or any other charges (except for freight charges) will be levied on transfer of stock to depot. Regional Office can view the data from Depot level in SAP R/3. Once the stock is moved to depots by CFAs, it has to be billed to the respective SDs/DDs. With the help of TMRs from BIW and plans from APO, VMI is generated and this VMI is updated in SAP R/3. Depots with the help of VMIs and manual orders from the distributors, bill the respective stocks to SDs. Purchase Orders (PO) are generated at SD and can be viewed/edited at SD point in SAP R/3. SD will edit the PO only in case of L&D or other shortcomings; which usually wont happen as they are filtered at depot itself.

According to the Targets for the month SDs bill the stock to the respective stockist. Invoice generated can be viewed in the Rural PDA. PSRs/VSRs update the TMR daily from which we will the secondary sales at a stockist level. ASMs/TSEs/PSRs etc sit at the JC meet at the start of the month and plan for that month. Based on these targets stockists will be billed from SDs for that month. By the end of the month final TMRs will be uploaded by the PSRs (after which it cant be updated; done by enabling the month end to YES). Also the PSRs get the final TMR hard copy stamped by the stockist to the SD. SD uploads the TMRs using the SD MIDAS. Then these are uploaded to Mi-net.

TMRs uploaded on Mi-net will be manually downloaded and updated in BIW by BIW team. We also have Non MIDAS Distributors who do less than 10 Lacs BPM. The TMRs from Non MIDAS distributors are brought to BIW team and updated manually. This consolidated gives the final stock levels at each region. APO will generate the plans and BIW will have the TMRs by the month end. VMIs will be generated, as mentioned earlier, for the next month and the cycle continues.

Reports are generated in Mi-net in two ways, one from the data uploaded from MIDAS, the other from PDA
Both give the secondary sales for MonthEnd

which are not matching and vary drastically

Retail outlets that are added from the Rural PDA are uploaded to Mi-net, but the same outlets are not being added to the SD-MIDAS

New retailer outlets reported by the PSRs/VSRs have to be added by SDs operator
But TSE is updating them usually because of lack

of qualified operators at few SD points Because of this, there are many outlets to be added in PDA that are pending

Monthly check of data updated by SD MIDAS and the data uploaded from PDA
Reducing the Non-PDA sales Reducing stockouts at Stockist points

Increase in support of IT for Rural Setup

There are three kinds of reports available at Marico

PDA Reports PSR/VSR/ISR level

Mi-net /Citrix Reports- TSE/ASM level

Daily Productivity reports- TSE/ASM level

Reports are designed in a way that TSE gets information on SDs/stockists that he is handling; same for ASM

These are designed for PSRs/VSRs/ISRs at stockist level 8 reports are present as shown below

Gives the order summary for the orders taken on a given day
Tap and hold to get order summary for a retailer

These reports give the secondary coverage details in terms of units/BPM(Business Per Month)
When brand is selected Sec. plan, actual sales till

date, Sec. coverage, Sec. coverage% and Sec. Actual % will be shown in liters/kgs/pieces based on SKU When MIL BPM is selected, it is shown in Rupees

Stockist name can be filtered by using the dropdown present The secondary coverage in this report is shown for each brand
Sec. plan, actual sales till date, Sec. coverage, Sec.

coverage% and Sec. Actual % will be shown in liters/kgs/pieces based on type of brand At the end, BPM is shown for that the particular stockist selected

Total- number of outlets in which filtered brand is sold Stockist wise in the past Performance of a stockist is captured in this report by use of following

EC- Effective Coverage

Number of outlets billed the brand filtered till

date in that month

LPM- Lines Per Month

Lines related to the brand filtered stockistwise

REC- Rolling Effective Coverage

Effective Coverage when defined for 90days, it

gives the REC We can refer this as active outlets for that brand

P3M X gives past three months average (monthly average) for EC, LPM and REC

Total number of outlets under a stockist in which that brand is billed till now in the route selected Performance of a Brand is captured in this report by use of following

EC Effective Coverage
EC for a SKU would mean number of outlets in

which that SKU is billed till date in a month

LPM- Lines Per Month

LPM- Lines Per Month

Lines related to the stockist filtered brandwise

REC- Rolling Effective Coverage

Effective Coverage when defined for 90days, it

gives the REC We can refer this as active outlets for that brand

P3M X gives past three months average (monthly average) for EC, LPM and REC

Invoices that have to be received or already received by the stockist filtered can be viewed in this Report Gives the details of day on which invoice is generated and number of units for a SKU With inclusion of unreceived invoices, PSR can get an overall picture of stock that is going to come in near future

The data that is uploaded from all the PDA by PSR/VSR/ISRs is sent to Mi-net as mentioned earlier This data is captured in the portal or by connecting excel sheet

Various Cubes/Fields are present in citrix reports as shown in the picture Out of these Rural Productivity gives the information on Rural Setup uploaded from Rural PDAs

With the help of Pivot table, information that is required for the user can be easily filtered and viewed The information present on the citrix reports is live, refresh anytime to get the fresh data With the help of these reports, the data that is linked between retailers-stockist & stockist- SD both can viewed

Rural PDA Daily Usage Report

Three kinds of productivity reports are sent across the south division to all TSOEs, ASMs and other managers above via Email These reports give the live information that is generated from PDAs Basically the link between Retailer and Stockist is captured in these reports

PSR/VSR/ISRs do not have the complete knowledge on the usage of PDA reports Entries like TMR are not done regularly by all Sales Representatives Data related to the Secondary schemes is not captured in these reports because the secondary schemes are not being updated by TSE regularly

PDA reports are not very user friendly, hence the urge of understanding the reports is very low amongst the PSRs The Rural productivity data that is being uploaded from PDAs to Mi-net is not very reliable
Huge variations in terms of MonthEnd BPM, ECs,

LPDs etc are found

Productivity reports that are sent across the south division is complete raw data and is difficult to use until and unless a pivot is constructed from it

Each kind of reports have their own advantages and can be used for maximizing efficiency Improving efficiency and accuracy at PSR level can impact the work of ASM as well We have to ensure that the data that is being captured is reliable for TSEs/ASMs to work on

Improving the quality of Operators at SD point can reduce the burden of TSE, hence parameters like Stockist targets, Secondary schemes are updated regularly The print feature available for the VSRs is not being used because of the unavailability of these Secondary schemes in PDA The importance of TMR entries has to be conveyed to all the sales representatives and ensure that the TMR is entered daily

Instead of showing numbers in Reports, can we use colours for %EC count or compare current EC with P3MEC and give say red for less than 70% average EC etc., also for Secondary Coverage progress bar on each SKU or stockist Also these three parameters can seen in different pages by putting a filter

Increase in support of IT for Rural Setup Improving the quality of Operators at SD points Training of PSRs/VSRs/ISRs should include the advantage of usage these reports and how these reports can improve their efficiency



Distribution Centre
*Carries no stock *Collects stock from DC and distributes



Sales Executives take the orders from retail outlets using the PDA, which is similar to their Urban PDA They have fixed schedule for every day of a month and PDA works only on that route for that day They have to upload the data once in three days by connecting the PDA to a computer at either nearest Distribution centre or Head office

Bills are generated once in three days according to the orders uploaded from PDA Major drawback is that availability of stock is not known to either Sales Executive or SubDistributor




Available stock is proportionately distributed amongst the retailers Retailers dont always get what they have ordered Third day evening orders are uploaded and bills are generated at DC Next day Sub-Distributor collects the stock allotted to him without knowledge of orders and stock he got and distributes to retailers

They have given grades to the retailers based on BPM, brands, categories that are sold in their outlets
India One Wholesale 2A,2B,2C
Beauty Pharma


Each route is divided in these channels Frequency of visits depends on the grade of that outlet

Beauty Pharma

Route has to selected just like in our PDA Filters are present before entering in to the SKU list
Brand wise
Category wise

Sales exec. has to apply a filter first and then look for required SKU
All the brands and SKUs are up to date They have only 12 filters Brand wise

After taking order of each and every SKU, they have to save the order and finally generate Invoice for that particular retailer Once the invoice is generated, they have additional feature called Visibility Measures
Categories list will come and they have to

(check) the categories that are present in that outlet.

Three types of Reports are present

Performance My day


Performance :
Monthly target and MTD are shown in terms of

channels and Total

My Day is an urban PDA feature- gives the daily target achieved- disabled for Rural PDAs

Sales executives position with respect to his co-

executives Based on the percentage of target achieved till date ranks are given These are updated when the PDA is synchronized with the database- done while uploading the orders ie once in three days




Redistribution Stockists


Same model for both rural and urban networks Sales representative takes orders from the outlets and uploads them using a computer at distributor Sales rep. covers the same town four times in a month making sure all the outlets are covered atleast once EC count is not kept, but managers ensures that all the outlets are covered atleast once Distributor gets the stock twice a week

Analytics give a SOQ- Suggested Order Quantity for all the SKUs in an outlet Based on the SOQ and safety stock (of ten days), bills to respective distributor are automatically generated and Distributor must take this stock Distributor can order for more if the orders for retailers are more than the SOQ+Safety stock, but they cannot take less

There are no Non PDA sales for HUL

They must bill an order to some retailer and the

order must come from PDA only Addition of retailers/ routes needs permission from the head office, TSEs cannot do on their own

When tapped on D- Red (no stock) B C

SOQ 12
20 34 5

Order Amount 15
28 36

Stock 0

RP 24.77

MRP 30 Tap on this to change to Units/Dozens

Sales representatives are asked to sell atleast SOQ at the respective outlet SOQs are generated based on the sales history and forecast from the history Items in RED show no stock SKUs Items in BLUE show SKUs with offers
They have to refer to the promotion chart for the

offer on the SKU

Colgate is not using PDAs for Rural division The PDAs were given to the rural distributors to take orders No sales representatives are present and orders are being taken by the distributor himself

The only feature that is working on the PDA is Order Booking When the PDA is synchronized the stock details at the distributor point are automatically updated Stock qty for each SKU will be displayed while taking an order