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You know stuff!

Have it organized in your mind by perspective

Have researchers committed to memory Think strengths and weaknesses

Thesis Statements
Thesis Statements

Every essay must have only one. A statement is not a question, but it should address the question! This is the point you will make in the essay. This should be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph. A good thesis must be analytical, manageable, specific and clear.

Thesis Samples
The growth of the cognitive perspective

comes as a reaction to the behavioral schools ignoring the process of the mind.
One significant criticism of the biological

perspective is that it reductionist, explaining complex behaviors by evolutionary needs, genetics or brain functioning.

Topic Sentences
Once you have

extracted your thesis from your evidence, reexamine your evidence piles. These themes will be refined into your topic sentences.

Now Try Outlining


Topic Sentence 1

Topic Sentence 2

Topic Sentence 3

Now Try Outlining

Human behavior is primarily a result of environmental conditions

Topic Sentence 1

Topic Sentence 2

Topic Sentence 3

Skinner proved that responses could be conditioned

Bandura showed that behavior is modeled

Even Identical twins, which share the same genetic code, do not behave similarly

Fill In the Research Holes

Do you have significant, specific, and diverse evidence to support each topic sentence? Do the topic sentences develop your thesis?

Writing Focused paragraphs

The topic sentence Why?

Your analytical opinion. Develops your thesis. Presents a specific idea. Should be the first sentence of your paragraph.

Guide the writer. Guide the reader. Prevents your from writing a narrative. May begin with simple word clues. First. Next. Additionally. Finally

Supporting Details
Facts and studies are required in any

psychology paper. Analysis is also a must! Take a moment to explain to the reader how all this information supports your topic sentence!

Connecting Your Details

Use, know and love

common English transition words! They will help guide your paper and clarify your ideas to the reader.

Take the time to tie your thoughts together

in a paragraph and a paper. These are called conclusary sentences. Also your paper must have an overall conclusion.