Advantages of Dictation as a Writing Exercise   - Dictation has many benefits to both students and their teachers. This will help in revising the basic rules of writing by applying the correct punctuation marks at the right place. Dictation helps in punctuation practice A student’s punctuation will also improve with dictation. .

but also their grasp of words.When dictation is in the form of a sentence.Dictation makes the students and the teacher aware of the students‘ comprehension errors--phonological. students learn to forecast the next set of words in the sentence.Students learn to retain information before writing them. grammatical or both. .  Dictation increases short term memory .  . which not only increases their level of understanding.

.  Dictation helps in developing language skills .Dictation involves the whole class.This helps in the overall development of the person’s intellect. understanding.  . interpreting and writing. no matter how large it is.It can help develop all 4 language skills such as listening.

 .Dictation improves spelling .When a word is being dictated the student will have to concentrate to listen and understand. thereby improving on one’s concentration skills.It is important to have a good grasp of the words to help in building one’s vocabulary. not only orally but also in writing.  Dictation helps pupils to concentrate . .Correlating the words heard and writing them will give the student a chance to recall the word and the spelling.

But the text does not have to be long to be valid. . .If correction is done word by word.Disadvantages of Dictation as a Writing Exercise It is time-consuming. And correction does not have to be word by word  .

. - - It does not really develop writing skills. which are a part of writing. Dictation does not develop creative writing skills But it does help develop spelling and punctuation. The exposure to and mechanical practice of writing can help to develop the skill in general.

if the teacher has to speak too slowly.It is an unrealistic activity. Listening is "word by word" and at an artificial pace.  . although admittedly not necessarily verbatim .As for the pace.In real life we often have to write down what someone says. the text is too difficult for the level. .The listening is not really "word by word" but "phrase by phrase“ .

Dictation software is fairly accurate. where writing allows you to skip around  Most people think visually.  . rather than completely verbally. but you still need to be aware of errors or incorrect words  You can often organize your thoughts better when writing or typing  Verbal communication is linear.

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