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Contoh KOP

Key Operating Parameters List - Ellesmere Port Ver.2.0

KOP's (for 2007) Description Set point (of KOP) (value or profile) Operating Effect 1 Effect 2 out of window out of Window window (absolute limits or deviation (%) from target)

Standard correction mode (proactive)

Corrective action (standard) SOP nr Monitoring / recording (manual or SCADA) Criteria for reporting in MM Being out of window (but within operator correction zone); when to send indicator to morning meeting (% of time, # of correction)
30 mins out of window

Problem zone
Operator correction zone limit (absolute value or % of set point) Effect 1 out of operator correction zone Specific action when out of operator correction zone

TT30504 TT30404

Reactor Column Determined 100 < T >105 Head Temp by production Set point 5% in C order when under vacuum

> 105 C Loss of Glycol < 100 C Slow Reaction

> 105 C Corrections

Reactor Cooling Reduce N2 flow rate SOP 94, Check Reflux Filters 95 SOP 94, 95 Corrections SOP 57

SCADA Hourly Check Sheet

> 115 C

Loss of Glycol Q2 / Q3

Full Cooling MM

R30401 R30501

Reactor Viscosity

Determined Target Specification by production on Production order order

Off-Specification Monetary Product Loss

SCADA Hourly Check Sheet SCADA Hourly Check Sheet SCADA Hourly Check Sheet

Out of Specification

Off Specification

Q3 / Q4 batches

Check Trends Inform QA Dept. MM Inform Maintenance MM Inform Maintenance MM

PT30401 PT30501

Reactor Vacuum Determined Set point 5% in Profile by production mbar order Thermal Oil 260 C Temperature / Thermal Oil Flow Set point 5% in C

BTT off-spec

Quality Problems

Check Vac Pumps Check Vac Cooler H91301 Check Primary Oil Pump Check Hygrotherm

SOP 129

30 mins out of window

Under SCADA control 1 Hour without vacuum T < 200 T > 285

Q3 batches >

TT90101 FT90101

BTT off-spec

Pump damage

SOP 10

1 hr out of window

Q3 batches Loss of services eg Steam Q2 / Q3 batches

R30401 R30501

Reactor Nitrogen Determined Set point 5% in l/min Quality Problems BTT off-spec Steam N2 line Flow by production Poor Colour order Variations in cook time Cooling Water Flow Cooling water Temp. Steam Pressure 200 m3/hr aaaaaaaaa 25 C 95 PSI > 150 < 250 m3/hr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >>30 C 10 PSI from Set point

SOP 35

SCADA Hourly Check Sheet

Report always for PBC 1 hr out of window

> 10% set point

Inform Maintenance MM

FT90301 TT90301 TT90301 PT90401

Extended drop BTT off-spec Check Cooling Pump SOP 130 times and Quality Check Fan operation Problems Failure of Reactor drop valves Build up of process waste leading to Plant Downtime A5/A6 liquid unavailablePlant Downtime Check Steam Generator SOP 11

SCADA Hourly Check Sheet SCADA Hourly Check Sheet

1 hr out of window

< 150 m3/hr >30 C

Plant Downtime Inform Q2/Q3 Maintenance MM Plant Downtime Inform Maintenance MM Process waste Inform build up Maintenance MM (PRIORITY 1) Check Trends Inform QA Dept.

30 mins out of window

< 60 PSI

FT90251 FT90250

Incinerator Aqueous and Organic flow rates

Aq 3.0 lts/m Org 0.23 lts/min

Aq 2.0 - 4.0 lts/min Org 0.2 - 0.25 lts/min

Expensive off- Inc flow rate site disposal Check Burners Check Filters Planning Issues Report via AU tool

SOP 108

SCADA 1 hr out of window Shift manager Daily Checklist SCADA AU Weekly Performance Spreadsheet Report via AU tool

<2.0 lts/min Aqu. <0.2 lts/min Org.


Batch Time Reactor Target (BTT) Batch time spec. sheet

Mid Target Set point Inconsistent 30 mins Product

Contoh KOP
No. Tag Number Description Unit d a b c Sheet-2, Heat Transfer Salt System 1 AIC-3001 Normal Setpoint e Lower limit value f Consequense if below lower limit g Action if the lower limit is reached h Upper limit value i Consequense if Action if the upper limit is upper limit is exceeded reached j k Remarks l Display l O2 in flue gas from F 3001 % volume 3.5 2 C : Pembakaran tambah flow tidak sempurna, CO udara pembakar yang terbentuk via FIC 3014 bertambah tambah flow C: Pembakaran udara pembakar tidak sempurna, CO via FIC 3014, yang terbentuk kontrol dengan bertambah AIC-3001 kurangi flow C: Effisiensi udara pembakaran turun pembakar via FIC 3014 kurangi flow udara C: Effisiensi pembakar via 25000 pembakaran turun FIC 3014, kontrol dengan AIC-3001 Atur pembakaran dengan menyesuaikan C: Pemakaian fuel 1900 beban serta boros monitor O2 di flue gas dengan kontrol AIC3001 10 C: PSV 3012 akan kurangi flow Kondisi BV popping dan jika nitrogen ke salt sample 50 % tidak maka PSE vessel via FIopen 3011 akan pecah 3022 Yes


Air to air fan K 3001






Natural gas flow to furnace








Pressure Nitrogen in salt vessel



Salt outlet F 3001 to reactor TIC-3022 R-3101



C: VSV 3013 membuka dan udara Tambah flow luar akan nitrogen ke salt masuk.Terjadi vessel via FIoksidasi salt 3022 sehingga temperatur pelelehan salt naik naikkan setting TIC-3022, C: Temperature kurangi flow reaktor yang urea feed ke diharapkan tidak reaktor jika tidak tercapai bisa diatasi maka plant harus stop C: Pompa salt akan make-up larutan trip bila level sampai salt ke LSL-3002 C: tekanan fuel di furnace berkurang dan bisa mengakibatkan furnace trip naikkan tekanan fuel via setting PIC-3009, kalau tidak bisa maka harus turun rate




C: Furnace akan Turunkan trip oleh TSH 3020 temperatur via atau salt furnace setting TICakan over heating 3022



Level Salt vessel V 3002




C: Kalau ada case drain, maka level akan menyentuh LAH

NA supply fuel ke furnace diatur oleh PCV3008&PCV300 9



Fuel gas supply








Sheet-3, NH3 Supply

Measure performance: Operating Window, Action window

Pro-active UCL Action Set point Action LCL

Set point: green line Operating window, green range: in control Action window, orange range: operator action required, pro-active Action window, red range: process not in optimal condition, direct operator action required, report and support.

In control

Operating window is always narrower than the Safe Operating Window.

KOP dan Operating Window



Safe Upper Limit, (design limit of process or system) Operating limit, (limits from SHE-point of view where action needs to be taken. Either by operator due to alarms, procedure or instruction, or by SIS, whatever comes first ). UCL UCL

PAR Pressure control (K)OP

LCL LCL Operating limit, (limits from SHE-point of view where action needs to be taken. Either by operator due to alarms, procedure or instruction, or by SIS, whatever comes first ).


Safe Lower Limit, (design limit of process or system) Rupture

KOP = Key Operating Parameter UCL = Upper Control Limit LCL = Lower Control Limit SUL = Safe Upper Limit SLL = Safe Lower Limit SIS = Safety Integrity System PAR = Proven Acceptable Ranges