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Name : Salman Alfihed Instructor : Dr. M. Alahmed

Uses of fluidization. Heat transfer between gas and solid particles in bubbling fluidized beds . • Heat transfer with fluidized bed : – – – Heat transfer coefficient.. • Advantages and disadvantages of fluidized bed. Conclusions. • • • Design Recommendations.Outline: • Introduction – – Fluidization and fluidized bed . References . . Bubbling fluidized bed combustion boiler furnaces .

Introduction • • Many types of fluidized bed based on flow rate . Drying operations … • • • . vertical tune. heat exchange. biochemical and petrochemical industries in processes. Fluidized bed in horizontal. It used in reactor. Fluidized beds are commonly used in chemical. A bed of lose particles offers resistance to fluid flow through it .

. ΔT is the difference between the heater and bed temperatures.sectional velocity .Heat transfer coefficient • Heat transfer coefficients for the vertical fluidized bed are higher than for the horizontal bed at the same cross. • Heat transfer coefficient can be calculated by: where P is the heater power. and Ah is the surface area of the heater.

Bubbling fluidized bed combustion boiler furnaces • specific conditions for heat transfer exist. . • Average furnace temperature in Fluidized Bed boilers is not dramatically changed along the height • Heat transfer from bed particles to fuel particles needs to be analyzed and studied in order to correctly model the combustion process.

Heat transfer from gas to particles is never the limiting factor in organization of processes in the fluidized bed . • • .Heat transfer between gas and solid particles in bubbling fluidized beds • The temperature field in the fluidized bed is practically homogenous due to intensive mixing of particles in both horizontal and vertical directions . Because of that heat transfer between emulsion and bubbles is not crucial for fluidized bed combustion processes.

Heat and mass transfer rates are high. Disadvantages -Bubbling beds of fine particles are difficult to predict and are less efficient.Uniform Temperature Gradients.Ability to Operate Reactor in Continuous Statt . requiring smaller surfaces.Uniform Particle Mixing. . -Particle (breakup) is common. .Applicable for large or small scale operations. -Increased Reactor Vessel Size.Advantages and disadvantages of fluidized bed Advantages . -Pumping Requirements and Pressure Drop. . .Pipe and vessel walls erode due to collisions by particles .

To increasing the flow capacity of the vertical unit. • • . The horizontal design is more conducive to large flow rates. supply a larger shell than is needed for the tube bundle andincrease the density of the bed material.Design Recommendations • A disengagement section of approximately 15 cm must be left above the bed to prevent particle carryover. This means that the top 15 cm of tubes will not be covered with the fluidized bed . This is due to a larger crosssectional area presented by horizontal vessels for the same length and number of tubes.

drying operations . .etc.Conclusions : • • • • • • • • Smaller particles tend to become entrained at lower fluid velocities than larger ones and the way that bubble. the actual cross sectional velocity does not change linearly with increased flow rate. heat exchanging. Approximately 15 cm of each tube at the top of the unit must be left uncovered by the bed. also has many disadvantage . Fluidized bed has many advantage. In design the vertical tube is best because its give good heat transfer rate. Fluidization is uses for reactor.. Heat transfer coefficients for the vertical fluidized bed are higher than for the horizontal bed.

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