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• • • • • • • Rated as one of the best cities in the world Safe and clean Very multicultural Excellent transportation system Fantastic healthcare and education systems Close to mountains, islands and nature Booming economy and job sector


Alexander College is a private educational institute which offers junior university courses and academic preparation for students wishing to begin their academic career in

Canada. We provide the first two years of university study
leading to an Associate degree and university transfer in a student-centered and supportive environment.

Alexander College Programs

– #1.English for Academic Purpose Program – #2.University Transfer Program – #3.Associate Degree Program
Associate of Arts, Arts (Business) & Science

University Transfer Program

University Transfer Program
• • • • • • The first step to obtain a 4-year Bachelor’s degree Transfer between 30-60 credits Transfer to the top public universities in BC Free tutoring and academic support Member of the BCCAT Transfer into 2nd or 3rd year university

University Transfer Program
Alexander College is a member of the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) system and has established transfer agreements with college and universities across British Columbia, including the most prestigious universities in the province.

University Transfer Program


University Transfer Program
Minimum 30 Credits, Maximum 60 Credits 4 Semesters / Year

2nd or 3rd Grade without any other EXAM or TEST

(Entering without any English score)

University Transfer Program
High School Transcript & TOEFL, IELTS score 120 Credits to Graduate

University Grade 1

Approximately 5 years

Alexander College

University Transfer Program
Minimum 30 credits, Maximum 60 credits

2nd or 3rd Grade

Entering University Grade 1
Tuition / Year

Alexander College $13,500 4 Years (Approximate) 74% 90%

$22,622 Over 5years (Approximate) 65% 85%

Duration to graduation Graduation rate
Study Achievement

Example UBC Transfer
• With a high enough GPA (2.67) they can transfer to UBC • The courses at Alexander College have an equivalent at UBC • Must have a minimum of 30 credits to transfer over
UBC Faculty of Commerce Year 1

ENGL 112 + ENGL 100 Level ECON 101 + ECON 102 MATH 104 Other elective courses

Alexander College
ENGL 100 + ENGL 101 or 102 ECON 103 + ECON 105 MATH 104 Other elective courses

University Transfer Program
University Transfer Possibilities
• • • • • • • • University of British Columbia Simon Fraser University Kwantlen Polytechnic University Capilano University University of Northern British Columbia University of Victoria University of Fraser Valley Thompson Rivers University And many more….

Tuition Comparison

General Tuition Fee Per credit $754.05


Alexander College


Tuition Fee – Commerce $844.88 Per credit



Associate Degree Program

Associate Degrees

The Associate Degree consists of 60-64 credits and is typically completed over a 2 year period. These degrees are approved to be offered in BC by the Minister of Advanced Education, and are recognized by many colleges and universities in North America and around the world. These degrees are designed to broaden individual knowledge, provide greater opportunity for success in the workplace, and to lay a solid foundation for further study.

Associate Degrees

• Associate of Arts

• Associate of Arts (Business)
• Associate of Science

Associate of Arts

• Advertising • Civil Service • Media • Journalism • Marketing • Public Relations • Research • Sales Management • Tourism • Administration • Telecommunications and many more...

Associate of Arts(Business)

• Banking • Marketing • Public Relations • Real Estate • Sales Management • Tourism • Advertising • Bookkeeping • Media • Administration • Telecommunications and many more...

Associate of Science

• Information Technology • Engineering(various fields) • Research • Nuclear Technology • Laboratory Technology • Diet and Nutrition • Geological and Petroleum Technology • Sales Management and many more...

Associate Degree
• The Associate Degree is considered the first half of a
Bachelor’s degree • • Only a two-year degree completed with 60-64 credits While studying in this program students can apply for the 20-hour a week Off-Campus Work Permit • Once a student graduates they are eligible to apply for the three-year Post-Graduation Work Permit • CIC immigration opportunities after working full-time in Canada for over a year

Alexander College
English Requirements
- In order to attend Alexander College we need to have proof of English language proficiency. - We accept many different standardized English test scores
ENG 097
TOEFL IELTS 55 (ibt) N/A

ENG 098
64 (ibt) 4.5

ENG 099
71 (ibt) 5.5

UT or AA
80 (ibt) 6.0

If you haven’t taken a test you can take a FREE in-house Alexander College placement test. This is done to assess your level of English and enroll you into the correct level English class.

English for Academic Purposes Program


• ENGL097 – 20 hours/week

• ENGL098 – 15 hours/week + 2 Academic courses
• ENGL099 – 10 hours/ Week + 3 Academic courses

Entrance Requirements for EAP Program

• ENGL097 – IBT = 55

• ENGL098 – IBT = 64 / IELTS= 5.0
• ENGL099 – IBT = 71 / IELTS= 5.5


Programs University Transfer & Associate Degree EAP ENGL 099 ENGL 098 ENGL 097

Tuition Fee $6,900 / Semester (15 Credits) $460 / Credit $2,340 (10 hrs/week, 14 weeks) $3,510 (15 hrs/week, 14 weeks) $4,680 (20 hrs/week, 14 weeks)

Why Should you Choose Alexander College?

- Affordable tuition fees - Four semesters per year: January, May, July & September - Small class sizes, 35:1 ratio - Professional counseling and student services - Free tutoring services in all courses - Transferability into the top institutions in Canada - 2 modern and conveniently located campuses

Alexander College

Your Road to University Starts Here!