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Consistency in Verb Form

the simple past. or the simple future tense. • Changes in verb tense may help readers or listeners understand the temporal relationships among various narrated events.• use of the same tense throughout a piece of writing • Most writings are organized in either the simple present. • Unnecessary or inconsistent shifts in tense can cause confusion. Tense Consistency .

.Some Rules to Remember • In sentences with more than one verb. • When showing a sequence of events. it is important to keep the time sequence consistent. do not shift tenses unnecessarily.

. • Do shift tense to indicate a change in time frame from one action or state to another.Some Rules to Remember • Do not shift from one tense to another if the time frame for each action or state is the same.

A sentence with a compound verb should generally have both verbs in the same tense. PAST • Correct: The receptionist sat at his PAST desk and ignored my question. • . PAST • Incorrect: The receptionist sat at his PRESENT desk and ignores my question.

PAST • Correct: The actor collapsed on PAST stage.You should also not shift tenses unnecessarily from one sentence to another. PAST • Incorrect: The actor collapsed on PRESENT stage. Then he sat up. Then he sits up. .

we visit our relatives. PRESENT FUTURE • Correct: If we have time. PRESENT PRESENT • Incorrect: If we have time. we will visit our relatives.Sometimes. . Only the meaning can tell you for sure when you must shift tenses. it will be necessary to shift tenses.

Quiz .

.For numbers 1-7. 2) He got mad at the salesman and tells him to leave. 3) Beethoven wrote some of his best music after he becomes deaf. 1) I walk into the room and find no one there. write the correct form of the second verb.

write the correct form of the second verb. 6) It has been several years since I last see my grandfather. . 4) As soon as the operation was over.For numbers 1-7. 5) Romeo caught a glimpse of Juliet and will become smitten right away. I visit him.

the 9)_______ _______. Fill in the blanks. Most writings are organized in either the 8)_______ _______. write the correct form of the second verb.For numbers 1-7. or the 10)_______ _______ tense. he won the first prize. . 7) If Kyru will do his best. et.daltonstate.Sources: • Prentice Hall GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION by Forlini. et. al. • www. D. G.ppt . • Linking the World through English IV Student’s Textbook by Ignacio-Paez.