Venue of 1972 Summer Olympics, Munich, Germany.
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Munich had the obligation to host a “Green Olympics” for 1972. The Site was a Ex-Nazi Slaughterhouse. The new Stadia was to overshadow the previous memories of the 1936 Olympics held in Germany under Hitler’s Regime.

The eye-catching Tensile Roof Structure, covering the entire park was designed by Frei Otto

MasterPlan by : Günther Behnisch
The Stadia is well-connected with the German Auto-Bahn.

The Structure is based on a cable net pulled into shape by cables attached to large hollow steel columns. It rests on 35m deep concrete foundations.

Originally Constructed to host 80,000 Spectators, it was later reduced to 69,000 by 1990. It was the home of Bayern Munich FC

The 291m Tall Olympiaturm was the broadcast tower. It has an observation deck at 190m and also a revolving restaurant. The 1972 Munich Olympics were the first one to be broadcasted in colour.

The 4mm Plexi Glass sheet roof is attached directly to the cable net grid by flexible neoprene connectors about 100mm long. The whole roof behaves like a trampoline.

The plexi-glass sheets currently in use were put in during a refurbishment in 1994-99, and were taken up to the roof as 3m x 3m sheets which were then cut to size in-situ.

The interior space is defined by a tensile membrane that hangs about 1m below the cable net. The walls are made from curtain walling supported by exterior space-frames. The connection between the membrane roof and the curtain walling needs to be flexible enough to take up the movement of the cable net, and is provided by an ETFE cushion.

These Pictures show the fixtures used in holding the panels together. The thinness of the plexi-glass combined with the flexible movement joints allow the cladding to move as the structure moves with wind, snow and thermal expansion loading. The steel columns rest on rubber lined ball and socket joints, allowing them to move freely in every direction.

Up to 1m flexibility is offered upon Snow-Loading.

Munich Schwimmhalle : This pool is built completely under a tensile roof Structure.

It was witness to Mark Spitz’s record 7 Gold Haul.
The Cobbled path leading to seating area is it’s notable feature.

After the opening of Allianz Arena in 2005, Olympiapark is being exclusively used only for Cultural Events. This file photo shows Michael Jackson’s History Concert at OlympiaPark in 1997.

Darkest Moment: 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. Munich Olympiapark had a Open Layout in athlete village to foster friendship among athletes and to erase Hitler’s memories. This Photo shows the 80,000 mourners who turned up for the deceased at OlympiaPark.

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