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e-numX Business Opportunity of

Merchant & Top Up Center

e Sky Mobile 013
Johor Bahru Office
No51-01/02, Jalan Austin Height 3,
Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor
Global Head Office
1584, Meridian Ave, San Jose 95125 California,
United States of America. (Silicon Valley)
Abous Us

e-Sky, Inc , USA is one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and
services operating in USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, Hong Kong,
Singapore and Taiwan.

e-Sky group was established since the year 1999 , by a group of telco expert with 15
years of experience and investors from US Silicon Valley, Taiwan and Malaysia.

e-numX is an E-NUMBER which is the Unified Communication Medium that give you one
number for all your Telephone Number, Mobile Telephone Number, Fax Number, VoIP,
Web Call, SMS, e-mail, Website URL, Blog, e-Commence, Yellow Pages, Payment
Online System and more. e-Sky offer e-numX to individual and companies.

For companies, can be benefited from e-numX to save on their local and IDD telephone
bills, SMS marketing, e-numX Advertisement and free calls among branches. Individual
can use e-numX to make IDD calls, web call, mobile call back, design personal website,
blog and earn money through e-numX membership business opportunity.

e-Sky, Inc.'s corporate tagline: One World. One Number. For Life.
e- numX Merchant & Top up Center
Internet Web Services
Smart Merchant-
Global Telephony Services
Global Telephony – e-numX
Step 1: Get your ID and
password (Dialing pin).
Step 2: Buy air time.
Step 3: Download our 3G / WiFi / i Pod
soft-phone and install it.
Desktop PC Laptop PC Configure these mobile
Step 4: Get Ready to
Download our soft-phone handset to make VoIP
and install it, login at calls over WiFi networks.
Step 5: Free, unlimited
888 to 888 calls!

Forwarding IP Phone ATA Box Call Back

WebCall allows you to make calls Simply connect the IP Phone and Send an SMS message
from the Internet page. You don't ATA box to your existing DECT with your User ID and
need to download, install or phone or Desk telephone and destination number you
configure anything and call to web with the USB cable connect to
provider is FREE. Web provider wish to call. You will
can forward incoming calls to the computer and you can start receive a call back and
another phone number. make eSky calls. will use eSky low rates
to call that destination.
e-numX Web Calls Rate Table

 * Rates for these countries are the same for calls to mobile phones.
Rate applicable 24 hours everyday including weekends and public holiday.
For Missed Call Back or SMS call Back charges: country you wish to call from (A) + country you wish to call to (B),
Total Charges = A + B
Prices are subject to change. All 888-to-888 calls are of course free of charge.
Rates are subject to change with or without prior notice
Telecommunication - 013
eSky Mobile 013 Rate Table

Remarks: eSky Mobile 013 - No International Call & Roaming Services

On Net: Celcom / OffNet: Maxis / Digi / U Mobile / Telekom
Web SMS Services
Web SMS Solution

Huge Savings! High Performance!

SMS via Excel, that’s amazing!
NO Installation, Registration, Monthly
Web SMS Solution

WEB SMS Solution : Purpose of SMS Services:

Immediate Send promotions or offers seasons
Sending one or more messages in one click Send greetings on festive seasons
Allow to Save & Retrieve Data and Text Send news, bulletins or information
Phone Book-Unlimited by group / individual Send payment reminders
Can schedule SMS to be sent out later Send appointment reminders
More Efficient Connectivity Send product feature
Reduced Costs & Increased Performance Send pricing updates
User Customized Sender ID Send e voucher

SMS Worldwide Packages:

No Country Price
1 Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand 0.05 / 0.15
2 Australia, Cambodia, Singapore,
Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, US, 0.10 / 0.38
3 UK and Others 0.20 / 0.76
Online Payment Services
Online Payment System & Program

Easy Application
3 Working Days Approval
No Deposit Request
RM50 Monthly Rental
Bank Charges (MDR) 5%
Our Products

Start Promoting Your Business Today!
Promotions, coupons, Sales, News – Connect to your worldwide customers now!
e-numX e-Mall Shopping
Start Promoting Your Business Today!
Promotions, coupons, Sales, News – Connect to your worldwide customers now!

No Products Amount BV RM
1 e-num Airtime US$ 5 5 RM19.00
2 e-num Airtime US$ 20 20 RM76.00
3 e-num Airtime US$ 50 50 RM190.00
4 e-num Airtime US$ 100 100 RM380.00
5 eSky 013 Airtime US$2.63 1 RM10.00
6 eSky 013 Airtime US$5.26 2 RM20.00
7 eSky 013 Airtime US$13.16 5 RM50.00
e-numX e-Mall Shopping Cart
Start Promoting Your Business Today!
Promotions, coupons, Sales, News – Connect to your worldwide customers now!

Product : US$ RM BV

1. e-num card 100 380 25

RM10 x 50pcs
2. Mushi-mushi Card 100 380 25
RM20 x 25 pcs
3. e-num Box / ATA 100 380 50

4. Eliz Spa Ginger 50 190 50

Root Oil
e-numX e-Mall Shopping
Start Promoting Your Business Today!
Promotions, coupons, Sales, News – Connect to your worldwide customers now!

No Products Order Amount % Bonus

1 Web SMS 500 units RM75 15% RM11.2
2 Web Calls RM100 RM100 20% RM20.0
3 Smart Merchant 1 Year RM100 40% RM40.0
4 Classified Ads 1 Month RM100 40% RM40.0
5 Banner Ads 1 Month RM150 40% RM60.0
6 Online Payment - Rental 1 Month RM50 40% RM20.0
7 Online Payment - MDR Per 5% 0.7% 0.70%
e-numX members other benefits

Smart Merchant Classified Ads

(Yearly) (Monthly)
 Selling: RM300  Selling: RM100
 Offer period : RM100  Income RM50
 Income RM50 per per Classified
Smart Merchant Ads

Banner Ads
 Selling: RM150
 Income RM60
Use Internet send per Banner Ads
SMS to Phone
20% Bonus for each
WEB SMS recruited

e-numX’s next generation telephony network and technology
offers the proper business and technical infrastructure for
prosperous "Win-Win" partnerships and business opportunities in
one of the fastest growing industries.

Thank You!