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Ravi Oswal
Shital Vaidya Vaishnavi Ingle

Established in the year 1913 as Bank of Mysore Ltd In March 1960, the Bank became an Associate of State Bank of India State Bank of India holds 90% of shares.

State Bank of Mysore

Founder-Bharata Ratna Sir.M. Visvesvaraya 1913 - The Bank was established 1953 - Bank was appointed as an Agent of RBI 1959 - Bank was constituted as a Subsidiary of State Bank of India

State Bank of Mysore

Branch Network
785 braches (as on 30.06.2013) in all over India 14 Extension Counters including - 6 Small and Medium Enterprise Branches, - 4 Industrial Finance Branches, - 3 Corporate Accounts Branches, - 7 Specialized Personal & Services Banking Branches, - 9 Agricultural Development Branches, - 3 Government Business Branches, - 1 Asset Recovery Branch , - 5 Service Branches.
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Financial Profile
The Paidup Capital of the Bank as on 30.06.2013 is Rs 48.01 crores of which State Bank of India holds 90% share. The Networth of the Bank as on 30.06.2013 is Rs 3,937.91 crores. the Bank has achieved a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 11.80% under Basel II guidelines. The Bank earned a net profit of Rs 52.22 crores for the quarter ended June 2013 and earning per share is at Rs 43.50.

State Bank of Mysore

Business Profile
Total Deposits of the Bank as at the end of June 2013 stood at Rs 55,893.38 crores. The total Advances stood at Rs 44,078.95 crores including an export credit of Rs 1,515.51 crores . A merchant turnover of over Rs 5,966 crores. A trading turnover of over Rs 69,063 crores for the quarter ended June 2013.
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Mr Sharad Sharma:Managing Director Mr.Kalyan Mukherjee:Chief General Manager(Retail Banking) Mr.Saswata Chaudhuri Chief General Manager (Commercial Banking)

State Bank of Mysore

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has offered Banks and Financial Institutions a new payment service called Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) Transactions are channelised through NEFT mechanism IMPS offer an instant, 24X7, Interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. Advantages of IMPS : No need to register the payee / beneficiary and transfer of funds is real time Customers can send / receive money using mobile number

State Bank of Mysore


The following function are provided in Phase: I Funds transfer (within and outside the bank using NEFT) Enquiry services (Balance enquiry/ Mini statement) Request services (cheque book request) Bill Payment (Utility bills, credit cards) M Commerce (Mobile Top Up, Merchant payment, SBI life insurance premium)
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Fundamental Analysis
Year ended 31st March Aggregate Deposits Percentage of growth Market share % Total Advances Percentage of growth Market share %
Key Parameters Net Profit (Cr) Return on Asset Return on Equity Expenses- Income Ratio Net NPA to Net Advance Capital Adequacy Ratio

2011 42779 11.3 0.79 34,442 15.29 0.87

2012 49663 16.09 0.78 40653 18.03 0.85

2013 56712 14.19 0.83 45981 13.11 0.85

2012 369.15 0.67 10.82 49.55 1.93 12.55 2013 416.1 0.66 11.05 46.29 2.69 11.79

2011 500.62 1.03 16.17 44 1.38

State Bank of Mysore


Fundamental Analysis
The Bank has seen continuity in growth of aggregate deposits & Advances during FY 2013. Net Profit has increased after a fall in last year has recoverd with an increased percentage of 12. Major concern for bank is increase in NPA for the Year 2013 as compare to 2012. Capital Adequacy ratio of the bank stood above the Basel Committee Norms of 9% at 11% for the year 2013.

State Bank of Mysore



SBI have plans of merging SBM as part of its consolidation strategy. In Partnership with National Insurance Corporation announces deposit and Saving account scheme with free Accident Death Insurance for one Year.

State Bank of Mysore



SBM recruits through its SBI-PO CWE for its probationary and clerical post. ( SBM also has special sports quota for those who have played national level in cricket/khabadi. Increase its reach in other states like Maharashtra , Gujarat. As currently 80 percent of its revenue its from Karnataka where it has 500+ branches out of total 800 branches.

State Bank of Mysore


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State Bank of Mysore