Supervisor: Professor Mariana Nicolae, Ph.D.

Master Student: Alecsandrescu Monica Ionela

THE PURPOSE OF THE PAPER  The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the importance of translation and interpreting in the context of an organisation in which cultural diversity and multilingualism have a key role – the European Union.  Translation and interpreting have become great challenges due to requirements in today’s EU which are growing with more members joining the organisation. .

Translation III. Interpreting IV.THE STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER Introduction I. Translation and Interpreting V. Translation and Interpreting in the European Union Conclusions . Europeanization II.

I. EUROPEANIZATION  The paper starts by introducing some basic knowledge about the European Union: . . openness and transparency.The European Union . the European Union has been concerned with facilitating communication and respecting the principles of pluralism. participation.Membership in the EU -The Importance of Communication In the EU  Ever since the beginning.

II. TRANSLATION  This chapter presents the basic theoretical knowledge which represents the starting point of any translation: .The cultural dimension of translation .Definitions .Types of translation .Steps in translating .

Modes of interpretation . INTERPRETING  This chapter deals with the three main aspects of interpretation: .III.Definitions .Types of interpreting .

Interpreters’ skills .Similarities between translation and interpreting . TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING  In this chapter emphasis is laid on the relation between the two processes and the importance of having proper skills: .IV.Differences between translation and interpreting .Translators’ skills .

Promoting language learning . TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING IN THE EUROPEAN UNION  One of the fundamental requirements of the democratic legitimacy of the European Union is to give everybody a voice in their own language.EU’s challenges for the future . Thus this chapter contains: .Languages in the European Union .V.Language learning programmes .The Comenius programme .

 The European Union is an organisation that recognises and fully encourages maintaining such diversity.CONCLUSIONS  Language and cultural diversity are becoming more and more important in this world which grows closer to standardization each day. . and it does so manly through creating special programmes which address the European citizens regardless of their age. in which we must preserve our national identity and our uniqueness.

 Because the European Union keeps growing. removing the barriers between nations and encouraging communication. Translation and interpreting represent a link between cultures.  Poor translation and interpreting can lead serious misunderstandings which can affect not only businesses but the very relations between countries. . so do the demands for more translator and interprets. and for highly professional translations and interpretations.

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