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Role of an OD Consultant

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nation. utilized. Organization development is any process or activity. the whole of humanity . or. community. interpersonal relationships.What is OD? A series of planned processes by which human resources are identified. ultimately. income. or for the benefit of an organization. based on the behavioral sciences. satisfaction. productivity. that. region. has the potential to develop in an organizational setting enhanced knowledge. and developed in ways that strengthen the organizational effectiveness by increasing problem solving capabilities and planning. expertise. and other desired outcomes. either initially or over the long term. whether for personal or group/team gain.

OD Implies • Planning •Identification and use of human resources • Strengthening of organizational effectiveness. .

because they control resources and rewards.How does OD effect top management? • It is long-range in perspective • Requests support from the top managers. • expands their ideas. beliefs and behaviors. .

How does OD affect employees? • Diagnosing problem •Considering solutions • Selecting a solution • Identifying change objectives • Implementing planned change •Evaluating results. .

.OD Consultant The role of the OD consultant is to structure activities to help the organization members solve their own problems and make them learn to do that better.

Duties of OD Consultant. • Organizational assessment • Change Management • Problem Solving and Team building • Process Consultancy •Meeting Design .

What do OD practitioners do? •Create an organizational vision and mission •Set goals and make decisions •Lead •Attract and retain good employees •Reduce turnover and absenteeism •Improve productivity •Resolve conflict .

..Contd. •Design work •Coordinate department and share information •More effectively develop and implement change strategies •Change the organizational culture •Relate to the external environment •Anticipate and prepare for the future.

.Competencies of an OD practitioner • Intrapersonal skills o Self-Awareness o Manage stress • Interpersonal skills o Ability to work with others and groups o Needs to understand point of view o Must establish trust and rapport.

•General consultation skills o Ability to manage consulting process o Ability to design changes • Organization development theory o Knowledge of change process o Understand their own role in the field of OD..Contd. .

. the organization and its members. assumptions and goals. a set of goals for the practitioner. a set of assumptions about people. organizations and interpersonal relationships.How does OD consultant adds value? The OD practitioner (consultant) adds value in many ways. and iv) a set of structured activities that are the means of achieving the values. 4 sets of attributes are brought to the organisational context: i) ii) iii) a set of values.

How the change is brought(LEWIN’s model) Unfreezing Movement Refreezing .

ACTION RESEARCH MODEL Problem Identification Joint Diagnosis Consultation with an OD practitioner Joint Action Planning Data Gathering and preliminary diagnosis Action Feedback to client Data Gathering after Action .