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Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism

No nation can progress unless it faces squarely its own history.

A Blend of history, Design and State of the Art-Audio Visual Technology

History, Human Rights in Indian Subcontinent: Kashmir, Bangladesh, Tibet, India and other places. HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM Indian History museum For first time atrocities committed in Indian Sub-continent would be presented. unveils rich heritage: Vedic ages to India today & Tomorrow.

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history, Design and State of the Art & Audio Visual Technology


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FACT, Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism Founded: 2003 Founded by: François Gautier

•A French journalist and writer who has been covering South Asia as a political correspondent for 3 decades. He noticed over the years that the Hindus, although in majority have a minority status in India and that their history has never been told properly, nor their achievements. •Hence when Francois Gautier got a journalism prize (Natchiketa award of excellence in journalism) by the Prime Minister of India, he used the prize money to start FACT, whose ultimate goal is a Hindu Holocaust Museum.

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Kashmiri Pandits: Suffering without an end Minorities in Bangladesh: Pushed to the wall Naxalism: A threat to the Unified nation of India Naxalism: A Threat to the Unified Nation of India Sikhism: Defenders of Indian Dharma Chatrapati Shivaji Mahaaj: A Hero for Modern India Devi Ahilyabai Holkar: The Warror queen Hindu Holocaust under Aurangzeb by Professor Bhatnagar Foreigners who made India their own, by Professor Kejariwal (First 2 projects: Annie Besant and Sister Nivedita) Alexander the Great in India, the true story, by Anupa Panda, in collaboration with Agni TV History of Indian Weapons

Human Rights ART History

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Hindus persecuted through ages Most Ignored Alexander to Muslim onslaughts Greatest genocide in human history European invasions Damaging the Hindu psyche.

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Indian history has been NEGATED gross, clever, outrageous, subtle Confused and muddled IT IS TIME WE LOOK AT TRUE INDIAN HISTORY THE HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM Knowledge of the past

How do we do it ?
Aim: Frank look at India’s history over the centuries
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Art and Photographs: India’s philosophers & visionaries: Aurobindo, Lokmanya Tilak, Swami Vivekananda and others Communist Massacre (Left-wing Seperatism) Church Funded massacres in Goa, Pondicherry, North-east and other parts of India. Terror Attacks Islamic Fundamentalist attacks Sponsored Riots persecution of Christians, Buddhists, Ahmadiya Muslims and Hindu minorities in Bangladesh India tomorrow Target: 50 such projects in over 5 years

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How Do We Do It ?
Aim: Frank look at India’s history over the centuries
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FILMS 1947 Partition holocaust Poor condition of Brahmins & upper castes Terror Victims Kashmiri Pandits History of Indian Weapons Target: 30 such projects over the next five years

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A Project has one main historian and one researcher. Complete the project and come-up with a physical exhibition Travel in India and around the world Housed in a temporary Museum in Delhi Place in permanent Museum.

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Aim: Frank look at India’s history over the centuries

Historical Research State of the Art Library State of the Art Audiovisual tours Electronic Archives Design Indian Art & History Hindu Heritage Fund

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Vedic History Medieval History Modern History Hindu Holocaust Weapons history India Tomorrow

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Electronic books Hindu History Hindu Research News Archives Documentation Research Source

FACT MUSEUM Audio-visual
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Audio-visual tour Films & documentaries Differently-abled friendly Promotion of Hindu History through Film Festivals Documentation State of the Art Technology

FACT MUSEUM Art & History
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Promote Indian Art & History Traditional Arts Folklore study Rich heritages Conserving Hindu Heritage Structures Spreading hindu Heritage through Mobile exhibitions

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Final museum in a city central to India Poona On the lines of the Jewish Holocaust museum Washington. State of the Art International design A monument of Architecture, design, Technology Geerations to come learn history – and feel good about it. India’s new pride, a new sense of well being, an impetus for the future.

Sponsor a project. ► Each historian paid Rs. 20,000/- p.m ► Researcher, Rs. 10,000/- p.m ► Monthly expenses Rs. 6,500/- p.m A single Exhibition hall: Rs. 500,000/► A Museum block : 50,000,000/► ► ►

Total Cost Per Project = appr. Rs. 120,000/50 projects over 5 years

Total est. Cost of the museum = Rs. 200 crores

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Prof A.K Dass, Director Lal Bahadur Shastri Museum Mr. Chowdury, Director National Museum Anupa Pande, Director Institute, National Museum Dr OP Kejariwal, Director Nehru National Memorial Dr Gurpreet Maini, Historian Punjab Library Centre Dr Kireet Joshi, Chairman Indian Council of Philosophical Research SP Gupta, Chairman, Indian Archaeological Society Dr VS Bhatnagar, Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study

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Scholars & Researchers Prof. Dr. V.S.Bhatnagar (Retd.) Univ of Raj. Dr. S P Gupta, Archelogical Society of India Anupa Pande, Director Institute, National museum New Delhi, Dr Kireet Joshi,ex chairman, Council of Philosophical Research Prof A K Dass, Lalbahadur shastri museum Prof. B L Bhadani, Aligarh Muslim Univ

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Painters from Rajastan Dr. Mahendra Kumar Sharma (Sumhendhra) Prof V N Saxena Mr Kanhyayyalal verma sambhar lake Dr. Dharam pal Mr Bhavarlal kumawat Mr. V N Chandel Cartographer Dr. Binda Dept of geography Univ of Rajastan

Art Committee Mr. V N Saxena, Dr. Chandramani, Prof V S Bhatnagar

Contributions and support:
Contributions to FACT India are tax deductible TaxID : 20-8615051.
FACT, Francois Gautier, 41 Jorbagh (1st floor), New Delhi 110003, India.

FACT India, 6823 Windrock Rd, Dallas, TX 75252, Kalyan Viswanathan:kalyan.viswanathan@gmai, Ph. 614-668-1668). Ph: 847-4624692