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Quality What is Quality

Product or service meeting requirement specified and intended both Shall be In Built Meeting Code, Standards, DEP, Procedure requirements

What Is NCR ?
Deviation from the required Below standards Not fit for purpose

Why NCR occur ? >>>>

poor work man-ship at manufacturing / Construction as well as during installations stage Poor supervision / lack of supervision lack of Team work (within Contractor group itself and with PMC and OWNER) Stakeholder unnecessary pressurize for job completion on urgent basis Procedure and Systems are not in place / not approved Poor design / Inexperienced in field work and O&M Root cause in many cases is just lack of clear and concise communication from the Project Manager to the Superintendent to the Foremen to the front liners who actually carry out the work Poor Project management or leadership

Construction methods & site conditions / preparation in some cases creating difficult situations that compromises qualityOther Reasons for NCRs Resources Skill shortage / Lack of training / Inadequate training Inexperienced site QC personnel / Incompetent personnel Human factor laziness, carelessness complacency, incompetence, unauthorized changes Lack of awareness about the procedures, methodology Not adhering to approved inspection and test plans .

Quality Issues with Vendor Failure to monitor vendors Equipment arrives on site and does not comply with project specified requirements Dispatching the equipment's at project sites in-spite several open FAT comments Material arrives late or requires significant progress chasing and is found to be nonconforming

Project Surveillance and Audit Please remember, audit is not mean to punish a contractor, it is a tool to help the contractor identify deficiencies, with the ability to act on them before a NCR is issued Audits on the other hand are a QA function and very much different from Quality Control using check-list and surveillance visits. Ongoing project surveillance with both PMC and Contractor Quality Personnel, in addition to frequent Compliance audits will ensure that the project is kept on track in most cases without the need for an NCR These surveillance checks need not be lengthy, choose one particular item and check the documentation / system followed to ensure its completeness. After repetitive issues (NCRs) follow up audit (additional Audit) is expected in addition to planned audit program. Then audit criteria would be assigned and an audit trail established into why the problem keeps occurring