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Acc. To Oxford Dictionary action or an instance of presenting or being presented as well as the manner or style in which something is presented.

Business Presentations are forms to influence people towards action or thought. Thus, business presentations are persuasive in nature.

Difference between Lecture, Speech & Talk. A Speech is a formal public address.

A Talk is an informal chat.

A Lecture is a discussion on a particular theme about which the speaker has in-depth knowledge.


offers the greatest opportunity to have a powerful impact on a large number of people. Convey credibility Communicate knowledge & expertise Genuinely connect with the intended audience & establish a rapport. Inspire people



Informative presentation teach, demonstrate or instruct an audience on some topics or process. This includes press conference, speaking at seminars, classroom instructions etc. These are called tell presentation. Persuasive presentation are designed to induce an audience to accept a belief or action. These are called sell presentations.

3. Motivational Presentations are designed to reassure the audience. These are called join presentations.

4. Impromptu presentations are those without any preparation or planning.

5. Planned presentations are those that result from careful planning & preparation.

The presentation is boring: A boring presentation is not tailored to the audiences interests. The speaker speaks in a monotone & active involvement of the audience is missing.

The content is not suited to the audience: Either too much information is packed into the presentation, or there is too little information.
Poor Style: Presentation can fail because the speaker lacks charisma. This can happen if the speaker looks ill at ease & is unprepared.

Poor Quality of slides: Too few or too many PowerPoint Slides, or badly prepared slides with too much content packed in one slide, make it difficult for the audience to keep pace with the speaker. As a result, the audience might lose interest. Lack of clear organization & purpose: Presentations become a waste of time when the speech is poorly structured & the points fail to clear, logical sequence. Too much information & not enough support for the ideas presented also ruin an otherwise good presentation.


Communication is


& honest of purpose Speaker is knowledgeable & well prepared Natural & Focused Results when there is desire to communicate


with fear Making the presentation interesting & creative for the audience Connecting with the audience Handling questions with ease Structuring the presentation Planning the PowerPoint slides.

A -

good speaker is one who: Is well prepared Takes the audiences into consideration Anticipates questions Makes allowances for disruptions Incorporates a conversational style, wit & humour in the presentation Shows no artificial pretensions