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By- Ms. Tanu Bhargava Asst.

Professor Amity School Of Communication

Advertising brief could be defined as the document confirming understanding between a client and an advertising agency on Advertising objectives, Identification of the targeted audience, Strategies to be adopted in reaching the audience, The timeframe of the campaign, and Its total estimated cost briefs
In short, it is a written documents including the

details of the clients product or service which is to be advertised.





Then the client servicing agent in the advertising agency makes CREATIVE BRIEF
Client gives CLIENT BRIEF to the advertising agency

for the creative dept. to prepare an ad.

The client servicing agent also prepares the MEDIA BRIEF

for the Media dept.

An 'Advertising Brief', given to the agency by the client. This consists of :

1) Background of the clients product or service (i.e., the launch of new Laptops)
2) Highlighted feature of the product or services (i.e., it includes fingerprint recognition, Dolby surround sound... etc, etc), and USP (selling point) 3) Media types to be used for the advertising campaignATL and BTL (TV, press, radio, direct marketing)

4) Budgets

both media and non-media assessed by the client (ambient marketing, 'viral' marketing, so-called 'guerrilla marketing', the ubiquity of the Internet) there's a hell of a lot of choices to be made. In practice, ad agencies are good at making advertising: ask them how to sell your product, and they're going to suggest what they do best.

5) Market situation (competitors campaigns) and key marketing problems that need to be solved, role of advertising and what it is expected to achieve. 6) Previous advertising campaigns and their growth in sales


The Client Brief - Radio Station Web Site

The accountin-charge or client servicing agent on that

particular brand is responsible to make the creative brief. They analyze the brands product or service properly and then make creative brief for the creative department in an advertising agency. The creative brief included detailed insight on a product/service that is to be advertised. It included purpose of designing advertisement, market situation suitable for its growth etc.

1. Date- (Date when this brief is given to creative dept) 2.Brand-X 3. Job- (Describe the media type for which ad is made) e.g.- Outdoor Campaign 4. Background- (Give an overview of product/service and market potential) The news segment is the fastest growing category among C & S homes in India (and consequently has seen the maximum new launches and activities). The major players in the news space today are-A, B, C, D, E and F. But the biggest is X, the first private news channel in India. 5. The Problem The surge in the popular ratings of other news channels, especially B which, in the aftermath of Mumbai floods. Ads witnessed an increase in popularity and are threatening the present incumbent at the throne, X. with more and more news presented, people have come to expect channels to deliver not only substance, but also style. X has always been known for substance, but with aspiring for more, it seems to be losing the mind space of the audience to other channels.

6. Campaign objective To bring X to top-of-mind recall and drive brand silence. What we need to convey about X Most accurate Gives complete news analysis Has an equity built over past five years Has the highest viewership of 85% News and views are unbiased and unadulterated It is original news channels 7. Target Group Sec A & B 8. Task/ Requirement Outdoor and press campaign for the channel

9. Tone

As usual, very passionate, believable, but not overboard or

over charming 10. Creative/ Trigger Should be able to connect with the most accurate proposition 11. Creative mandatory Outdoor: hoardings, bus shelters, kiosks and any other innovative media 12. Deadline Ad completion/Presentation on mm/dd/yy

A Media Brief can be defined as a checklist for the media planner to help him prepare a media plan for the client organization. A good media brief should include: 1. Marketing Objectives
Launching a new product? Testing? Maintaining an existing service/brand? Will creative/strategies be researched? Will there be supporting components? Public Relations Direct Marketing Sampling Consumer Promotions? Sales Promotions? What sales targets have been set?

2. Competitive Considerations Who are the major competitors? Historically, what is their media pattern? What is your share of voice/share of market?

3.Advertising Objectives Where are we positioned now? Where do we want to be positioned? 4.Target Audience Their age, sex, income, occupation, etc What is their lifestyle/lifecycle? Has research been done to establish their current attitude towards our service/product? Is this existing attitude to be maintained, or changed?

5. Geographic Areas to be covered What metropolitan and regional areas to be covered? Do these broad areas coincide with draw areas? Should specific draw areas be considered? 6. When do we talk to them? What is the purchase cycle? Are some purchase cycles more important than others? Are there specific sales troughs, which need to be addressed?

7. Creative requirements
Do we require action? Must we show a demonstration or a product pack? Do we require colour? Will we be prompting emotion? Is a lot of copy required? (is it a detailed message) Will the message be a simple one or will it be involved?

8.Budget Is the budget based upon a percentage of anticipated sales? Is the budget based upon our competitors? Do you want the media planner to recommend?