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How to use Refworks

Outline of session
What is RefWorks?
How to set up a RefWorks account
How to import references from:

A database
An electronic journal
Library Search
Using a text file

How to organise your RefWorks folder

How to create a bibliography
How to use Write n Cite

What is Refworks?
RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and
database manager that allows you to create
your own personal database by importing
references from text files or online databases.
You can use these references in your essays
and automatically format the paper and the

Setting up an account
When you first use RefWorks, you will need to
set up an account
The next time you return to RefWorks, you can
access it via the database list or from the
login button on (Go to
University of the West of England on the drop
down menu under My Institutions
Credentials (Shibboleth) , which will prompt
you to enter your UWE network login)

Importing references
1. Automatically from a database

Open and log in to RefWorks

Log in to the database you want to search
Do a search
Look for
or options to export
(sometimes located in the save/print section)
5. Follow the steps to export your reference

Choose relevant records (e.g.

journal articles) to export to

The database will

then export the
details to your
RefWorks (its
easier to log in first)

Importing references
2. From an e-journal (Taylor and Francis)
Once you have accessed your title and have some
articles (from a contents page or from a search) on
screen, you need to:
click on the Abstract for the article citation you want
to capture;
then on Download citation;
Select the RefWorks Direct Export option which is
then visible;
Confirm by clicking on the Download citations
button to export into RefWorks.

Importing references
3. From Library Search
Carry out a search
Select useful articles
Click on Saved Items folder at the bottom
right-hand side of the screen
Select Export as Endnote format
Import into RefWorks with Import Filter RIS
Format and Database RIS Format UTF-8

Importing references
3. From Library Search
Carry out a search
Select useful articles
Click on Saved Items folder at the bottom
right-hand side of the screen
Select Export RefWorks tab

Importing references
4. From a text file
Not all databases are compatible with
You can get round this by saving the data as a
text file, and then importing that into your
RefWorks database
Look for options to export or save your
references, and choose the option to save as a
.txt file

Select Text file

Note that its in RefWorks
Tagged Format this is
important when you come to
import the file

So, you have saved your reference as a text file. Now you need
to import it into your RefWorks database.
1. Go into your RefWorks database
2. References
3. Import

1. Choose your import

filter/Data Source (tricky!)
2. Locate the text file you
3. Click on Import

All done! Your reference

should now be in your
RefWorks database.

Importing references
4. From websites

Right click on Internet Explorer link and select
add to favourites.
Keeping RefWorks open, find a record on a
website such as Library Search or Amazon (must
have an ISBN)
Click on RefGrabit in favourites
Confirm Import to RefWorks

Importing references
5. Manually
If youre using a database which doesnt work
with RefWorks, or youve read a chapter in a
book or journal that you want to make a note
of, you can add this manually
You can select which referencing style to use
You can select what sort of reference it is and
where it is from book chapter, journal article

1. Open RefWorks and click on References tab

2. Add New

How to organise your RefWorks folders

How to create a bibliography

1. Select output style (ie referencing style)

2. Select file type eg Word doc, HTML, Rich Text Format
3. Select which references you want everything from your
Refworks database or ones you have selected or put in a folder
4. Create bibliography (you can also e-mail it to yourself)

How to use Write-n-Cite

You can add in citations from RefWorks to your essay as you write it.

If youre using it for the first time at home, you will

need to download a piece of software to your
computer. It is installed on student PCs at UWE.

Open your essay in Word
Start > Programs > RefWorks > Write-n-Cite
You may need to log in (click on log-in to your
institution - Shibboleth users and log in with your
UWE network login)
When you need to insert a citation, click on cite
next to the relevant reference and it will insert
the details
What you see in your document is not how it will
display when finalised

Installing Write N Cite select version III