Jonah and the Whale

. But Jonah didn't like the people of Nineveh and he did not want God to forgive them.A long time ago lived a man called Jonah. One day. God asked Jonah to go to a city called Nineveh to tell the people to stop doing bad things.

. he thought to himself. and felt much better.So. Jonah ran away as far as he could in the opposite direction. When he reached the sea he asked for a ride on a boat. Jonah found a quiet place to sleep. 'God won't be able to find me now'.

a terrible storm began.Soon. 'Get up and pray for it to stop!' . 'How can you sleep in this storm?' he asked. The sailors thought it was going to sink! The captain came to wake Jonah. Giant waves rocked and tossed the little boat.

the storm will stop'.Jonah knew the storm was his fault. he told the captain. God had sent it to stop him running away. . 'If you throw me into the sea. and Jonah landed in the sea with a loud splash. The captain did as he was asked.

Suddenly the storm was over. God had sent an enormous fish to swallow him up! . But Jonah's troubles weren't over. The wind died down and the waves disappeared.

. 'Help me!' he shouted to God.Jonah sat in the belly of the great fish for three days.' When God heard Jonah say he was sorry. and Jonah felt frightened. he made the fish spit Jonah out onto the beach. It was very dark and quiet. 'I'm sorry I disobeyed you.

Jonah realised they deserved to be forgiven by God. The people there were sorry they'd behaved badly. just as God had asked him. Even though he didn't like them much.Jonah was so relieved that he went straight to Nineveh. . just like everyone else.

Jonah was still upset . He sat in the desert sun under the shade of a bush.this time. God killed the bush. and Jonah was furious. because the wicked people of Nineveh got off so lightly. God said 'You're upset about one bush? So shouldn't I have been concerned about the tens of thousands of people who live in Nineveh?' .That wasn't the end of the story.

3B Assembly The moral of our assembly was about listening and giving each other a second Chance. .

the hour I first believed! . ‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear. that grace appear. How precious did.Amazing Grace Amazing grace. how sweet the sound. but now am found. that saved a wretch like me. and grace my fears relieved. I once was lost. was blind but now I see.

and grace shall lead us home. bright shining as the Sun. than when we first begun. we have. already come. ‘Twas grace that brought us safe thus far.Through many dangers. We’ve no less days. . toils and snares. to sing God’s praise. When we’ve been there Ten Thousand years.

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