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Dating From A Biblical Perspective-Part 2

Adventures of Becoming One - Recap

What is it with this generation?

Joel 2: 1 – 11 vs John 10: 10 - a generation is arising that will tread on the enemy hence his fear and attacks to derail this generation
drug culture  Music  Entertainment (movies, TV, video games)  Pornography  Internet etc

Adventures of Becoming One  As in Noah’s day. Moses day and Jesus day  One major way the enemy seeks to destroy young people and change the course of their lives is by promoting sexual promiscuity  Malachi 2:15  – destroy potential. hinder ability to be a generation of spiritual warriors .

Formally communicate the standard of this House (Metamorphosis Church) as regards dating/courtship  . Let us know Heaven’s mind about the subject matter of dating 2.Adventures of Becoming One Sexual Promiscuity is linked to Western (Europe/America) view of dating and relationships hence the need to explore the subject matter  Objectives 1.

Adventures of Becoming One  Dating Defined  Dating is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two mature adults with the aim of accessing each other’s suitability as partner in marriage Dating – going out. seeing. Background of: Established friendship Honest Communication Mutual Desire      . she/he is with. relationship with benefits.

Gen 24:40 – Adam. Moses – pattern adopted by the patriarchs II. A. They learnt to love who they married.g Gen 2:22. not marry who they love Matthew 1: 18. E. Dating is not specifically discussed in the Bible In Bible times.23. There was no experimental dating as we know it today – my Grandpa . Isaac. I.Things that complicate dating in our day  I. marriageable adults had very little to do with the choice of whom they married I. 19 III.

Dating is a status thing among young people . Social media. and among schoolmates    .Dating almost always involves or leads  to kissing. the Internet.Things that complicate dating in our day  B.Healthy friendship between opposite gender – lots of it . Children when growing up see a totally wrong view of sex and male/female relationships on TV in movies. touching and eventually sexual intercourse .

Things that complicate dating in our day  C.they probably did it wrong .they do not know what the Bible says  D. Parents themselves have had no teaching on biblical principles as regards dating   . Some parents think that matchmaking and early dating  Is cute and so they encourage it .

who wants to be tagged old fashioned? . Parents find it difficult to resist the persuasions of their young adults about dating    .Even pastors and youth groups do not have clear standards  Poor foundations.only few parents have strong standards .Things that complicate dating in our day  E. set up for failure  To have success in this area. submit this to the principles of God’s Word – Numbers 9: 1 – 11 .

1 Thess 4: 3 – 8 God wants us to be free from any premarital sexual encounters and promiscuity Includes: I. I. indescent bodily movements etc SOS 2:7. Idolatry Licentiousness – stirring up sensual desires e.g kissing (long. extended. Eph 4:17-19. 2 Pet 2:7 .Biblical Concepts That Apply to Dating   A. hugs are good but all in all you must be careful about how much physical permission you give to each other. II. can easily turn sinful) inappropriate touching. french kiss).

II. IV.  Passion of lust Evil deires Fornication All these are clearly forbidden in the bible Whatever dating guideline we have must not include these   Ques: Can you have a romantic relationship without all these? Yes Can Absence of all these lead to marriage? Know anyone ? .Biblical Concepts That Apply to Dating I. III. V.

focus on ur destination. be purposeful. Not before covenant commitments & vows are said   You never. dont stop to snack/ eat 1. 3. Don’t take advantage nor defraud – Jacob defrauded Esau – acquired the blessing intended for him the wrong way 2.taking what does not belong to you yet. Defrauding – injuring somebody for your gratification. God wants us to get married but without sinning in the process. ever have to yield to sin to get God’s best for your life .  Mary & Joseph – engaged.Biblical Concepts That Apply to Dating B.

2 . but for a reason and within certain boundaries He desires we bring them under the control of the Holy Spirit 1 Tim 5: 1. for us to enjoy the food we eat. God created the tongue.Biblical Concepts That Apply to Dating  C. likewise. takes sex out of it These desires can only be righteously fulfilled in marriage Pro 5: 15 – 20 – seems unfair that we have romantic desires that cant be fulfilled till later . 3.treat them as sisters. 2. The romantic desires in us are from God – not sin! 1. He created the romatic desire we all experience.

ADVENTURES OF BECOMING ONE Dating From A Biblical Perspective-Part 2 .

God-conscious. Soul and Body (getting born again) .Developing Relationships: God’s Pattern vs Satan’s Pattern  Exactly opposite  o Man’s Nature – A triune being 1 Thess 5:23. self-conscious & sense or world conscious parts of man Satan’s Pattern – Body. Soul and Spirit Gen 3: 6   God’s pattern – Spirit.

Relationship based on physical Physical beauty and its retention is very important Sexual experimentation is necessary to keep ‘love’   o o . surface communication) 2. Satan’s Dating Plan which leads to death John 10: 10 1. physical activities. Relationship starts in the physical realm (physical attraction.God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating   A. Hopefully. it moves to the soul realm –( why dont we ever talk?) 3.

bible studies. Young converts excluded Cant date a non Christian All are brothers and sisters in Christ (love.e church services.God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating       B. Relationship starts by being one in the Spirit Cant marry a non Christian (no unity in the spirit). be considerate) Activities that promote unity of the spirit i. God’s Dating Plan which leads to Life 1. honor. seek best interest. prayer meeting etc .

will and emotions  Could be described as cultivating deepening levels of friendship: Acquaintances Casual friends Close friends Develop a wide range of wholesome relationships with the opposite gender – have a fuller and richer life  . Second level of relationship is being one in the soul realm  Involves becoming one in mind.God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating 2.

. The third level involves the coming together in the physical realm (reserved for marriage)  Have Your Personal Dating Standards – commitment to purity and wellbeing of the other party.God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating   It is at the close friend level that you can explore the idea of marriage Activities – limited to non-romantic type involving others 3.

feelings and sensual desires  No particular principles Feelings . common commitment to God and Christian friendship Foundation: Principles found in the Bible Self Centered relationships based on natural attraction.God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating God’s Dating Plan  Satan’s Dating Plan   Basis: God Centered relationships based on wholesome attraction.

God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating God’s Dating Plan    Satan’s Dating Plan    Goals: Mutual edification – Giving Focus: Becoming one in the spirit and soul Pacing: Relationship takes time to grow through the stages. willing to pace the relationship Mutual gratification Receiving Physical activity and experimentation Relationship moves quickly bypassing levels to take advantage of the other – defrauding each other . getting to know one another.

God’s Pattern for Relationships Should serve as our pattern for Dating God’s Dating Plan  Satan’s Dating Plan    Relationship to others: relationship inclusive of the Body of Christ Results: Stronger relationship to the Lord & others. Joy. Xter development for the better. Pain. Death . Good example to others. Regret. Strong foundation. Unhealthy self image. Healthy self image. Peace. Confusion.Xter change for the worse.Bad foundation for marriage. Sorrow. Relationship exclusive of the body of Christ Weakened relationship to God & Others. Strife. influence others to sin.

Why Some Singles Choose Satan’s Dating Plan – Immoral Relationships       They think getting involved sexually proves they are in love 1 Cor 13: 4 . it is the expected price of a date To get popular Sex is seen as a sport or a game Sex is the next easy step from the lesser forms of physical activities already engaged in .8 Everyone is doing it For young women.

filthy talks.g magazines. video. internet  Romans 6:11-14 not slaves of sin but of righteousness  .Steps Down The Road to Impurity James 1: 14. jestings. Matthew5: 27 -29 – deal with your eyes drastically  Impurity progresses by actively feeding that sexual appetite e. 15  Impurity begins in the mind – when you dont do battle in the mind. a nest gets built in your hair Matthew 15:19  Impurity is fed passively through the eyes gate – scantly dressed ladies 2 Pet 2:14. pornograhic materials.

Matthew 16:18.Steps Down The Road to Impurity    Impurity matures further through sexual experimentation Gal 6: 1 Suddenly? Not really. failed nos 1. been building up.19 – whatever you allow is allowed ends up in a liefstyle of adultery 1 Cor 6:9-10  Impurity  .3.

. Let us pray .TO BE CONTINUED..

Lifting up holy hands in worship .

Metamorphosis Church Confession over our Tithes .

therefore I will never want. As a result. All the nations shall call me blessed. so that there is provision in His house. for I shall have a delightful life. The favour of God is upon me and my endeavors.Metamorphosis Church Confession over our Tithes      I bring all my tithes into the Lord's storehouse. I declare I have the ability to see and seize opportunities around me. He opens up the windows of heaven and pours out a blessing for me so that there is not room enough to contain it. I declare that the devourer is restrained from destroying the fruits of my efforts. AMEN .

Metamorphosis Church Confession over our Offerings and Gifts .

Metamorphosis Church Confession over our Offerings and Gifts    I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I acknowledge that all my needs are met according to God's riches in glory by Christ Jesus. etc are fully paid for without stress. All my financial obligations of rent. fees. He also supplies and multiplies my seed for sowing and increases the fruits of my righteousness. I am furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation. AMEN . struggle. I declare that I walk in God’s covenant of financial increase. levies. The Lord supplies seed for me to sow and bread for my food. bills. and all the things that I need are added unto me. delay or borrowing.

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